207 adjectives to describe craft

As he ascended, those below saw the little craft rise high and slow on a broad swell.

It was a light craft and a jolly crew, and all was smooth sailing for four or five days.

The Spaniards did not relish this, and were going to board the tiny English craft, but again they were forestalled; for Cochrane with all his men took the Gamo by storm, killed some, and frightened others; and ere long a marvellous sight was witnessed at Minorca, the great Gamo was brought by the Speedy into the harbour, with over 263 men on board, hale and hearty, whilst Cochrane never had a fifth of that number!

The experience gained showed, however, that the difficulties apprehended by the officers of the Mercantile Marine were not insuperable, and that, given adequate protection by cruisers and small fast craft, the system was at least practicable.

He knew something concerning that mysterious craft, but would not tell me.

Already Tom was pulling the lever that would point the nose of their aerial craft upward toward the stars, and take them to a much loftier elevation.

We lay on deck and watched the life of the river, all the ships a-sailing, big ships from Dundee and Greenock, German ships, French ships, every kind and nationality of ships down to the curious native craft.

In practical seamanship, he excels any other prince of his age, and can command any kind of naval craft from torpedo boat to battleship, and lead in actual battle.

Its ports, especially those at which its fleets are equipped and would be likely to assemble on the imminence of war, are within reach of more than one foreign place from which small swift craft to be used offensively might be expected to issue.

The lines are such that friction is done away with, and driven through the water by good men, it is the most graceful craft afloat.

They were, however, but unwieldy craft, and, having accomplished their object, seem to have taken no further part in the combat.

The breeze was stiff, and it enabled me to show the Wallingford off to advantage among the dull, flat-bottomed craft of that day.

But Captain Baker thought otherwise; and he and the District Attorney wished the jury to infer that this brig seen by him under Point Lookout was a piratical craft, lying ready to receive the negroes on board, and to carry them off to Cuba!

As if conscious of the danger she was in, the tight little craft receded from the rocks as she shot ahead, and rounded that second point, which, a minute before, had appeared to be placed there purposely to destroy her.

But he said we had a mighty neat, comfortable craft, and that it looked as if it might have slid off some street or other into the water.

SEE ROBERTS, CHARLES W. JOHNSON, WILLIAM H. The electrical crafts, by William H. Johnson & Louis V. Newkirk.

The disabled craft also was riding the waves gently perhaps five hundred yards away.

The breeze was stiff, and it enabled me to show the Wallingford off to advantage among the dull, flat-bottomed craft of that day.

As he approached the alien craft he noted that the hull was not merely colored, but patterned.

May it always be watchful with its thousand eyes, that the secret craft of diplomacy may never succeed to degrade one organ of the American press into an unconscious Russian tool, acted on by blind animosity or by exclusive predilections.

On reaching the city, I fixed my lodgings at a point on the banks of the Hudson, or rather at its point of confluence with the noble bay (71 Courtland), where I could overlook its islands and busy water craft, ever in motion.

Nevertheless, the tactics adopted for dealing with hostile air craft are to attack them instantly with one or more British machines.

Then the speedy craft tore out of the bay at a headlong gait, her motor roaring in unmuffled exhaust, wide wings of white spray arching off her flaring bows.

Thus admonished, the owner tore himself away from his beloved craft, giving "young Gar'ner" as many 'last words' as if he were about to be executed.

How has Raphaelwe must still linger about the Vaticantreated the humble craft of the ship-builder, in his "Building of the Ark?"

207 adjectives to describe  craft