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272 adjectives to describe  controls

272 adjectives to describe controls

" So adroitly did the Pope take the absolute control of the Inquisition into his own hands under pretence of impartial justice, and leave the weaker tyrant to eat the fruit of his doings.

Meanwhile the papacy gradually proceeded in the design of creating a tribunal under its own direct control.

the wind exerting about as little control over it alive or dead as it does over a glacier boulder.

The Tomb of Hebron has been placed under exclusive Moslem control.

He dared not trust Hill to pretend to discover the body the next day and give information to the police, for fear he should not be able to retain sufficient control of himself to convince the detectives that he was wholly ignorant of the crime, and he also thought that if Hill had a share in writing the letter he would feel an additional complicity in the crime, and keep silence for his own sake.

It directed attention also to the fact that the Four Great Powers had taken supreme control of settling the terms of peace, that they were primates among the assembled nations and that they intended to have their authority acknowledged.

The Design of switching circuits for automatic control.

"I shall do so in future," replied Sor Teresa, humbly; for the first duty of a nun is obedience, and there is no nunnery that is not under the immediate and unquestioned control of some man, be he a priest or in some privileged cases, the Pontiff himself.

Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan cover more than one million one hundred thousand square kilometres and have less than nine hundred thousand inhabitants, of whom even now, after ten years, less than a third are under the effective control of Italy.

Moreover, the people of New South Wales had always, from circumstances, been accustomed to much governmental control, and did not resent it; while Vict

He was head of the house and knew it would totter to a disastrous fall unless he kept his firm control.

All that pertains to executive control of the army is in charge of the secretary of war.

"I do wish I had better control of myself," she added, rather sadly.

But "The Missing K.C.'s" has a genuine thrill in it; and, in a very different manner, "A By-Product" is proof enough that the author can get his effects all the more readily when he keeps his own feelings under the strictest control.

A kid with a remote control in his hand makes the same mental calculation: an ounce of stress, or an infinitesimally small quantity of human effort to move his finger an eighth of an inch and he's free!

"Not," said Aunt Perrine, with stern self-control, "that I don't submit, an' bear as a Christian ought.

He preserved an unlimited control over the choice of bishops.

By regular rhythmic movementthis is of special importanceshe brings this power within the child's own conscious control when she dandles him in her arms in rhythmic movements and to rhythmic sounds, cautiously following the slowly developing life in the child, arousing it to greater activity, and so developing it.

Monasteries sought to be independent of all foreign control and of episcopal jurisdiction.

There was no longer any effective central control, or any internal principle of unity fused through the huge mass of the empire, and binding it together.

Judicial control, it is true, was not entirely wanting.

" And of the same opinion was Montesquieu who gave the high authority of the Esprit des Lois to the declaration that "There is no liberty if the power of judging be not separate from the legislative and executive powers; were it joined with the legislative the life and liberty of the subject would be exposed to arbitrary control.

A spasm of anger shook the figure in the throne-like chair, but only for an instant; immediately the iron will of the man imposed rigid self-control; almost without pause he proceeded in level and civil accents: "I think I can satisfy you andthis onceI consent to do so.

Every system, "institution," law, and established usage there, is placed beyond Congressional control equally with slavery, and by the same "implied faith."

FOOTE, LEWIS A. The adaptable system; accrual and audit control of the safe deposit department.

The reason assigned for taking them, is not that such was Abraham's direction, but that the servant had discretionary control.

In view of the new conditions which had thus arisen through the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the union of the Southern Slavs, the Italian delegates at Paris began a vigorous campaign to obtain sovereignty, or at least administrative control, over Fiume and the adjacent coasts and islands, it having been generally conceded that Trieste should be ceded to Italy.

Physical development and its adjustment to mental control owes its greatest stimulus to games.

Public interest and parliamentary control are the very life of armies and navies in every country which enjoys the blessings of self-government.

The wise use of capital would make a wholesome change, but Kit did not altogether like centralized control.

You should have been appointed her guardian, with sole control.

" He retreated, knowing nothing of the admirable control exercised by this woman for her own passionate satisfaction in sliding him away unsatisfied.

Mulligan Simplified method of clerical cost control.

When these words are used with any precision, they usually refer to the arrangement so prevalent at present, whereby the ownership and sole ultimate control of a business rests with those who hold its stocks and shares.

I therefore recommend that instead of retaining the mineral lands under the permanent control of the Government they be divided into small parcels and sold, under such restrictions as to quantity and time as will insure the best price and guard most effectually against combinations of capitalists to obtain monopolies.

