61 adjectives to describe counsellors

Yes, you, one of my Wife's evil Counsellors,go, get you up both to your respective Chambers, go [Ex. both.

He expressed his keen sorrow for the deaths of the Pazzi and Salviati, his "devoted sons and trusty counsellors."

On reaching the block between the columns the Sbirri fell off in files, waiting at a little distance, while Jacopo was left before the engines of death attended by his ghostly counsellor, the Carmelite.

He made him his chief chamberlain and his favorite counsellor.

I was afterwards informed that the royal counsellor sent to visit me, begging my excuse that he could not wait for me, because it was necessary for him to repair without delay to the king; but that he had left one of his attendants with me as a guide, and that I need not now be under any apprehension, as there were none in that part of the country to do me harm.

I've better counsellors; what counsel they? Cho.

He had been a most faithful counsellor in times past to the king, and he besought him now, that he would see with his eyes (as he had done in many weighty matters), and go by his advice still; and in his best consideration recall this hideous rashness: for he would answer with his life his judgment, that Lear's youngest daughter did not love him least, nor were those empty-hearted whose low sound gave no token of hollowness.

" "Those you seek are here; I am Violetta Tiepolo; to this lady am I indebted for a mother's care, and this reverend Carmelite is my spiritual counsellor.

The only confidential counsellor who attended the king in this expedition was Lord Digby.

" "What matter for that so long as her grave counsellors be sufficiently vexed, and her lovers left a-sighing?

She was alone, and unsupported by friends, having not a single friendly counsellor.

At the same time there repaired unto Perkin divers Englishmen of qualitySir George Neville, Sir John Taylor, and about one hundred moreand among the rest this Stephen Frion, of whom we spake, who followed his fortune both then and for a long time after, and was, indeed, his principal counsellor and instrument in all his proceedings.

He threw himself into Sandal castle, which was situated in the neighborhood; and he was advised by the Earl of Salisbury and other prudent counsellors to remain in that fortress till his son, the Earl of March, who was levying forces in the borders of Wales, could advance to his assistance.

Having solemnly sworn that I would not kill or blind or maim my enemy, or imprison him in a monastery, and the price of absolution from an oath in this corrupt age exceeding all reason and Christian moderation, I knew not how to take vengeance on him, until a sagacious counsellor represented that a man cannot be said to be blinded so long as he is deprived of only one eye.

required that the provost should possess the title of doctor in utroque jure, and that his officers, whom he made to hold their appointments for life, should be chosen from amongst the most distinguished counsellors at law.

" "Of course not," assented his subtle counsellor; "but, in this country, at least, chronic inebriation, clove-eating, and even opium-taking, are strikingly alike in their aspects, and the same rules may be safely applied to all.

There is no need to make any addition to the name of Philip de Commynes, the most precious of the politic conquests made by Louis in the matter of eminent counsellors, to whom he remained as faithful as they were themselves faithful and useful to him.

; his rebellious son "Absalom" is the king's natural son, the handsome but rebellious James duke of Monmouth; and "Achitophel," the traitorous counsellor, is the earl of Shaftesbury, "for close designs and crooked counsels fit.

I think, therefore, I am not wrong in asserting, that Vanity is a very mischievous counsellor.

But when he dragged forth the body, it was not the king, but Polonius, the old officious counsellor, that had planted himself as a spy behind the hangings.

Aristátalís, and some other ingenious counsellors, were requested to consult together to contrive some means of counteracting the power of the war-elephants, and they suggested the construction of an iron horse, and the figure of a rider also of iron, to be placed upon wheels like a carriage, and drawn by a number of horses.

Indeed, he soon became known as the ablest counsellor and advocate in America.

I was just cursing that lout Theodore inwardly, for he had been gone half an hour, and I strongly suspected him of having spent my two sous on a glass of absinthe, when there was a ring at the door, and I, Hector Ratichon, the confidant of kings and intimate counsellor of half the aristocracy in the kingdom, was forced to go and open the door just like a common lackey.

Katharine is a good girl, a fine upstanding girl, but I suppose" He paused, as if to regard and hear some invisible counsellor, and then briskly resumed: "Yes, I suppose policy demands that she should marry you.

But to amend the show, there followed a little distance of Perkin an inward counsellor of his, one that had been sergeant farrier to the King.

61 adjectives to describe  counsellors