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96 adjectives to describe  chuckle

96 adjectives to describe chuckle

Did you know he was coming?" "No," said Laura honestly, adding with a little chuckle: "But I sort of had an idea that he might happen along.

The sucking old mouth emitted a dry chuckle.

Only, if one paused to listen on the brink of an aven, there were odd and disturbing noises to be heard underfoot, liquid whisperings, grim chuckles, horrible gurgles, that told of subterranean streams in spate, coursing in darkness to destinations unknown, unguessable.

" CHAPTER XVIII DEFINITE SUSPICION Chettle laugheda low, suggestive, satisfied chuckle.

He hesitated, as if about to speak, and then with a mouthful of his inimitable chuckles, he went out.

Still he slept on, and with a delighted chuckle Teddy sped back to his little companion; her eyes were dancing with mirth, and she clapped her hands at the successful exploit.

And now he could scarcely restrain his triumphant chuckles in Ben's hearing.

"Yes; not from a great distance though," Roundjacket replied, with a sly chuckle; "see here; the post-mark is the 'Bower of Nature.'

" Here Mrs. M'Evoy leered gleefully up at the Sister, and one or two feeble chuckles were heard from the neighbouring beds; but Mrs. Brady assumed an attitude which can only be described as one implying a mental drawing away of skirts, and preserved an impenetrable gravity.

Tilly laughed, and Tom Raymond gave another odd little chuckle.

Peter was nosing about by himself in a little recess by the fireplace, and soon the other two heard him give a gleeful chuckle.

(At this Julia deigns a slight chuckle.)

And then J.H.N. paused, with a kind of inner exultant chuckle, and said, "Ah!

Down we came off the gate, and through the mud we went, he leading with a fat chuckle.

Then his voice broke in a great, hearty chuckle.

Still looking at me he gave way to a hoarse chuckle.

he grunted, and emitted a curious chuckle that caused me to give him my full attention.

"Why, the patients, of course," Carolyn June answered with a mischievous chuckle.

"Perhaps," suggested Ferd, with a chuckle, "the aeroplane we heard belonged to him" "A ghost's aeroplane," murmured Billie, smothering another hysterical chuckle.

Then, as we held our breath for fear of disturbing it, with a good-natured little chuckle, he shook it off into the fire, and by a few quick strokes of red turned the black charcoal disk into a shield gay enough for a tournament.

The old negress gave a pleased abdominal chuckle as she admired her broad-shouldered brown son.

It was some minutes before he had regained his normal composure, and even then the sensitive nerves of his partner were offended by an occasional belated chuckle.

And then J.H.N. paused, with a kind of inner exultant chuckle, and said, "Ah!

" Just here Jerry gave one of his peculiar chuckles; and, seeing that I got but little information from the boy, I dismissed him with the remark, that, when we got to Tucson, he should have a suit of clothes.

The old negress gave a pleased abdominal chuckle as she admired her broad-shouldered brown son.

With a quick movement, I held aloft the one candle that I had kept, and glanced down at the dog; at the same moment, I seemed to hear a noise, like a diabolical chuckle, rise up from the hitherto, silent depths of the Pit.

And Billie, her little imp of mischief at work again, guessed the object of their visit and decided with an inward chuckle to keep them guessing.

He was bending now and resting his elbows on the head of the couch, instead of his hands, and he held his hands themselves opposite to each other, crooking first one finger and then another, and making one finger bow to the other, as children sometimes do, and laughing vacantly to himself, with a queer little chuckle of enjoyment.

" CHAPTER XIII A CUNNING RASCAL "Yes, left severely alone," continued the man in the corner with a sarcastic chuckle.

" "I don't see how," said the canon; and he indulged in a gentle chuckle.

A gruff chuckle followed.

" That inward chuckle showed no disposition to dissolve into anything; it fought hard to be just a live, healthy chuckle.

he said, with a humorous chuckle, pushing the harmonica aside from his mouth, "what do you think of that for an overture?"

I'm inclined ter think now that there's somethin' more than ordinary in the wind," he added, as they left the hut, with the half-idiotic chuckles of its occupant ringing in their ears.