" At this the colonel raised his head suddenly and glared into the eyes of his guest, and yet so perfect was his muscular and nerve control that he did not interrupt the thin stream of amber which trickled into one of the glasses.

I look for the time when the typical politician shall be an honorable man; when to be "in the ring" of municipal or national control shall mean to be an integral and orderly part of the administration of God's great world; when city life shall be purified; and when international law shall be the interpretation of the will of the Almighty for the rule of nations.

One sees at once that Peace Societies and Nobel Prizes and Hague Tribunals and reforms of the Diplomatic Service and democratic control of Foreign Secretaries and Quaker and Tolstoyan preachmentsthough all these things may be good in their waywill never bring us swiftly to the realization of peace.

The outbreak of the World War found Germany in possession of the leased area and in substantial control of the territory under the concession.

FILIPETTI, GEORGE. Scientific management, an aid to industrial control; an analysis of the management practices of manufacturing p

A temperament of general despondency, relieved by reckless outbursts of animal spirits, is the least favourable to habitual self-control.

It should be noted that the Mediterranean outside the Adriatic was under French naval control in accordance with the agreement entered into with France and Italy.

My mother died before I came to London, but undoubtedly her influence was with me, although I broke loose, as a matter of course, from all paternal control.

Whether that joint control comes through arms or through the law is a secondary consideration.

Wartime control of prices.

Democratic government both in foreign and internal affairs has hitherto rested on the idea that Parliament should have adequate control over the principles on which policy is conducted, but must to a large extent leave the details of administration to the executive departments which are controlled by the Ministers of the Crown.

We were then to consider the organization of larger administrative divisions, and when of the opinion that the condition of affairs in the islands was such that the central administration could safely be transferred from military to civil control were to report this conclusion to the secretary of war with our recommendations as to the form of central government which should be established.

Many laid the blame at the door of the police, and urged that things would be different were they but placed under municipal, instead of under imperial, control.

The Pater Patriae,so called, because, having at last absorbed all the authority, he could afford to affect some of the benignity of a parent, and to treat his fellow-citizens, not as men, but as little children,the Father of his Country had acquired, by means of his great fortune and large financial connections, an immense control over the destinies of Florence and Italy.

Let those who despise the results of such a constraint be consistent and abolish all parental and tutorial control; all educative government of whatsoever description; nay, the imperious restraint of conscience itself, which is often obeyed but grudgingly.

I see no reason why we should deliberately keep on helping to fasten the handcuffs of corporate control upon ourselves for all time merely because the few men who would profit by it most have heretofore had the power to compel it.

Justiniani demanded to be supplied with some additional guns for the defence of the great breach, but Notaras, who had the official control over the artillery, peremptorily refused the demand.

The abnormal nature of the conditions induced by experimental hypnotism is in the removal of the normal control held by the individual's own objective mind over his subjective mind and the substitution of some other control for it, and thus we may say that the normal characteristic of the subjective mind is its perpetual action in accordance with some sort of suggestion.

Yet he was wrapped in a calm self-control; No word, no whisper of his love for her Had ever passed his lips to tell, in truth, The love that she was sure of in her heart.

It was a despotic military control that the Osmanlis had established, they always regarded their subject peoples as aliens, whom they did not scruple to destroy if they exhibited symptoms of progress and civilisation.

Phipps was exhibiting remarkable self-control.

He had not been looking at Catrina, but at Etta, who was perfect in her composure and steady self-control.

That Florence should have put up with this Roman control shows us how enfeebled was her once proud spirit.

With the Air Service under separate control, financially as well as in an executive and administrative sense, is it certain that the Admiralty will be able to obtain machines and personnel in the necessary numbers to carry out all the experimental and training work that is essential for efficiency in action?

The people are entirely free from the whip, and from all compulsory control of the master.

Again, state support is refused to such schools or colleges as may be under specific religious control, while pension funds for the teachers, established by generous benefactions, are explicitly reserved for those who are on the faculties of institutions which formally dissociate themselves from any religious influence.

On the other hand, in spite of the endeavors of Sandiford, Lay, Woolman and Benezet, all of them Pennsylvanians, it took no steps toward relaxing racial control until the end of the colonial period.

This was not due to any extraordinary self-control on my part, for I was always ready to shed tears on the most trivial occasion.

" Rev. PHINEAS SMITH, of Centreville, New-York, who has resided some years at the south, says of overseers "It need hardly be added that overseers are in general ignorant, unprincipled and cruel, and in such low repute that they are not permitted to come to the tables of their employers; yet they have the constant control of all the human cattle that belong to the master.

