452 words to describe  conflicts

452 words to describe conflicts

Fearing a repetition of armed conflicts, and owing to that spirit of unrest and intolerance engendered everywhere by the War, workers are becoming every day more exacting.

"To the south of them, on the same continent, other great nations will arise, who, if they were to be equally united, might contend in terrible conflicts for the mastery of this great continent, and even of the world.

Council members Pete Pearson and Sheri Gee acknowledged a potential conflict of interest in the future, but said the conflict did not require them to recuse themselves because it was in the early stages of consideration.

Women hurry forward to take up the burden laid down by men, and to assume the new occupations made necessary by the organization of the world for military conflict.

In the great later tragedies, the internal conflict is more emphasized, as in the cases of Hamlet and Macbeth.

It was probably evolved in the Post-Tertiary Era, about twenty million years ago, when the coming of the carnivores introduced direct body-to-body conflicts, and their concomitants, a quick and versatile nervous system.

Sweden and Denmark were engaged in a bloody and wasteful conflict.

It was an irrepressible conflict, and its crisis was reached in 1848.

And, when on the arena the mighty bull was freed, Straight to the deadly conflict one warrior spurred his steed; His mantle was of emerald of texture damascene,

Serbia, shut out from the Adriatic, had no alternative save to seek her economic outlet down the valley of the Vardar towards the Aegean, and in so doing she came into violent conflict with Bulgarian aspirations in Macedonia.

By deliberate premeditation, an assault was made by five hundred disguised soldiers on the Parliament assembled in the Hôtel de Ville; the tumult spread; the night rang with a civil conflict more terrible than that of the day.

Yet, perhaps the Indians and the Kamtschadales will be gradually moulded into a hardy, civilized people: and here may be the scene of many a fierce conflict between your people and the Russians, whose numbers, now four times as great as yours, increase almost as rapidly."

A bipartisan motion was moved in federal Parliament affirming Australia’s ongoing commitment to the late Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin’s vision of a peaceful two-state solution to end the IsraeliPalestinian conflict.

This is an era of great spiritual conflicts, and of great triumphs.

The close of the previous holidays had witnessed a general parliamentary election, and with the details of contests which had taken place in their native towns vividly impressed upon their minds, the younger boys, from the Lower Fourth downwards, threw themselves into the present conflict with an amount of energy and spirit which was not to be found in the more sober and deliberate action of their seniors.

And this, of course, gives her no small advantage in the human conflict.

Twice they were hurled back; but for a third time Gordon urged them on, and their confidence in his leadership was such that they went readily; and this time, after a swift, sharp conflict, the city was won.

In the height of my inner conflict, I had almost cried aloud the fierce denial which would arise at this thought.

But I do assure you he is no house-keeper, I have seen him in desperate conflict with savage men, and even with His Majesty's redcoats.

XII WOMAN'S PART IN SAVING CIVILIZATION Men have playedall honor to themthe major part in the actual conflict of the war.

There were certainly two wars going on in Great Britain for a long time, and the internal strife was little less bitter than the international conflict.

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A sanguinary conflict is the result, in which Quiroga, slaying four or five of his assailants, comes off victorious, and pursues his journey in the teeth of other bands which are ordered to arrest him.

After a severe conflict near York he completely routed Earls Edwin and Morcar, the governors of Northumbria.

CANADA FIGHTS AGAINST AUTOCRACY "Canada will spend its last dollar and shed its last drop of blood fighting for the principle of democracy, against that of autocracy, as exemplified in the present European conflict."

Arthur had not been arrested; but he understoodor allowed others to see that he understood, the reason for the surveillance under which he was now strictly kept; and, though he showed less patience than myself under the shameful suspicion which this betokened, he did not break out into open conflict with the authorities, nor did he protest his innocence, or take any other stand than the one he had assumed from the first.

It accepts as inevitable, and welcomes as desirable, the perpetual armed conflict of nations for territory and trade.

Tis we who, lost in stormy visions, &c. We, the so-called living, are in fact merely beset by a series of stormy visions which constitute life; all our efforts are expended upon mere phantoms, and are therefore profitless; our mental conflict is an act of trance, exercised upon mere nothings.

Not the east against the west, the north against the south, the "Haves" against the "Have-nots"; but the evil against the good,that is the real conflict of life.

The sight of her, the touch of her, the whole soul-shattering nearness of her beauty meant constant conflict; all the fiercer since it must be unsuspected.

A bitter conflict has always raged between theology and the latest word of science.

Later will come the shock, the postponed but inevitable conflict.

In spite of the sneers of the infidels, or the attacks of savans, or the temporary triumph of false opinions, let us remember they have endured during the mighty conflicts of the last eighteen hundred years, and will endure through all the conflicts of ages,the might, the majesty, and the glory of the kingdom of Christ.

Great was the uproar, loud the brazen drums And trumpets rung, the earth shook, and seemed rent By that tremendous conflict, javelins flew Like hail on every side, and the warm blood Streamed from the wounded and the dying men.

Really one sees sometimes in the little puckered, twisting face such grotesque prophecy of future conflicts, such likeness to the soul's processes of grappling with problems, that it is uncanny.

Enough time had elapsed since his sudden dropping of old habits, for him to have risen above its first effects and to have acquired that tone of personal dignity which follows a successful issue to any moral conflict.

In this light the Centralia affair does not appear as an isolated incident but rather an incident in an eventful industrial conflict, little known and less understood, between the lumber barons and loggers of the Pacific Northwest.

The actual combat was suspended, but the besieged were incessantly occupied in repairing the breaches made by the assailants, while these were busied in making their dispositions for the last mortal conflict.

A bipartisan motion was moved in federal Parliament affirming Australia’s ongoing commitment to the late Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin’s vision of a peaceful two-state solution to end the IsraeliPalestinian conflict.

It is too late for the Western World to retreat into Christian fundamentalism, accelerating global conflict in an effort to bring on the messianic age.

The Caesarians, also, when they came into close conflict and had crossed over to the hostile ships, proved superior; but as the enemy leaped out into the sea whenever the boats sank, and by their swimming well and being lightly equipped succeeded easily in climbing upon others, the attackers were at a corresponding disadvantage.

It was in the most furious conflict of the western campaigna battle between Langemarcke and Steenstrate, in Flandersthat the Canadian troops saved the British army from what seemed almost inevitable defeat.

And I do not mean merely that the novel is unavoidably charged with the representation of this wide and wonderful conflict.

But it often leads to things like, you know, interpersonal conflict, stress or a low mood.

In the latter year Lepidus was deposed by Octavius after a short conflict.

Mr. Gilman had been the Democratic candidate for congress the fall previous, and considerable interest was manifested to hear what position he would take regarding the impending conflict.

No persuasion could restrain Kobád from the unequal conflict.

Not till the water, dammed and thrown back by the ice, not until it rises many feet and comes down with a volume and momentum irresistible, will the final conflict come.

In recent years, many works of Tamil language in Sri Lanka describe the tragedy of ethnic conflict and civil war.

As a consequence, continual subconscious conflict between the two sets of sex reaction will, sooner or later, disturb, perhaps disrupt and ruin his life.