88 adjectives to describe college

The members of the Senate were to be selected by State legislatures, and the President himself was, as originally planned, to be selected by an electoral college similar to the College of Cardinals.

This view is urged in the following letter to me from the head of one of our best agricultural colleges: "The farm labor shortage is much more acute than is generally understood and I have much confidence in the possibility of a great amount of useful work in food production being done by women who are physically strong enough and who can secure sufficient preliminary training to do this with some degree of efficiency.

S. David Davis (A); 16Nov66; R398671. DAVIS, WAYNE. How to choose a junior college.

Had he been alive he was to have been the professor of mathematics in the imaginary college at St. Andrews.

For (1) the Holy Ghost warns us to sing wisely, Psallite sapienter (Ps. 46.8); (2) that priests may sing wisely, may say the daily Office piously is the reason and end of liturgical studies of the psalms and of the Breviary in theological colleges; (3) the saints who wrote so piously and so learnedly on the psalms and on psalmody are for ever impressing this matter of intelligent recitation.

Our daughters are educated at Northern boarding-schools, our sons at Northern colleges: both my colleague and myself were educated at Northern colleges.

Independently of the Emperor, whose will had hitherto governed the papal elections, in 1058chiefly through the influence of HildebrandPope Nicholas II was chosen by a new method, and from that time the choice of popes has been made by the sacred college of cardinals.

JOHNSTON, JOHN B. The liberal college In changing society.

I sigh for the good times of sewing and spinning, Ere this new tree of knowledge had set them a sinning; The women are mad, and they'll build female colleges, So here's to plain English!a plague on their ologies!

Then there is the question of the joint electoratewhat is called the mixed electoral college.

Strange to say, Mr. Laing developes a sudden reverence for the testimony of priests at the outset of his historical inquiries, and finds that history begins with "priestly organizations;" that the royal records are "made and preserved by special castes of priestly colleges and learned scribes, and that they are to a great extent precise in date and accurate in fact."

Apparently the Government policy, as evidenced by its maintenance grants, is to discourage women students from entering residential colleges.

The time for being a little college has passed.

Educated at San José Normal School and two Western colleges; special student in ancient and modern literature and Christian sociology; principal and superintendent of schools in California until 1899.

The most celebrated colleges are Christ Church, Magdalen, New College, and Merton.

We at once knew the speaker to be none other than Lawyer, chief of the Nez Perces, scholar and graduate of an eastern college, and one of the bright men of any race red or white.

Boys are kept in the public establishments until the age of twelve, those from ten to twelve being separated from the younger ones and passing through the higher education in separate colleges.

When the citizens of New Haven, Connecticut, arrayed themselves in 1831 against the plan to establish in that city a Negro manual labor college, there was held in Philadelphia a meeting which passed resolutions enthusiastically endorsing this effort to rid the community of the evil of the immigration of free Negroes.

Sometimes promotion was given for merit, but for the most part the men who made progress came from technical colleges and famous engineering works.

The capital, Bokhara (70), is on the plain of the Zarafshan, a walled, mud-built city, 8 or 9 m. in circumference, with numerous colleges and mosques, the centre of learning and religious life in Central Asia.

He was of a good family, had been educated at one of our principal colleges, had travelled, and was in every way qualified to make a figure in society.

However much Kingston may be recovering itself, and I was told it is, I must confess that, despite its cathedral, colleges, university, and other fine buildings, which it undoubtedly possesses, the grass in the streets and lanes, the pigs and the cows feeding about in all directions, made me feel ashamed, especially when I thought of young Ogdensburg, which I had so lately left.

While in Chicago, not long ago, the writer was in the office of a graduate of a colored southern college, who was showing his former teacher the picture of his class.

Anti-Slavery Societies, notwithstanding, have been formed in a few of our most distinguished colleges and theological seminaries.

And my poets were taken to school, because it pleased me to read "Queen Mab" and "Cain," amid the priests and ignorance of a hateful Roman Catholic college.

88 adjectives to describe  college