The reckless dissipation of the fine, young fox-hunter, the half intoxicated chuckle with which he holds the bottle, the grief of his daughter and wife, and the little shoeless boy with his hoop, are finely contrasted with the rich humour and extravagant burlesque of all around them.

" "Juliette seems to have found her vocation," observed Saltash with a lazy chuckle.

" A light chuckle behind you, as the last words are spoken, brings you sharp round on your heels; and you discern huddled in the semi-darkness of the corner what appears in the miserable light of the cocoanut oil lamp to be a Goanese boy.

" Thereupon the band played the National Anthem, and the throng, after yet another outbreak of cheering, dispersed. Followed a silence in the darkness under the platform, broken only by the distant thudding bass of the roundabout's steam organ; and then between the boards there sounded a liquid chuckle, much like a blackbird's, and a woman's voice said "Come, my dear brother, say it out!

" That inward chuckle showed no disposition to dissolve into anything; it fought hard to be just a live, healthy chuckle.

"Answer me, McCraw!" "A canna' deny it," he said, with a mad chuckle.

"Well," grinned Hank impudently, with his most malicious chuckle, "if I did, what then?" "I'd have you thrown out of the house," calmly replied Jack, seating himself on a big log of driftwood, once the rib of a schooner that went ashore on the dangerous shoals off Hampton and pounded herself to pieces.

"You mean" "Strang!" He started rapidly down the knoll and there floated back to Captain Plum the soft notes of his meaningless chuckle.

He watched Nash eat for a moment of solemn silence and then the foreman looked up to catch a meditative chuckle from the youngster.

" A mild general chuckle greeted this sally, cheered by which the speaker added: "Thought some o' takin' out a policy o' insurance on my cockerel.

Can you deny me my turn?" He laughed with a hideously mirthless chuckle as he returned with ghastly humor, "I have had the worth of my money.

" With a muffled chuckle from the speaker, the door slowly opened, and Hank, a ragged figure, with an immense matted beard, long tangled hair and dim blue eyes, that blinked like a rat's, stood revealed.

The mutual look and the mutual chuckle aroused some anger in Robert, but did not impair his certainty of victory.

His mother was greatly excited and his father, touching his neck with his fingers, turned his head round as though he were trying whether it were properly screwed on, and then, all at once, he opened his wide mouth and went off into a perfectly noiseless chuckle.

"How goes it?" The old man saluted deferentially, and then, half shutting his small gray eyes, replied with an ominous chuckle, as one who enjoys bad news: "Eh, well enough, M. Paul; but I don't like that."

And he gave an old man's privileged chuckle as he looked at his colleagues.

" Peter threw back his howl in a prolonged chuckle, as he followed Betty's instructions and edged his cricket close to her elbow.

"If any man ever used that patient tone to me, I'd murder him!" She couldn't keep back her sardonic chuckle.

Whilst he was thus raging after the man that had done his duty he heard a satirical chuckle.

'Ah!' exclaimed the cattle-dealer, with a sonorous chuckle, 'that ought to give you an idea of the capacities of the inhabitants.'

There was a subdued chuckle from the darkness.

"Does it cost anything like that to buy your daughter's dresses?" A subterranean chuckle agitated the lower folds of Mr. Spragg's waistcoat.

But suddenly the unborn chuckle dissolved into a sea of awe.

Carolyn June replied with an uncertain chuckle.

"It 'minds me of Zack Shalliday, and the way he got wedded," came the unctuous chuckle.

I don't chuse to wait for my money no more," said Billy, impudently, as he retired with an undisguised chuckle, which very nearly made Eric kick him down stairs.

For answer there was the unearthly chuckle just below his ear.

Afterwards they become more silent, and apparently more solitary, but still fly out to their feeding-grounds morning and evening; and if you sit down in the woods near one of their nests, the uneasy choking chuckle, ending at last in the outright cawing of the disturbed owner, will generally be answered from every point, and crow after crow come edging up from tree to tree to see what is the matter.

With a most unholy chuckle he is trying to hint that there was more between him and the young lady than it well beseems him to tell; but fortunately no one, but I, is listening to him.