It must be imputed to the long intermission of this right of inquiry, that the people have now this cause of complaint; had the administration of this great person been submitted to the constitutional controls, had his conduct undergone strict and frequent inquiries, he had parts and abilities to have done great honour and service to this country.

Over these, the essential control lies in the pituitary and the thyroid.

Never in the past history of the world has man held at his command the same potential control of wild beasts as now, the same power to concentrate against them the forces of science.

" At this, Hugh Price for an instant lost control of his passion.

As to routine control, urban proprietors were less complete masters even of slaves in their own employ than were those in the country.

There still remains the work to be done on the actual control of sex by man, apart from its natural determination.

Book 3: alcoholic beverage control law.

He had had his period of solitary independence, of apparent absolute control of his own destinies.

"Let the history of your domestic rule typify, in little, the history of our political rule; at the outset, autocratic control, where control is really needful; by and by an incipient constitutionalism, in which the liberty of the subject gains some express recognition; successive extensions of this liberty of the subject; gradually ending in parental abdication.

The History of basic metals price control in World War 2.

A Modern approach to budgetary control.

The reformed constitution keeps all the fundamental liberties of person, property, press, and association completely under bureaucratic control.

His own dream is of a beautifully centralised control, directing all our traffic agencies (save tramways and shipping) into the most convenient channels; and he won't be happy till he gets it.

If the post-pituitary regulates the maternal instinct, then its correlates: sympathy, social impulses, and religious feeling, must be also influenced, and so is furnished another example of a chemical control of instinctive behaviour.

Co-ordinated control of higher education in Oregon.

Nominally it will be little more of a Socialist State than it is to-day, but, as a matter of fact, the ships, the railways, the coal and metal supply, the great metal industries, much engineering, and most agriculture, will be more or less completely under collective ownership, and certainly very completely under collective control.

Communicable disease control.

In fact, as I have provided for the contingency of anything befalling me, so also I am ready, if it be your people's will, to admit any control, consistent with the necessary conditions of success.

Constructive conscious control of the individual; with an introd.

Teachers who know both the good to which the child can attain when properly safe-guarded, and also the evil into which it will too probably fall when left alone, are very anxious to see some step taken which will ensure that every child who needs continued control shall have it.

Divided control of the forces in that area was partly responsible for this.

Except that I could trust her completely, there was no distinction of age, social rank, or domestic relation to afford a pretext for exempting her from restraints which, if at first I thought them senseless and severe, were soon justified by experience of the kind of domestic control which just emancipated school-girls expected and required.

What are the bounds of ecclesiastical control?

I could not exercise editorial control over his articles, and I was sometimes obliged to sacrifice to him portions of my own.

In this light the subject can not but present itself to that Government and strengthen the motives to an honorable reparation of the wrong which has been done, and to that effectual control of its naval commanders which alone can justify the Government of the United States in the exercise of those hospitalities it is now constrained to discontinue.

Industrial electric control.

Its secretion must act upon the great basal ganglia, at the base of the brain, which contain the nerve cells and fibres that are the centers of emotional control and co-ordination.

<pb id='215.png' /> VAILE, ROLAND S. Balancing the enonomic controls.

I am free to admit the probability, that under some of the forms of servitude, in which Jews were held, the servant was subjected to a control so extensive as to expose him to suffer great cruelties.

Bring Caesar's written order to release this man Maternusif you can!" Narcissus, like all gladiators, had been trained in facial control lest an antagonist should be forewarned by his expression.

SEE CHARTERS, W. W. GRAINGER, NORMAN W. Functional energy control.

In comparison with the Aeneid, Gerusalemme Liberata and Os Lusiadas lack intellectual control and spiritual depth; but in comparison with the Roman, the two modern poems thrill with a new passion of life, a new wine of life, heady, as it seems, with new significancea significance as yet only felt, not understood.

If they take a keen interest no statesman dependent for his position on the votes of the electorate will dare to embody in a treaty a policy of which they disapprove; while if they do not take an adequate interest, no amount of constitutional provisions will enable them to exercise an intelligent control over the actions of statesmen.

The Grand Mastership was also weakened by the practice of electing very old men to the post, as the short tenure of the office and the feebleness of its holder meant a lax control over the turbulent Knights.

In itself the Essence of Matter is precisely the fluent substance we have imagined, and as we shall see later on the knowledge of this fact, when realized in its proper order, is the basis of the legitimate control of mind over matter.

It may appear surprising that the Great Powers so readily gave their support to the new method of obtaining an apparently limited control over the conquered territories, and did not seek to obtain complete sovereignty over them.