332 adjectives to describe combination

These exaggerating conditions did not, however, greatly influence the general result, the main effect having been caused by the rare combination of flood factors indicated above.

With her usual curious combination of weak volubility and decided laying-down of the law, she was preparing to hold forth to young La France (whom she expected), on the subject of Debussy, Edvina, Marcoux, the appalling singing of all his young friends, his own good looks, and other subjects of musical interest, when Mr Cricker was announced.

His writings are notable for their style, for an unusual combination of dignity with simplicity and directness.

Matters stood thus when the government brought process to dissolve the Standard Oil Company, as an unlawful combination.

Nay more, we even see a curiously disputed presidential election, in which the votes of the southern states were given almost with unanimity to one of the candidates, decided quietly by a court of arbitration; and we see a universal acquiescence in the decision, even in spite of a general belief that an extraordinary combination of legal subtleties resulted in adjudging the presidency to the candidate who was not really elected.

Just as we saw that sweating trades were those which escaped the legislative eye; so we see that they are also the trades where effective combination does not exist.

He is a man of intensely earnest convictions, gifted with extraordinary powers resulting from that peculiar combination of physical and spiritual qualities known as the prophetic temperament.

If he had been aware of all their antecedents, he would perhaps have written one himself; but he only knew that the handsome sisters were orphans, separated in youth, and led by a singular combination of circumstances to suppose each other dead.

We must not be surprised if chess shared the prohibition laid upon dice, for those who were ignorant of its ingenious combinations ranked it amongst games of chance.

Page 361: all the passage about Love (where he seems to confound conjugal love with creating and preserving love) is very confused, and sickens me with a load of useless personifications; else that ninth book is the finest in the volume,an exquisite combination of the ludicrous and the terrible.

And the dresses, both of women and men, were beautiful in form and color, made in the finest fabrics, and affording delightful combinations to the eye.

" "Ah, I see now what you are; you are that remarkable combination, a traveling man and a Christian.

When I became a little familiar with designing and the various pleasing combinations of color, a harder lesson was given me.

With a fortunate combination, he develops into a progressive winning fighter, arriving at the top in the long run every time.

An extensive and dangerous combination was insensibly formed against Edward and his ministry.

The dispatches of the Belgian ambassadors at Berlin, Paris, and London during the years 1905 to 1914 show a constant impression that the Entente was a hostile combination directed against Germany and engineered, in the earlier years, for that purpose by King Edward VII.

The painting as a wholerepresenting Lourdes twenty-five years agois most effective, and the effect is heightened by the admirable combination with real earth, and grass, and trees.

She has now at length succeeded in consolidating her strength so far as to be able to withstand attack from any probable combination of two of her powerful neighbors.

Livingston, as we have seen already, belonged to a leading New York family which was very active in the rebel cause; and Livingston, Walker, Allen, and Brown would have made a dangerous anti-British combination if they could only have worked together.

There is little combination among the peasantry.

This letter was followed, in a day or two, by the arrival of Skelton, a well-dressed, languid, impertinent London tuft-hunter, a good deal faded, with a somewhat sallow and puffy face, charged with a pleasant combination at once of meanness, insolence, and sensualityjust such a person as Sir Wynston's parasite might have been expected to prove.

True, circumstances compelled her to wear a high dress, but even this modest style of costume in the hands of a real artist admits of marvellous combinations and extraordinary breadth of treatment.

In the queer combination of moon and fog all seemed uncanny, but he was going to meet Her and nothing mattered.

That's an odd combination, but the Irish may be able to stand it," said Uncle John.

It is hard to stand alonein an age like this,(constituted to the quick and critical perception of all harmonious combinations, I verily believe, beyond all preceding ages, since Jubal stumbled upon the gamut)to remain, as it were, singly unimpressible to the magic influences of an art, which is said to have such an especial stroke at soothing, elevating, and refining the passions.

332 adjectives to describe  combination