348 adjectives to describe colores

The viper, when in a state of repose, is of an olive-brown color; but, if trodden upon, turns rusty.

She had evidently been a hard drinker for years, as her face was of a brilliant carmine color.

This skin was a beautiful one, of light yellowish color, and although our men wanted to present it to us, neither Blake nor I cared to bring it home with the trophies we had shot.

The wood is fine-grained and of a beautiful, creamy yellow color like box, sweet-scented when dry, though the green leaves emit a disagreeable odor.

The cones are about two inches long, growing in stiff clusters among the needles, without making any striking effect, except while very young, when they are of a vivid crimson color, and the whole tree appears to be dotted with brilliant flowers.

" She came to say one more forgotten thing, "Just see that Aaron gets a white handkerchief: he's fond of gay colors, you know.

Some people think nothing of sailing under false colors; and if it turns out that Roland has taken up with such a disreputable character as this drunken guide seems to be, I don't wonder at him wanting to hide his identity.

Indeed, there was a faint color in his cheeks.

Those willing to join in must lay aside all clothing, painting their bodies with a reddish gray color, like the elk's.

Whirling thus upon the crowd, she shocked them to a pause, with her parted lips, her flare of delicate color.

Close at hand it appeared but a dull purple, and made little impression on the eye; it was even difficult to detect; and if you plucked a single plant, you were surprised to find how thin it was, and how little color it had.

" She heard him with downcast eyes; and her cheeks flushed a pink color that was agreeable to contemplation.

The trunk becomes deep brown and rough, like that of the Mountain Pine, while the young cones are of a strange, dull, blackish-blue color, clustered on the upper branches.

He had chin whiskers of a sandy gray color and small gray eyes that were both shrewd and suspicious in expression.

The good man would use no purple or violet colors for the facings of his dress.

Add the whites of eggs, beaten stiff and let fry a golden color; then spread with jam and serve hot.

As it swung back, he saw, first, a burst of rosy color as a room panelled in exquisite pink burst upon his sight; then the great picture of his lifethe bloodless features of Carmel, calmed for the moment into sleep.

What are the primary colors?

Color N. color, hue, tint, tinge, dye, complexion, shade, tincture, cast, livery, coloration, glow, flush; tone, key. pure color, positive color, primary color, primitive complementary color; three primaries; spectrum, chromatic dispersion; broken color, secondary color, tertiary color.

They were like what gold is, beautiful and clear, of a lovely color, but softer in tone than metal ever was, and as cool and fresh to walk upon and to touch as if they had been velvet grass.

See, too, the Rose, above the western portal Flamboyant with a thousand gorgeous colors, The perfect flower of Gothic loveliness!

Fer the fust time in her life, she looked harnsome,leastways I thought so,with a pretty color in her cheeks, somethin' brighter'n a larf shinin' in her eyes, and her lips smilin' an' tremblin', as she come to me an' whispered so's't none er the rest could hear, "'Hiram, don't yeou dew it, ef yeou'd ruther not.

"What'll you give me, Ruby, if I tell you whose favorite color is pink?" "Aw, Vetsy!"

The King's letter was written in blue characters upon a rare and precious skin of yellowish color, and these were the words of it: "The King of the Indies, before whom walk a thousand elephants, who lives in a palace, of which the roof blazes with a hundred thousand rubies, and whose treasure-house contains twenty thousand diamond crowns, to the Caliph Harun-al-Rashid sends greeting.

A violet color is obtained which deepens on boiling.

348 adjectives to describe  colores