The audience was one vast chuckle.

" A wee chuckle escaped Polly.

Has the sense of humor that seems to be a characteristic of most of the old-time Negroes, but aside from a whimsical chuckle shows little of the interest that is usually associated with the old generation of Negroes.

I cannot forbear a wicked chuckle, however, when I think of that other museum!

in fifty- one," he repeated with his abominable chuckle, "an' Nal's filly has never done better than fifty-two.

"Oh, he'd got through crying, and was lying nice and quiet on his bunk," remarked Hank, with an amiable chuckle, as though he had just performed some praiseworthy act, instead of having left little Joe Digby locked in a deserted bungalow on an island some little distance from the one on which the conversation related above was taking place.

That was all, three malignant lines in a paper of no commercial importance, the sort of thing that was passed round the publisher's office with an appreciative chuckle.

Barlow chuckles; Miss Andrews glances indignantly at him.

The gentleman who had assisted the ordinary, by praying with the culprits, gaily remarked to him, with a benevolent chuckle on his face, that they (meaning himself and the reverend gentleman) had succeeded in refuting the Unitarian principles which A (one of the sufferers) had for some time avowed.

They darted everywhere; and Conolly, looking about him to note their effect, saw rows of callow young faces with parted lips and an expression which seemed to have been caught and fixed at the climax of a blissful chuckle.

"That is so," Kit agreed, with a breathless chuckle.

He then proceeded to say with a cheerful chuckle that there was a flaw in the form of the indictmentthe grand jury had blundered.

Miss Morrissey laughed her fat, comfortable chuckle.

But a moment later, when the two were walking gingerly over the ice to the spot where Eph had drawn his scooter to a standstill, Samuel fell into a self-congratulatory chuckle.

Vanity rang in Phinuit's self-conscious chuckle.

" She gave a cunning chuckle of triumph in thus setting at naught the ends of justice, and in a voice rich and musical with affection, she said, as she gave him a little push: "You bettah be gittin' out o' dis blazin' sun.

A derisive chuckle gurgled from his huge, hairy throat as he growled out "Say!

A savage may indulge in discordant chuckles and shrieks and gutturals, and think that they please the gods, but it does not follow that his frame would not be favorably wrought upon by the vibrations of a grand church organ.

You don't suppose that men are going to turn their dying thoughts to any such screaming, kicking harridans as them suffragettes over there in England, do you?" Kate heard a chuckle beyond the doorthe disrespectful chuckle, as she took it, of the master of the house.

You don't suppose that men are going to turn their dying thoughts to any such screaming, kicking harridans as them suffragettes over there in England, do you?" Kate heard a chuckle beyond the doorthe disrespectful chuckle, as she took it, of the master of the house.

At this a sort of dreadful chuckle ran round the place.

" "What about the girl?" "Oh; she's all right," replied Philip, with a drunken chuckle.

" Max could hear Josephine's low laugh echoed by a small ecstatic chuckle from the other side of the canvas wall which separated his head from Sally's.

Bubbles gave an eerie little chuckle which startled herself.

Endicott shrugged his fat shoulders, and gave an enigmatic chuckle.

Now was a moment's breathless silence and thereafter an evil chuckle, and, so chuckling, the man Lupo went down the rickety stair without.

At Jeanne's marriage he was the only witness except Father Hennepin; and there were some who recollected still with what extraordinary chuckles of laughter Benoit had walked away from the chapel after that ceremony had been completed.

"Of course, it is tremendously fine andand nice, if you like it," he said, with a faint chuckle.

" "Your mother hath married," cried Stump with fiendish chuckle.

He had his fears for the one and of the other, and was relieved when his lordship at the last moment hung back, and with a foolish chuckle proposed a plan that did more honour to his vanity than his taste.

Then he fell again into a meditation punctuated by frequent chuckles.

" The listening Andy heard the man called Daley utter a gratified chuckle.

The noise was, at length, very effectually silenced by Jupiter, who, getting out of the hole with a dogged air of deliberation, tied the brute's mouth up with one of his suspenders, and then returned, with a grave chuckle, to his task.