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111 adjectives to describe  contract

111 adjectives to describe contract

That woman is already my wife; I have married her by civil contract; and the ceremony that is about to be performed presently is a mere formality.

BOBBS-MERRILL CO., INC. Cases on quasi contracts.

Professional budget plan, dental contract.

These potent nobles were, from the danger of the precedent, averse to the execution of the laws of forfeiture and felony against any of their fellows; though they could not, with a good grace, refuse to concur in obliging them to fulfil any voluntary contract and engagement into which they had entered.

In exchange for a considerable income, that is to say, for the revenue of "Peter's pence" from England, he made over his papal dignities by a formal contract to John Gratianus, a rich archpriest of the Church of St. John at the Latin gate, on May 1, 1045.

The betrothal was indeed a promise rather than a definite contract, and might be broken off without illegality; and thus if there were a strong dislike on the part of either girl or boy a way of escape could be found.

" "Very true; but some circumstances, a little aided perhaps by the strong desire of her husband, General Ducie, to obtain the revival of a barony that was in abeyance, and of which she would be the only heir, assuming that my rights were invalid, inclined her to believe that my father was already married, when he entered into the solemn contract with my mother.

This protected both parties against substitution of a fraudulent contract at time of fulfillment.

There was an express contract between the parties; they could, most of them, demand their discharge, if they were ill used by their respective masters; and they were treated therefore with more humanity than those, whom we usually distinguish in our language by the appellation of Slaves.

Nor will any part of the hardships of this clause be alleviated by the expedient suggested by an honourable member, who spoke, some time ago, of granting, or allowing, to a sailor, whose contract shall be void, what our courts of law should adjudge him to deserve, a quantum meruit: for, according to the general interpretation of our statutes, it will be determined that he has forfeited his whole claim by illegal contract.

To claim for it the verbal accuracy and the legal wariness of a mere contract is equally at war with common sense and the facts of the case; and even were it not so, the party to a bond who should attempt to escape its ethical obligation by a legal quibble of construction would be put in Coventry by all honest men.

Accordingly, he writes of Adam and Eve in "The Contract," Thus the first Eve With much enamoured Adam did enact Their mutual free contract Of virgin spousals, blissful beyond flight Of modern thought, with great intention staunch, Though unobliged until that binding pact.

The War and Navy Departments already employ steamboats in their service; and although it is by no means desirable that the Government should undertake the transportation of passengers or freight as a business, there can be no reasonable objection to running boats, temporarily, whenever it may be necessary to put down attempts at extortion, to be discontinued as soon as reasonable contracts can be obtained.

After that eventunless she has guarded her rights by a legal pre-nuptial contract, properly signed and attested to by him who is to be her husbandshe may not dispose of any part of it without his express sanction.

"We'll be out of the race for the naval contracts," he almost moaned.

The Pioneer made a secret contract with the telegraph company and left the Minnesotian and the Times out in the cold.

The benefits she carefully keepsbut the services she refuses to render, because immoral contracts are not binding!

You remember I told you that Mr. Smith had made an advantageous contract with Tatham & Brothers for pipe, and had divided the profits with me by which I should gain five hundred dollars.

When a person endorses any commercial paper, he not only expresses thereby his consent to the transfer of it, but he also enters into a conditional contract with each person who may afterward come into possession of the paper, whereby he becomes responsible for its payment, if the principal debtor fails to meet his obligation.

The principal classes of commercial contracts which must be in writing to be binding, are: (a) agreements for the sale of property of more than a certain value; (b) agreements of guaranty; (c) agreements not to be performed within a year.

Why are they thus published? Tell whether the following agreements are valid contracts or not, and why:

<pb id='178.png' n='1957h1/A/0746' /> STANTON, SANFORD E. Theatre management; a manual of the business of the theatre, including full texts of author's and actor's standard contracts.

Nos. 1 and 2, Fulk Ephrinell and Miss Horatia Bluett: not being able to agree regarding the various items stipulated in their matrimonial contract, they were divorced three days after their arrival in Pekin.

