269 adjectives to describe controls

" So adroitly did the Pope take the absolute control of the Inquisition into his own hands under pretence of impartial justice, and leave the weaker tyrant to eat the fruit of his doings.

Meanwhile the papacy gradually proceeded in the design of creating a tribunal under its own direct control.

the wind exerting about as little control over it alive or dead as it does over a glacier boulder.

The Tomb of Hebron has been placed under exclusive Moslem control.

He dared not trust Hill to pretend to discover the body the next day and give information to the police, for fear he should not be able to retain sufficient control of himself to convince the detectives that he was wholly ignorant of the crime, and he also thought that if Hill had a share in writing the letter he would feel an additional complicity in the crime, and keep silence for his own sake.

It directed attention also to the fact that the Four Great Powers had taken supreme control of settling the terms of peace, that they were primates among the assembled nations and that they intended to have their authority acknowledged.

The Design of switching circuits for automatic control.

"I shall do so in future," replied Sor Teresa, humbly; for the first duty of a nun is obedience, and there is no nunnery that is not under the immediate and unquestioned control of some man, be he a priest or in some privileged cases, the Pontiff himself.

Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan cover more than one million one hundred thousand square kilometres and have less than nine hundred thousand inhabitants, of whom even now, after ten years, less than a third are under the effective control of Italy.

He was head of the house and knew it would totter to a disastrous fall unless he kept his firm control.

Moreover, the people of New South Wales had always, from circumstances, been accustomed to much governmental control, and did not resent it; while Vict

All that pertains to executive control of the army is in charge of the secretary of war.

"I do wish I had better control of myself," she added, rather sadly.

"Not," said Aunt Perrine, with stern self-control, "that I don't submit, an' bear as a Christian ought.

But "The Missing K.C.'s" has a genuine thrill in it; and, in a very different manner, "A By-Product" is proof enough that the author can get his effects all the more readily when he keeps his own feelings under the strictest control.

A kid with a remote control in his hand makes the same mental calculation: an ounce of stress, or an infinitesimally small quantity of human effort to move his finger an eighth of an inch and he's free!

He preserved an unlimited control over the choice of bishops.

By regular rhythmic movementthis is of special importanceshe brings this power within the child's own conscious control when she dandles him in her arms in rhythmic movements and to rhythmic sounds, cautiously following the slowly developing life in the child, arousing it to greater activity, and so developing it.

Monasteries sought to be independent of all foreign control and of episcopal jurisdiction.

" And of the same opinion was Montesquieu who gave the high authority of the Esprit des Lois to the declaration that "There is no liberty if the power of judging be not separate from the legislative and executive powers; were it joined with the legislative the life and liberty of the subject would be exposed to arbitrary control.

A spasm of anger shook the figure in the throne-like chair, but only for an instant; immediately the iron will of the man imposed rigid self-control; almost without pause he proceeded in level and civil accents: "I think I can satisfy you andthis onceI consent to do so.

There was no longer any effective central control, or any internal principle of unity fused through the huge mass of the empire, and binding it together.

Judicial control, it is true, was not entirely wanting.

The reason assigned for taking them, is not that such was Abraham's direction, but that the servant had discretionary control.

In view of the new conditions which had thus arisen through the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the union of the Southern Slavs, the Italian delegates at Paris began a vigorous campaign to obtain sovereignty, or at least administrative control, over Fiume and the adjacent coasts and islands, it having been generally conceded that Trieste should be ceded to Italy.

269 adjectives to describe  controls