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348 adjectives to describe  colores

348 adjectives to describe colores

The viper, when in a state of repose, is of an olive-brown color; but, if trodden upon, turns rusty.

She had evidently been a hard drinker for years, as her face was of a brilliant carmine color.

This skin was a beautiful one, of light yellowish color, and although our men wanted to present it to us, neither Blake nor I cared to bring it home with the trophies we had shot.

The wood is fine-grained and of a beautiful, creamy yellow color like box, sweet-scented when dry, though the green leaves emit a disagreeable odor.

The cones are about two inches long, growing in stiff clusters among the needles, without making any striking effect, except while very young, when they are of a vivid crimson color, and the whole tree appears to be dotted with brilliant flowers.

" She came to say one more forgotten thing, "Just see that Aaron gets a white handkerchief: he's fond of gay colors, you know.

Some people think nothing of sailing under false colors; and if it turns out that Roland has taken up with such a disreputable character as this drunken guide seems to be, I don't wonder at him wanting to hide his identity.

Indeed, there was a faint color in his cheeks.

Those willing to join in must lay aside all clothing, painting their bodies with a reddish gray color, like the elk's.

Whirling thus upon the crowd, she shocked them to a pause, with her parted lips, her flare of delicate color.

Close at hand it appeared but a dull purple, and made little impression on the eye; it was even difficult to detect; and if you plucked a single plant, you were surprised to find how thin it was, and how little color it had.

" She heard him with downcast eyes; and her cheeks flushed a pink color that was agreeable to contemplation.

The trunk becomes deep brown and rough, like that of the Mountain Pine, while the young cones are of a strange, dull, blackish-blue color, clustered on the upper branches.

He had chin whiskers of a sandy gray color and small gray eyes that were both shrewd and suspicious in expression.

The good man would use no purple or violet colors for the facings of his dress.

Add the whites of eggs, beaten stiff and let fry a golden color; then spread with jam and serve hot.

As it swung back, he saw, first, a burst of rosy color as a room panelled in exquisite pink burst upon his sight; then the great picture of his lifethe bloodless features of Carmel, calmed for the moment into sleep.

What are the primary colors?

Color N. color, hue, tint, tinge, dye, complexion, shade, tincture, cast, livery, coloration, glow, flush; tone, key. pure color, positive color, primary color, primitive complementary color; three primaries; spectrum, chromatic dispersion; broken color, secondary color, tertiary color.

They were like what gold is, beautiful and clear, of a lovely color, but softer in tone than metal ever was, and as cool and fresh to walk upon and to touch as if they had been velvet grass.

See, too, the Rose, above the western portal Flamboyant with a thousand gorgeous colors, The perfect flower of Gothic loveliness!

Fer the fust time in her life, she looked harnsome,leastways I thought so,with a pretty color in her cheeks, somethin' brighter'n a larf shinin' in her eyes, and her lips smilin' an' tremblin', as she come to me an' whispered so's't none er the rest could hear, "'Hiram, don't yeou dew it, ef yeou'd ruther not.

"What'll you give me, Ruby, if I tell you whose favorite color is pink?" "Aw, Vetsy!"

The King's letter was written in blue characters upon a rare and precious skin of yellowish color, and these were the words of it: "The King of the Indies, before whom walk a thousand elephants, who lives in a palace, of which the roof blazes with a hundred thousand rubies, and whose treasure-house contains twenty thousand diamond crowns, to the Caliph Harun-al-Rashid sends greeting.

A violet color is obtained which deepens on boiling.

" The old man watched him narrowly, taking careful note that the pallor of his face had suddenly changed to a heightened color.

From Tarshish in Spain ships brought gold and silver; Egypt sent chariots and fine linen; Syria sold her purple cloths and robes of varied colors; Arabia furnished horses and costly trappings.

How was she to see with her own eyes the man whom her fancy had depicted in such glowing colors?

I had stopped to tie a fresh ribbon about my cap,a tri-color,and was about five minutes behind her.

The complete development of these characters is exhibited in northern species, and it has been beautifully shown that as we go southward there is a strong tendency to diminished size; toward smaller antlers and reduction in the number of tines; to smaller size, and finally complete loss of the metatarsal gland on the outside of the hind leg; and to the assumption of a uniform color throughout the year, instead of a seasonal change.

God bless all good women!to their soft hands and pitying hearts we must all come at last!The schoolmistress has a better color than when she came.

The world has lost its healthy color.

To the North, seeming very high in the sky, were some flecks of cloud lying motionless, and of a very pretty rose color.

