134 adjectives to describe cooking

Stewing is the prolonged cooking of food in a small quantity of liquid, the temperature of which is just below the boiling point.

The green legumes Suggestions for cooking Slow cooking preferable Soaking the dry seeds Effects of hard water upon the legumes Temperature of water for cooking Amount of water required Addition of salt to legumes Peas, description of Buying votes with

This flavouring ingredient, if genuine and well prepared, is one of the most useful store sauces to the experienced cook, and no trouble should be spared in its preparation.

No teachers and no member of the other classes were permitted to enter, but Aunt Nancy, the fat cook, and half a dozen young waitresses peeped in at the door and enjoyed the spectacle hugely.

For a plain little cook like that, with such small wages, and no kitchenmaid, she does quite well.'

As, however, in cooking, so much depends on appearance, perhaps it would be as well for the inexperienced cook to use the artificial means (No. 108).

Prudence is an admirable cook,particularly as regard Yorkshire Pudding; gentle, little Miss Priscilla is the moster Aunt-like, and perfect of housekeepers; and Miss Anthea is our sovereign lady, before whose radiant beauty, Small Porges and I like true knights, and gallant gentles, do constant homage, and in whose behalf Small Porges and I do stand prepared to wage stern battle, by day, or by night.

" "I tell you right now," replied the other, as he came up, "I'm hungry enough to eat anything going; yes, even some of our native cook's worst garlic-scented messes.

Amazed at the speed of electric cooking.

The fourth man halted in the procession was Job, the colored cook.

There was not a better shot, a stronger rower, on the list of summer guides; nor a better cook and provider.

The Normans ate two meals a day, and introduced better cooking among the Saxons, who had been accustomed to eat very little except while under the influence of stimulants, and who therefore did not realize what they ate.

It requires little or no cooking, only to be made quite hot.

" "Thank you," she responded cuttingly and swung about, angry and hurtonly to have a fresh scare from the drunken cook, who came reeling forward.

It is not addressed to the professional cook, but to those who find themselves, as I did, confronted with the necessity of manufacturing economical vegetarian dishes without any previous experience of cooking.

During the second Punic war there were introduced, among people of quality, the already-mentioned banquetings on the anniversary of the entrance of the Mother of the Gods (after 550), and, among the lower orders, the similar Saturnalia (after 537), both under the influence of the powers henceforth closely alliedthe foreign priest and the foreign cook.

To raise the crust for a pie with the hands is a very difficult task, and can only be accomplished by skilled and experienced cooks.

a week or less has to support a wife and children and an appearance of respectability; the usher, who grinds out low-class instruction through the whole tedious day for less than the wage of a plain cook; the condition of these and many other kinds of low-class brain-workers is only a shade less pitiable than the "sweating" of manual labourers, and the causes, as we shall see, are much the same.

He got the money at the end of the week and 'ad to sign a paper to give a month's notice any time he wanted to leave, but he didn't mind that at all, being determined the fust time he got outside the place to run away and ship as a nigger cook if 'e couldn't get the black off.

"I, madam," he said to the terror of a lady with whom he was about to sup, "who live at a variety of good tables, am a much better judge of cookery than any person who has a very tolerable cook, but lives much at home, for his palate is gradually adapted to the taste of his cook, whereas, madam, in trying by a wider range, I can more exquisitely judge."

"I've been up to the 'ouse a visitin' Prudence, the cook,an' a rare cook she be, too, Mr. Beloo sir!"

Philotas, a physician of Amphissa, who was at that time a student of medicine in Alexandria, used to tell my grandfather Lamprias that, having some acquaintance with one of the royal cooks, he was invited by him, being a young man, to come and see the sumptuous preparations for dinner.

You oughtn't to expect to get a decent cook in this little town.

The Villa Igiea at Palermo would suit you quite welllots of smart people, and very decent cooking.

He saw a fat, aproned cook hastily gathering up some chips near a chopping block.

134 adjectives to describe  cooking