669 words to describe  controlling

669 words to describe controlling

The most vivacious of them all is the old Patelni, who since the death of Queen Sophie has been in almost complete control of the female portion of the Sidi community.

A kid with a remote control in his hand makes the same mental calculation: an ounce of stress, or an infinitesimally small quantity of human effort to move his finger an eighth of an inch

Nov. 28Bolsheviki get absolute control of Russian assembly in Russian elections.

Meanwhile the papacy gradually proceeded in the design of creating a tribunal under its own direct control.

Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan cover more than one million one hundred thousand square kilometres and have less than nine hundred thousand inhabitants, of whom even now, after ten years, less than a third are under the effective control of Italy.

On Lord Huntingdon's death, besides having entire control of her own means, she became sole trustee of the children and their fortune.

But "The Missing K.C.'s" has a genuine thrill in it; and, in a very different manner, "A By-Product" is proof enough that the author can get his effects all the more readily when he keeps his own feelings under the strictest control.

Heirs of the Augustans, Johnson and Gray have perfect control over their respective diction and metres: here are no obscurities or false notes; Johnson sustains with superb dignity the tone of moral grandeur; Gray is ever felicitous.

The Design of switching circuits for automatic control.

The treaty system as applied after the War has divided Europe into two distinct parts: the losers, held under the military and economic control of the victors, are expected to produce not only enough for their own needs, but to provide a super-production in order to indemnify the winners for all the losses and damages sustained on account of the War.

The Tomb of Hebron has been placed under exclusive Moslem control.

The traffic block grew worse and worse, and there were too few Carabinieri to exercise proper control.

Let those who despise the results of such a constraint be consistent and abolish all parental and tutorial control; all educative government of whatsoever description; nay, the imperious restraint of conscience itself, which is often obeyed but grudgingly.

" I had known for a long time that I had lost any real control of them; and that perhaps humiliated me a little.

In view of the new conditions which had thus arisen through the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the union of the Southern Slavs, the Italian delegates at Paris began a vigorous campaign to obtain sovereignty, or at least administrative control, over Fiume and the adjacent coasts and islands, it having been generally conceded that Trieste should be ceded to Italy.

By no means is this an exhaustive list or in any particular order, but entrepreneurs are vulnerable to fraud because very little time (or resources) is devoted to internal controls.

Bowerman campaigned on a platform supporting modernized highway systems, increased economies in the administration of government, and continued tight control of state land management.

Adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, lane departure warning, blind spot and cross traffic alert, lane keep assist, the list goes on.

"The man who has attained his majority is independent of his father's legal control, without being independent of the lessons he was taught when a child.

"I shall do so in future," replied Sor Teresa, humbly; for the first duty of a nun is obedience, and there is no nunnery that is not under the immediate and unquestioned control of some man, be he a priest or in some privileged cases, the Pontiff himself.

Some of the electronic controls that have been built into the system include:Timer Control where you will be able to set when to ON or OFF the unit.

War will be ended when the Foreign Offices are subjected to popular control.

One sees at once that Peace Societies and Nobel Prizes and Hague Tribunals and reforms of the Diplomatic Service and democratic control of Foreign Secretaries and Quaker and Tolstoyan preachmentsthough all these things may be good in their waywill never bring us swiftly to the realization of peace.

There was no longer any effective central control, or any internal principle of unity fused through the huge mass of the empire, and binding it together.

Besides, Constantinople and the Straits are subject to international control, and the three States now the most closely interestedGreat Britain, France and Italyassume the control of the finances and other aspects of the Ottoman administration.

Meanwhile the Germans had begun another attack in the Flanders sector, with the object of wresting from the British the control of Messines Ridge, which dominated the lowlands of Flanders and had been so gallantly won by the Canadians in the previous year.

Not only did the furrows have to be carefully weeded and the caterpillars kept off the plants, but when the stalks were being cut and carried to the vats great pains were necessary to keep the bluish bloom on the leaves from being rubbed off and lost, and the fermentation required precise control for the sake of quality in the product.

But when, as with Mother Juliana, we find unity and coherence, we may infer that there has been a life-long habit of active mental control, such as excludes the supposition of an hysterical temperament.

Of these, 110,673, or 68 per cent., were of the zymotic class,fevers, dysenteries, scurvy, etc., which are generally supposed to be due to exposure and privation, and other causes which are subject to human control.

All that pertains to executive control of the army is in charge of the secretary of war.

He was head of the house and knew it would totter to a disastrous fall unless he kept his firm control.

An example of organic farming which is often used in the garden is biological control.

Children with small, mechanically cramped pituitaries lie and steal, are bed-wetters, have poor control over themselves, and a low learning capacity.

There he stood amidst the slightly faded splendours of that official room in which one man after another had succumbed to the belief that a certain power of intervention was the creative control of an empire....

Democratic government both in foreign and internal affairs has hitherto rested on the idea that Parliament should have adequate control over the principles on which policy is conducted, but must to a large extent leave the details of administration to the executive departments which are controlled by the Ministers of the Crown.

The new constitution granted to India keeps all the military forces, both in the direction and in the financial control, entirely outside the scope of responsibility to the people of India.

Whereupon the accused once more lost his fine self-control and was swept with furious anger.

Moreover, the people of New South Wales had always, from circumstances, been accustomed to much governmental control, and did not resent it; while Vict

By regular rhythmic movementthis is of special importanceshe brings this power within the child's own conscious control when she dandles him in her arms in rhythmic movements and to rhythmic sounds, cautiously following the slowly developing life in the child, arousing it to greater activity, and so developing it.

By this time I had become a remarkably good rider for a youth, and had brought both of my ponies under easy control.

Monasteries sought to be independent of all foreign control and of episcopal jurisdiction.

Also places food and fuel under federal control.

You should have been appointed her guardian, with sole control.

The wise use of capital would make a wholesome change, but Kit did not altogether like centralized control.

This was the quickest and most effective blow struck in the Verdun campaign and reflected the highest credit on the French general commanding, General Petain, and his devoted troops, who thus turned the tide of victory at Verdun in favor of the French and stamped with failure the efforts of the Crown Prince, continued for nine months, to wrest Verdun from French control and open a road to Paris.

Children are not naturally cruel, although they differ much in the propensity to annoy and reduce animals and each other under their individual control; the passive submit at once, but the energetic will not; it is then that the active assailant learns an important lesson, which can only be learned in society, and which to him, is of great importance.

"Not," said Aunt Perrine, with stern self-control, "that I don't submit, an' bear as a Christian ought."

I enclose a message received by wireless under German control which is only one of the many announcements telling of suppression of your papers.

Its secretion must act upon the great basal ganglia, at the base of the brain, which contain the nerve cells and fibres that are the centers of emotional control and co-ordination.

Their Lives of him are an unbounded panegyric for the sweetness of his temper, his wonderful self-control, his lofty devotion to study, his indifference to praises and rewards, his spiritual devotion, his loyalty to the Church, his marvellous acuteness of intellect, his industry, and his unparalleled logical victories.