"'Tis a glorious color!

Even as the sun rose, its rays failed to penetrate this cloud bank, or yield slightest color to the scene.

The greenish, almost blue color near at hand gradually in the distance grew lighter, and then yellow, and finally took on a tinge of gold.

All the trees were bright and dewy in the sunrisebirds were singingand the thousand variegated colors of the fall swept on from end to end of it, swallowing the little stream, and breaking against the sky like a gay fringe.

The streets seemed deserted; the silence and the sombre color, and the strange low plashing of the water against the wharves, oppressed even Draxy's enthusiastic heart.

The whole contents of the stomach now assume the appearance and the consistency of a thick soup, usually of a grayish color, known as chyme.

"Out of several hundred observed by Mr. Bishop, forty-five have small companions of a bluish, or greenish, or purplish color.

The chambers are, many of them, elliptical in shape; the ceiling is of mixed dark and white color, and looks much like the sky on a cloudy moonlight evening.

The young man was thin and looked bored; his summer clothes were a study in harmonious colors, and he had delicate hands like a woman's.

The foliage is of the same peculiar gray-green color as that of the Nut Pine, and is worn about as loosely, so that the body of the tree is scarcely obscured by it.

The younger one was expressing in English her admiration for some roses that were flinging their royal color around the pedestal of an old faun.

His face was of an olive color which was unequally distributed over his features; he was inclined to be pudgy, and his clothes did not appear to fit him; but for all that he had the air of a man who with piercing eyes saw his way before him and did not flinch from taking it, rough as it might be.

The tables, couches, chairs, and vis-a-vis in this hall were of plain pattern and neutral dead colors, not to overpower or fade the pictures on the walls, or the gold and Parian service of the cedar tables.

There was nothing about the well-dressed young man, with his carefully brushed hair and splendid color, to suggest disease.

In glanders they are first of a deep yellow, then of a dirty grayalmost slate color.

the secondary colors? Give the various races into which mankind has been divided, and the color of each.

Do but regard the soft lustre in this light, noble Signore, and remark the pleasing colors that rise by the change of view!" "Ay'tis wellbut who claimeth the bearings?" "It is wonderful to contemplate how great a value may lie concealed in so small a compass!

Broad spaces of plain color showed everywhere; and Patricia's ideal of what a parlor should be, as befitted the chรขtelaine of a fine home in Lichfield, had always been the tangled elegancies of the front show-window of a Woman's Exchange for Fancy Work.

There is in it a more perfect union of the great qualities of art,fine conception, just design, admirable disposition of chiaroscuro, exquisite color,whether truth is considered or choice of tone in congruity with the subject's most masterly execution and just character and expression.

Again, the blood sent out from the left side of the heart is of a bright scarlet color.

Each of these swam in perpendicular segments of a circle of prismatic colors.

We have found, in comparing the bark of specimens of branches of various ages, that, in the youngest stems, the whole is covered with a skin, or epidermis, which is soon replaced by a brown outer layer of bark, called the corky layer; the latter gives the distinctive color to the tree.

The tonic of universal law, color, odor.

They are of a whitish color, longer in proportion than the lake, river, or brook trout, have fewer specks upon them, and those not of a golden hue, but rather like freckles.

The spacious interior, represented in our view, is one of the most agreeable places in the whole precinct of these gardens, being well aired and lighted, very nicely paved, and tastefully decorated in pale color, with some fine tropical plants in tubs on the floor, or in the windows, and in baskets hanging from the roof.

Yet, I would not paint her treatment of me in too gloomy colors.

He was gone before she could answer, and he was wondering why she had looked down with that sudden color and that queer, pleased smile.

I am not fond of gaudy colours in general, yet I do think a gondola should have a somewhat livelier color than black.

Red, as artists well know, is the complementary or opposite color to green.

What could give it such a curious color?

I must not leave Holland without once more referring to the rattling of the wooden shoes upon the pavements, the red artificial flowers which old gray-headed women wear upon their heads and the gaudy colors of some of their dresses; also to the universal custom of carrying everything upon their heads.

The lives of both had been woven in the somber colors of Evangelical religion.

But, in a general way, it may be said that each person has his or her or distinctive astral auric colors, depending upon his or her general character or personality.

" Mrs. Wilson's cheek glowed with an unusual color, at this discovery of another act of benevolence and virtue, in a young nobleman whose character she had so long admired, and whose person she had in vain wished to meet.