To take a familiar example, and I can think of none better to show exactly the difference between a personal contract non-assignable, a document which is assignable, and one which is negotiablea Harvard-Yale foot-ball ticket.

But, in this case, the settlers adhered to their original principle of only obtaining, by purchase from the natives, those tracts of land on which they desired to settle; and a great part of that which was now bestowed on Uncas, was afterwards bought back from him and his inferior Sachems, or obtained by friendly contract, until the English became possessors of the whole district.

When foreign troops are hired, at a time like this, it is natural to expect that they have been procured by contracts uncommonly frugal; because no nation can be supposed to be lavish in a time of distress.

To the shame of the Administration, these gigantic contracts, involving an amount of more than six million dollars, were distributed with a view to influence votes in the House of Representatives upon the Lecompton Bill.

" I saw a grim smile contract Mr. Rochester's lip.

If marriage is not a love contract let it at least be a harmonious business contract.

Of his other surviving children, Isabellaonce his favouritehad suffered for sixteen years the misunderstandings and the heartburnings which her heartless marriage-contract had imposed; she was estranged from him and from Cammilla, and from the Cardinal.

I realized that I hadn't signed his horrible contract and that I needn't.

This ceremony was performed in a manner which, however nuptial it may have appeared to seamen, was not quite in accordance with my ideas of the hymeneal contract.

Then, the tyranny of the majorities has no bounds; the majorities themselves are formed by means of ignoble contracts and monstrous alliances.

The implied contract between A and B is that B will pay the obligation.

Every stage manager in New York, including himself, had been ready to bankrupt himself offering her what in those days were almost incredible contracts to prevent her from the suicidal folly on which she was bent.

If that gold truly belonged to him, if he had really succeeded in his great enterprise, what right had she to insist that he should accept her as a condition of his safe arrival in a civilized land with this matchless prize, with no other right than was given her by that very indefinite contract which had been entered into, as she felt herself forced to believe, only for her benefit in case he should not reach a civilized land alive?

This man, originally allotted to an estate, had, after serving out his industrial contract, resided in the neighbouring village of Savannah Grande as a shopkeeper and money-lender for the last ten years.

I should conclude, therefore, that while the whole matter is an interesting experiment, the initiative is hardly necessary, and the referendum should be limited to constitutional amendments (where it was always allowed) and to matters of definite local or public interest, like the granting of a franchise or an irrepealable contract of privilege.

" "It is a largish contract," murmured Madame thoughtfully.

"Do you think so?" Clearly her meaning was, "Do you think he is lucky when a powerful newspaper goes out of its way to crush him?" "There is no use approaching him with a literary contract?" "Not with the baseball season just opening.

I have now called to remind you of our little contract, concluded this day forty years.

His circumstances rendered it necessary, that he should take the full advantage of his reputation to meet the increasing expense of a wife and family; and it was probably shortly after the Essay appeared, that our author entered into his memorable contract with the King's Company of players.

"A clear air cheers up the spirits, exhilarates the mind; a thick, black, misty, tempestuous, contracts, overthrows."

It opposed no positive action to the making of monopolistic contracts and to the formation of combinations, but declared them to be illegal and provided for their prosecution and punishment after the mischief had been done.

A large part of young Wylie's experience had been acquired by manipulating municipal contracts and the aldermen connected therewith; he now worked along similar lines.

" It is stated, though on what authority we are unable to say, that the Philadelphia Day is printed on straw paper made from the surplus straw-hats that formed an item of a notorious government contract negotiated during the war.

The numerous contracts for the sales of women now in the British Museum may possibly be records of these transactions.]

It was at this period that communities arose, and that the first charters of freedom which were obligatory and binding contracts between the King and the people, date their origin.

A written contract is express; an oral contract may be express or implied.

It might be done by letting the value of the gold dollar fluctuate as it does now, while requiring a greater or less number of dollars to be given in fulfilment of all outstanding contracts.

But for that certain release, ever sign to that perilous contract?

And yet, in spite of everything, it was only among the ecclesiastics that Des Esseintes could hope for pleasurable contract.

