50 adjectives to describe craftsmen

In what he himself regarded as his spare hours, that is to say, the daytime hours wherein the ordinary man labors, Neddy was a highly skilled craftsman, whose only failing was a tendency to be late in the morning and to fall ill about the festive seasons of the year.

This one short extract would suffice to show that the writer was a literary craftsman of a very high order.

Here is the large brick church, now famous, built by native craftsmen, who before Livingstone's time had never seen a white man, and lived in a state of barbarism; an edifice that would adorn the suburbs of any American city, and of which the explorer, Joseph Thomson, said: "It is the most wonderful sight I have seen in Africa."

They are not to be reckoned as equals; for Lionardo and Michelangelo outstrip the other two almost as much as these surpass all lesser craftsmen.

Who was he, then, an thou knowest him so well?" "Why, yon same is a right stout fellow whom men hereabouts do call Robin Hood, which same" "Now, by'r Lady!" cried the Tinker hastily, and in a deep voice like an angry bull, "thou didst see me come into thine inn, I, a staunch, honest craftsman, and never told me who my company was, well knowing thine own self who he was.

Shakespeare was not simply a great genius; he was also a great worker, and he developed in exactly the same way as did all his fellow craftsmen.

Nevertheless, there is no denying that he is an able craftsman, and that he worked with good-will.

In the eighteenth century she gave us admirable craftsmen like Edward Smyth (1749-1812), John Hickey (1756-1795), and Christopher Hewitson (fl. 1772-1794), whose dignified monument of Bishop Baldwin is one of the most distinguished pieces of sculpture in Trinity College, Dublin.

"Being at a loss which son to prefer above the others, the good man got a skilful craftsman to make two rings, which were so like the first that he himself scarcely knew the true one.

No worke it seem'd of earthly craftsmans wit, But rather wrought by his owne industry That thunder-dartes for Iove his syre doth fit.

The most cunning craftsman cannot work without his tools, and some of mine are broken, which I seek to repair: another crown will be enough.

A manoeuvring and managing individual, entirely unscrupulous in his choice of means, condescending to flattery and lies, he strove to stand as patron between the Pope and subordinate craftsmen.

Oak furniture made in England during the seventeenth century, is still a credit to the painstaking craftsmen of those days, and even upholstered furniture, like the couches and chairs at Knole, after more than 250 years' service, are fit for use.

Of the two, Pinero is the better craftsman, since Jones, in his endeavor to paint a moral, sometimes weakens his dramatic effect.

His firm and equitable rule insured peace and order; and the great palace he was building, and the new mosque, the Azhar, which he founded in 970 and finished in 972, not only added to the beauty of the capital, but gave employment to innumerable craftsmen.

After Julius, Leo, and Clement, the time was now come for the heroic craftsman to serve Paul.

Nor can it reasonably be objected against the device that in the hands of inferior craftsmen it degenerates but too readily into the absurdities of the 'pathetic fallacy,' or that Spenser himself is not wholly guiltless of the charge.

For worse rather than for better, he powerfully and permanently affected Italian art; but he did not create a body of intelligent craftsmen, capable of carrying on his inspiration, as Giulio Romano expanded the Loggie of the Vatican into the Palazzo del Te.

Michelangelo was unwilling or unable to organise a band of craftsmen fairly interpretative of his manner.

S. doorway filled with Perp. tracery; (2) Norm. font carved with a curious device by some later craftsman.

Shrill mothers cursed; wan children wailed; sharp coughs Rang through the crazy chambers; hungry eyes Glared dumb reproach, and old perplexity, Too stale for words; o'er still and webless looms The listless craftsmen through their elf-locks scowled; These were my people!

A clever young mechanic, at the age when the Wanderjahre of the medieval craftsman used to begin, would come home after tending a 'speeded up' machine from 8 A.M., with an hour's interval, till 5 P.M. At 6 P.M. he had finished his tea in the crowded living-room of his mother's house, and was 'free' to do what he liked.

And he had, besides, what so many men of his own class made shipwreck for want ofhe had imaginationenough to show him what it is that makes the mere craftsman into the artist, enough to make him hunger night and day for knowledge, travel, experience.

Weir had learned his trade in Italy, and was a neat craftsman, so I employed him to make me a pistol after my own pattern.

The level, the last of the three working tools of the operative craftsman, is a symbol of equality of station.

50 adjectives to describe  craftsmen