My hair is very handsome, and I knew Mr. Stepel would admire it with real pleasure, for it is a rare color.

There, for a few minutes, the Mexicans had fought desperately; two of our regimental colors had been shot down, but finally Anglo-Saxon bone and sinew had triumphed.

It is difficult now to realize the condition of the western population in the autumn of 1847; but a witness of unexceptionable impartiality has painted it in permanent colors.

The most pregnant evidence of the approach of modern ways that tinged the primitive color of the village life, was the then new railway skirting furtively through the meadows on the northern limits, as if decently ashamed of intruding upon such idyllic tranquillity.

Further off, reclining on its lofty ledge, the livid Ghoul-Shape showeda splash of sinister color, among the dark mountains.

I was the more surprised and charmed because grass is commonly of a sober and humble color.

Mille trahens varios adverso sole colores.

While we were viewing these things, we saw as it were a rainbow on the wall, consisting of three colors, purple (or red), blue and white; and we observed how the purple passed the blue, and tinged the white with an azure color, and that the latter color flowed back through the blue into the purple, and elevated the purple into a kind of flaming lustre: and the husband said to me, "Do you understand all this?"

He is made of fast colors and will not runexcept when he's tracking.

In the Austrian territory the barriers are painted black and yellow, these being the characteristic colors of Austria.

Officers and enlisted men passing the uncased color will render honors as follows: If in uniform, they will salute as required by subparagraph (5), paragraph 759; if in civilian dress and covered, they will uncover, holding the headdress opposite the left shoulder with the right hand; if uncovered, they will salute with the right-hand salute."

What time the sun in ocean sank, with myriad colors fair, And jewels of a thousand hues tinted the clouds of air, Brave Gazul at Acala, with all his host, drew rein They were four hundred noblemen, the stoutest hearts in Spain And scarcely had he reached the town when the command was given: "Now let your shots, your cross-bows, sound to the vault of heaven!

It has been thought that the mouldings also may have been gilded or colored, and that the background of the sculptures had some flat color laid on as a relief to the raised figures.

" A flash of angry color swept into the perfect cheeks of Mrs. Taine, as she retorted with meaning; "You are as flattering in your speech as you are with your brush.

She was conscious of the unwonted color in her cheeks, which was slowly dying away beneath her companion's relentless gaze.

Among the head feathers of the kingbird is a small spot of orange color.

In the background were hazy hills, white Birches bare and snow-like, and a Maple half-way up a sheltered hill-side, one mass of canary-color, its fallen leaves making an apparent reflection on the earth at its foot,and then a real reflection, fused into a glassy light intenser than itself, upon the smooth, dark stream below.

A black lace cap, ornamented with ribbons of the same fanciful color as the dress, adorned her head; and, with a dozen or more pins in her mouth, she now appeared, hooking her sleeve and smoothing down the black collar upon her neck.

Carnival colors.

His sockless feet were in old base-ball shoes of "eelskin," which were of the exact color of his coat, a dull green, like moldy, dried peas.

A rude or harsh word, a loud, angry tone, jarred on his every sense like a discord in music, or an inharmonious color; so he never used them.

Our mother liked bright, almost barbaric colors on children.

And above all excitement gave her the vital color.

Mrs. Albright smiled a wordless response, the swift color flushed Miss Sterling's face, while fun played about Polly's mouth.

But black, which is the symbolic color of darkness, is also the symbol of death.

Pearl gray, with terra cotta, red and green tints is the basic color of this boiling, seething mass, which seems to be continually at unrest and in a course of worry.

When the sun had set, and the scarlet and gold, violet and primrose, and all those magic colors that have no names, had faded into the dark, there were other fires for me to see.

The old stone statue of Saint Antonio looked down in the rosy air, itself tinged and brightened by the magical colors which floated round it.

First of all they noticed that the fire was not an ordinary fire, but a huge blazing plum pudding which accounted for the queer color of its flames.

For there sit the audience, each one taking a separate color; and there are blue Christians and red Christians, there are yellow saints and orange saints, there are purple Christians and green Christians; but how few are simple, pure, white Christians, uniting all the cardinal graces, and proud, not of separate colors, but of the whole manhood of Christ!"

thick; purple red color.

The stone had taken on the mellow color of the cloudless countries where the sun toasts readily and the rain does not deposit a grimy coating.

Notwithstanding the Red Maple is the most intense scarlet of any of our trees, the Sugar-Maple has been the most celebrated, and Michaux in his "Sylva" does not speak of the autumnal color of the former.