103 adjectives to describe contrivances

Considering the great endurance of these trees, we are necessarily led to inquire into the means by which they are enabled to arrive at such strength and maturity; and whether it may be considered as a humiliation we will not determine, but, with all the ingenious mechanical contrivances of man, we are still unable to define the limits of the animal and vegetable kingdoms.

It was an ingenious contrivance, by which a man with a strong back and of a strong constitution, could clean some twenty bushels in a single day).

he asked her, examining the little contrivance lingeringly.

Three females and ten males inhabit each flower; the viscous material, which surrounds the stalks under the flowers of this plant, and of the Cucubulus Otites, is a curious contrivance to prevent various insects from plundering the honey, or devouring the seed.

Why this admirable contrivance has not been introduced into this country, I cannot conceive.

Our various fashionable manias, for charity one season, for science the next, are only so many clever contrivances for keeping our neighbour at arm's length.

A more diabolical contrivance for frightening a man into his grave could scarcely have been contrived.

It is not impossible that we may suspect those transactions of deep art, and secret contrivance, which have been the consequences of mere indolence, and want of consideration.

All these circumstances agreed together to clear the friar from any hand he could be supposed to have had in these complicated slaughters, further than as the unintended consequences of his own well meant, yet too artificial and subtle contrivances.

The gum or resin of this fragrant vegetable is collected from extensive underwoods of it in the East by a singular contrivance.

It will be said perhaps, that the inward contrivance and constitution is different between these two, which the watchmaker has a clear idea of.

But I will not by anticipation make thee a judge of all the benefits that may flow from this my elaborate contrivance.

And yet the names of those who first conceived and wrought these primitive contrivances stand highest in the roll of fame; and with justice, for it is infinitely easier to improve on the suggestion of another than to originate a practical advance in human endeavor.

Most of them were evidently, in his opinion, clumsy contrivances for obtaining results which the scientific knowledge and inventive genius of his countrymen had long ago secured more completely and more easily.

But Julian scorned these convenient contrivances; he preferred to hunt away from the crowd, alone with his steed and his falcon.

It must be confessed that Mrs. Behn has made an excellent use of this technical contrivance.

The course of science is so tortuous and so slow; after the clear promises and before the practical realisation arrives there comes almost always year after year of intricate contrivance, and herehere was the Foods of the Gods arriving after less than a year of testing!

I have a charming contrivance or two in my head, even supposing my beloved should get away, to bring her back again.

" "Is it an electrical contrivance?" asked the cardinal, with a smile.

* CHAPTER IX A Glossy Male The machine was one of those electric contrivances that do their work noiselessly and efficiently, like a garrotter or the guillotine.

It is very doubtful whether any of these contrivances satisfy all the conditions required in a plan for feeding furnaces of the ordinary form by self-acting means, but the problem of providing a suitable contrivance, does not seem difficult of accomplishment, and will no doubt be effected under adequate temptation.

For my part, nevertheless, I think it a most useful contrivance.

A dangerous contrivance.

Why, Ned, this is vile modern contrivance.

In the autumn of 1876 appeared "The Effects of Cross and Self Fertilization," a work in which are described the endless and wonderful contrivances for the transportation of pollen from one plant to another of the same species.

103 adjectives to describe  contrivances
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