46 adjectives to describe contingencies

They did not want to keep back from the Government or the public a single step they had in contemplation even as a remote contingency.

Thus, though neither of them had anticipated such a bolt from the blue, both Carleton and Cramahe had taken all the reasonable means within their most restricted power to provide against unforeseen contingencies.

Nor will it, perhaps, be found that they ever appeared grossly ignorant of the publick interest, or failed to discover any obvious truth, or foresee any probable contingencies.

Did masters hold by force, and plunder of earnings, a class of persons, from which, in frequent contingencies, they selected both heirs for their property, and husbands for their daughters? 5.

One has little to hope for except perhaps strong dry windan unlikely contingency at this time of year.

And even the apparently improbable contingency of such an assault on his right had been provided for.

In following this direction we are thinking on the plane of the absolute and eliminating from our minds all consideration of conditions, which imply limitation and the possibility of adverse contingencies; and we are thus planting a seed which, if left undisturbed, will infallibly germinate into external fruition.

On a comparison of the probable consequences of the abolition of it, he saw on one side only doubtful contingencies, but on the other shame and disgrace.

The second, that only great numerical strength renders it possible to provide a reserve against unexpected contingencies.

" "What do you think of it, Aleck?" "I think it would be irregular, or perhaps I should say exceptional," said another voice; "the regulations cannot provide for miraculous contingencies.

he will provoke a quarrel...." "I knowI know ..." he retorted impatiently, "'tis no use recapitulating the many evil contingencies that might occur....

But the determined preparation which would make her ready for the extreme contingency is the best and perhaps the only means of preventing its occurrence.

I know, too, that a diplomatic feminine contingency will raise a howl of protest, and will read this aloud to men under thirty-five for the express purpose of disclaiming all complicity with such heterodox views, and doubtless will be able to make the men believe them.

The human body as portrayed by classical art is not represented in its mere physical existence, but solely as the natural and sensuous form and garb of mind; it is therefore divested of all the defects that belong to the merely sensuous and of all the finite contingencies that appertain to the phenomenal.

For instance, I would devise an ingenious fraud and would plan it in detail, taking every precaution that I could think of against failure or detection, considering, and elaborately providing for, every imaginable contingency.

The most improvident of these people look forward to and prepare for the contingency, inevitable indeed, and yet deemed by other folk unutterably remote.

But for this narrow contingency Lawrence would have been sacked a second time by the direct agency of the territorial cabal.

There are numerous probable contingencies besides the improbable one that has happened, that might prevent the body from being recovered.

If we add to these $4,000,000 for payment of interest upon the public debt, there remains a sum of about seven millions, which have defrayed the whole expense of the administration of Government in its legislative, executive, and judiciary departments, including the support of the military and naval establishments and all the occasional contingencies of a government coextensive with the Union.

Metropolis, at any rate, another town, would have no conflict with him but forthwith capitulated without a struggle: and as he did no harm to its citizens he more easily won over some other places by his display of equal readiness in opposite contingencies.

Judge Penniman, in his wicker chair, continued to muse upon certain pleasant contingencies of this new situation.

If they had been sure of adequate guarantees they would probably have agreed to the inclusion of all Serbs and Croats within the monarchy, because the constitution of all Serbs and Croats in an independent state (not necessarily a kingdom) without it implied the then problematic contingencies of a European war and the disruption of Austria-Hungary.

I infer from your letter that an authority has been vested in you by your Legislature to call a convention in a specified contingency.

All that is required in time of peace is to maintain a sufficient number of men to guard our fortifications, to meet any sudden contingency, and to encounter the first shock of war.

Besides the regular trials of the march there were wagons to be "snaked" across the streams, tires to be reset and yokes to be mended at each "lay-by," strayed stock to be hunted, and a thousand contingencies sufficient to drive from their minds all but the one thought that they had been thrown forth from a Christian land for the offence of worshipping God according to the dictates of their own consciences.

46 adjectives to describe  contingencies