53 adjectives to describe crab

The hermit crab is another of the species, and has the peculiarity of taking possession of the deserted shell of some other animal, as it has none of its own.

They reached the old orchard, and ran about among the trees picking up applesnow the little soft yellow crab applesthen the huge, round, ruddy pippinsnext the golden-coat bell apples, oblong and mellow, which had dropped from pure ripeness from the autumn boughs.

A despatched crab it was; and when she would not eat it I knew there was something wrong.

TO CHOOSE CRAB.The middle-sized crab is the best; and the crab, like the lobster, should be judged by its weight; for if light, it is watery.

*** A workman at Kinlochleven, Argyllshire, found a live crab in a pocket of sand at a depth of more than ten feet.

Both of the boys had a different kind of thinking on hand; and that night Dab dreamed that a gigantic crab was trying to pull Ford Foster out of the boat, while the latter calmly remarked to him, "There, my young friend, did you ever see anything just like that before?

Upon receiving this thrust, the mighty crab ceased at once its pursuit, and clipped at the haft of the spear with its great mandible, snapping the weapon more easily than I had done the same thing to a straw.

When all around the wind doth blow, And coughing drowns the parson's saw, And birds sit brooding in the snow, And Marian's nose looks red and raw, When roasted crabs hiss in the bowl, Then nightly sings the staring owl, To-who; Tu-whit, to-who, a merry note, While greasy Joan doth keel the pot.

Upon reaching the further beach, we saw a most incredible sight; for the two men were running towards us through the thick masses of the weed, while, no more than four or five fathoms behind, they were pursued by an enormous crab.

These cheese tartlets, mock crab, patties, &c., can be most acceptably varied by using Shredded Wheat Biscuits in place of pastry cases or scallop shells.

A basket of them filled the center of the table, and at each place was a scalloped shell containing deviled crab meat garnished with lemon quarters and accompanied by tartar sauce.

Viushin, with the awkward retrograde movements of a disabled crab, speedily followed.

A Littorina and a Nerita occur abundantly on the trunks and stems of the mangroves, and the creek swarmed with stingrays (Trygon) and numbers of a dull green swimming crab.

Kora never allowed himself to be separated from his faithful crab and this led to his life being saved a second time.

Another funny Crab is the Spider Crab.

I had stood there awhile, watching the rope, when, suddenly, there came a commotion amid the weed, about two-thirds of the way to the ship, and now I saw that the rope had freed itself from the weed, and clutching it, were, maybe, a score of giant crabs.

" "Far be it from me to play the giddy crab, then."

A small group of women and children were afterwards met with by a shooting party from the ship, but they ran off affrighted, leaving behind their baskets, which were filled with a small blue gregarious crab, common upon the sandy beaches.

Their crabs are very sweet to eat, yet their claws are so strong that they will break the iron of a pickax; and there are small hairy crabs in the sea which are rank poison, as whoever eats of them immediately dies.

Poorly protected behind by Nature, the homeless crab wanders about seeking a lodging.

There was, however, one blemish: the hungry crabs had so nibbled the larger plants that it was deemed necessary to renew them, in order to secure a sufficient supply of food and oxygen.

And the bride, in whose eyes this elderly gentleman with the tight boots appeared a rosy winged Cupid, waved her handkerchief until the vehicle had sidled round the hill, resembling in its progress a very infirm crab in a hurry.

ividual crab, but by his race.

exclaimed Ford in a loud whisper, as he saw Dab quickly plunge the net into the water, and then shake out of it into the bottom of the boat a great sprawling "blue-legged" crab.

I saw many places where turtle eggs had been dug out of the sand behind the beach, where besides were numerous burrows of a maritime crab (Ocypode cursor) which also appeared to feed upon the eggsjudging from the quantity of empty shells about the holes of those creatures.

53 adjectives to describe  crab