A government contract, more potent than the necromancy of the famed wizard Michael Scott, lifted this massive rock from its base, and, flying with it full two hundred miles, buried it fathoms below the surface of the Atlantic, at the Rip Raps, near Hampton Roads; and thus it happens that I cannot vouch the ocular proof of the Cave to certify the legend I am about to relate.

After that eventunless she has guarded her rights by a legal pre-nuptial contract, properly signed and attested to by him who is to be her husbandshe may not dispose of any part of it without his express sanction.

Each contract of each particular state is but a clause in the great primรฆval contract of eternal society, linking the lower with the higher natures, connecting the visible and invisible world, according to a fixed compact sanctioned by the inviolable oath which holds all physical and all moral natures, each in their appointed place.

The principal contract, that for the transportation of all the supplies, involving, for the year 1858, the amount of four millions and a half, was granted, without advertisement or subdivision, to a firm in Western Missouri, whose members had distinguished themselves in the effort to make Kansas a Slave State, and now contributed liberally to defray the election-expenses of the Democratic party.

Wishing to possess both Flavilla's fortune and Dalinda's charms, he effects a reconciliation with the latter by promising to own their prior contract, but when he comes out into the open and proposes to entertain her as a mistress, she indignantly returns to her grandmother's house, where she summons her brother and her faithful lover, Leander, to force her perfidious husband to do her justice.

So right then I signed my first professional contract, with Indianapolis of the American Association.

The argument that finally persuaded them to accept the proffered contract was my promise that after the first week the cargo would be so much less that at least two of the pack mules could always be free.

In the remarkable model contract given by Cato (141) for the letting of the olive harvest, there is the following paragraph: "None [of the persons desirous to contract on the occasion of letting] shall withdraw, for the sake of causing the gathering and pressing of the olives to be let at a dearer rate; except when [the joint bidder] immediately names

is it politic in her, to hold herself up to the world as faithless and unjustas a nation, which, in defiance of all moral obligation, will break her most sacred contracts, whenever it becomes no longer her interest to keep them, and she finds herself in a condition to do so with impunity?

Marriage was a sacrament; it brought about a status; it was not a mere secular contract, as is growing to be more and more the modern view.

It said, 'Try secure war contract.

" That night Louis Mitchell slept with fifteen separate contracts under his pillow.

Misconception in these cases might very easily arise when parties concerned are disposed to accept an unskilled opinion, sometimes resulting in danger to the proprietor of the forge, not only of losing a shoeing contract, but also of being involved in other ways which would probably prove even more disastrous.

Arrived at the muscles, these changes in the nerves, which physiologists call nervous impulses, induce changes in the muscles, by virtue of which these shorten contract, bring their ends together, and so, working upon bony levers, bend the arm or hand, or lift the weight.

And in view of the custom of ages, and the instinct in woman formed by such custom (when instinct makes the establishing of Individuality the very hardest thing in life for a generous woman), I think that your implication against the woman, trying with all the light she's got to keep her side of that very one-sided contract is simplycruel!

We made the singular contract that, if I bore a son, we would exchange; with her, my son could grow up without incurring the danger which had always threatened thy brother in my house.

He had taken on a man's-sized contract for his morning's work and drove his big body at it relentlessly.

But it has always been true of the English and American law, at least since that early labor legislation sketched above in chapter 4 which came to a final end at least as early as Elizabeth, that no man could be compelled to workexcept, of course, by way of punishment for crimeand more than that, he could not even be compelled to work or carry out a specific contract of labor to which he had bound himself by all possible formality.

The reason for it I cannot assign,did not pretend to investigate; but the fact I had ascertained: x, y, z, so touched, squirm, contract, and expand their articulations, and exude from their pores a certain slimy sweat, of agony it may be,anyhow, a slimy exudation comes from them, and, simultaneously, and just as much in kind, degree, quality, everything, snails a, b, c repeat the process.

And every subsequent contract must be understood in a sense consistent with former obligations.

Heath Wilson observes, with much propriety, that the most singular fact about these successive contracts is the departure from certain fixed proportions both of the architectural parts and the statues, involving a serious loss of outlay and of work.

