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17 adjectives to describe « condensation »

17 adjectives to describe « condensation »

  • Of the reign of Stephen, Sir James Mackintosh has said, "It perhaps contains the most perfect condensation of all the ills of feudality to be found in history."
  • Serialized condensation appeared in Woman's home companion, Oct.-Dec, 1947.
  • But while mainly attempting, from the words and behaviour Shakspere has given him, to explain the man, I have cast what light I could upon everything in the play, including the perplexities arising from extreme condensation of meaning, figure, and expression.
  • The color slowly disappeared from the brow of the mother, and she turned such a look of fondness and protection on her child, as spoke a complete condensation of all her feelings in the engrossing, sentiment of a mother's love.
  • We have here a curious instance of Shakspere's not unfrequently excessive condensation.
  • Bacon's Essays, celebrated for pithy condensation of striking thoughts, is the only prose work that has stood the test of time well enough to claim many readers to-day.
  • It is a sequence of progressive condensation from the Undifferentiated Universal Spirit to the ultimate and outermost vehiclea truth enshrined in the esoteric maxim that "Matter is Spirit at its lowest level."
  • If there were absolutely no particles of solid matter in the upper atmosphere, all the moisture would be returned to the earth in the form of dense mists, and frequent and copious dews, which in forests would form torrents of rain by the rapid condensation on the leaves.
  • In Bacon's sentences we may often find remarkable condensation of thought in few words.
  • Thus, that "admirable Crichton," Alexander Hamilton, addressed the convention in a speech that lasted five hours, in which he stated his philosophy of government, but of that only a short condensation, and possibly not even an accurate fragment, remains.
  • Here the scenery undergoes a sudden and startling condensation.
  • He has not the artificial condensation of a garden, where luxuriant Nature assumes the form of Art.
  • Of course, this may be simply the unskillful condensation of an authority.]
  • But this constant condensation on the mountains would probably check the deposit on the lowlands in the form of dew, because the continual up-draught toward the higher slopes would withdraw almost the whole of the vapour as it arose from the oceans, and other water-surfaces, and thus leave the lower strata over the plains almost or quite dry.
  • Generally there is a subtile coincidence between his meaning and what the sound of the pun signifies, and thus the pun becomes an amusing or illustrative image, or a most emphatic and striking condensation of his thought.
  • His style is discursive, his lucid intervals not as electrical as those of some Primitive parsons, but he is a good fellow, and if he had more physical force and more mental condensation be would "go down" better.
  • After describing the contemptuous rejection by the people of Kansas of the pro-slavery constitution, Mr. Fisher proceeds with an analysis of the Kansas-Nebraska fraud, so clear and so masterly that we must again quote his own language, with an occasional condensation or omission.

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