Since 'twas my hap thus happily to meet, To be a witness of this sweet contract, I do rejoice; wherefore, to have this joy Longer present with me, I do request That all of you will be my promis'd guests: This long night's labour doth desire some rest, Besides this wished end; therefore, I pray, Let me detain ye but a dinner time: Tell me, I pray, shall I obtain so much?

To their honour be it said, these Germans kept faith with the British, much to the surprise of the Americans, who, like many modern writers, could not understand that these foreign mercenaries took a professional pride in carrying out a sworn contract, even when it would pay them better to break it.

A tacit contract had been made on his behalf, and he had declined to accept his share of the contract.

"A clear air cheers up the spirits, exhilarates the mind; a thick, black, misty, tempestuous, contracts, overthrows."

When these tiny muscles contract from cold or by mental emotion, the follicles project upon the surface, producing what is called "goose flesh.

Business was bad, and in view of his son's preliminary reports he had relied upon the certainty of securing this tremendous contract; he had even turned work away so that his plant might be ready for the rush, with the result that many of his men now were idle and that he was running far below capacity.

Those who before invaded pastures and stormed houses, now begin to enrich themselves by unequal contracts and fraudulent intromissions.

Finally, he discharges him and his heirs from all liabilities, pecuniary or other, to which he may appear exposed by the unfulfilled contracts.

Technically, no doubt, it was; but these clerks, without so formulating it, merely exercised the right of all oppressed beings liberally to interpret to their own advantage, where possible, the terms of an unjust contract which grinding economic conditions had compelled them to make.

From this century, at least, therefore, dates that doctrine of the common law which makes unlawful any contract or combination in restraint of trade, and it was left for the succeeding century to develop the last great principle, that against monopoly, caused either by unlawful combination of individuals or grant by the crown itself.

*** "My hopes of fortune have been dispelled by unremunerative Government contracts," said a contractor at the Liverpool Bankruptcy Court.

The extortions of usurers have led to revolutions before now, and it seems high time for an enlightened Government to do something on a large scale for the abatement of the evil, if only by an absolute refusal to enforce any such usurious contracts.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which had so far refrained from unnecessary legislation on this great question, thought it necessary to adopt a statute making void contracts to create monopolies in restraint of trade, which well shows the necessity of a legislative reference bureau or professional draftsman, as discussed in a later chapter.

On this was based the actionable character of contracts of buying, hiring, and partnership, and, in general, the whole system of non-formal actionable contracts.

"I've got contracts worth fifty thousand pounds," he said, "and I don't suppose they're worth the paper they're written on."

Additional contracts, of an unprecedented character, were entered into for furnishing and transporting all the supplies which would be needed during the year 1858, both for the troops already in the Territory and for the reinforcements which were ordered to concentrate at Fort Leavenworth and march to Utah as soon as the roads should be passable.

Freemen white or black might be convenient as auxiliaries, and were indeed employed in many instances whether on annual contract as blacksmiths and the like or temporarily as emergency helpers in the fields; but negro slaves were the standard composition of the gangs.

[Sidenote: Liable for anti-nuptial contracts.]

If they be foul on whom the people trust, Well may the baser brass contract a rust.

Accordingly, he writes of Adam and Eve in "The Contract," Thus the first Eve With much enamoured Adam did enact Their mutual free contract Of virgin spousals, blissful beyond flight Of modern thought, with great intention staunch, Though unobliged until that binding pact.

He actually prepared bogus contracts and correspondence for the thief to steal.

On what else, I ask, are the hundreds of women depending, who, this hour, demand in our courts a release from burdensome contracts?

They kept me busy drawin' contracts an' deeds an' mortgages an' searchin' titles, an' o' course I prospered.

There was no state in Europe where a compact or social contract had been made or implied.

The stake is too important to be left at the mercy of rival companies claiming to hold conflicting contracts with Nicaragua.

Kohlhaas, moving closer to him, explained that it was a contingent contract to purchase, drawn up by himself, his right to cancel the contract expiring in four weeks.

The cutaneous vessels contract, the blood is driven to the deeper organs with increased pressure, and there is a less amount of sweat, but an increased renal secretion, containing a smaller proportion of solids.