127 adjectives to describe crests

Then, as the sun sank lower, the soft rosy hue shone on the castle windows, glinted through the trees of the Château Park, dyed the swift waters of the river, and tipped the snowy crests afar.

One wave, no more, in life's wide sea, One little nameless crest of foam, The day that gave her all to me And brought us to our home.

And now, while the trumpets blared, the two knights took their ground, Sir Gilles resplendent in lofty crest and emblazoned surcoat, the three stooping falcons conspicuous on his shield, his mighty roan charger pawing the ling with impatient hoof; his opponent, a gleaming figure astride a tall black horse, his round-topped casque unadorned by plume or crest.

She is so warm and lovely in itand a set of white furs; she is a bluebird with a golden crest.

Landward, against the last sage-green vapor of daylight, ran the dim range of the hills, in long undulations broken by sharper crests, like the finny back of leviathan basking.

The opposite side of the glen was crowned with a tall crest of shattered rock, in which were many old Phrygian tombs.

One, the prettiest, was a tiny, green-backed little creature, with a crimson crest and a velvet-black band across a bright yellow breast: this one had a soft, low, complaining voice, clear as a silver bell.

A moaning sound swept o'er the heaving ocean, Toss'd hoarsely on from angry crest to crest, Like groans from a great soul in its unrest, Stirring the ranks of men to fierce commotion.

And I will train thee up in feats of arms, And teach thee all the orders of the field; That whilst we, like to Mars and Venus, jest, The doctor's head may get a gallant crest.

For over thirty years it had laughed at their puny efforts to cross its rugged crest, but its time had come at last; the way to the unknown west was now open, and rejoicingly the settlers prepared to follow on the explorers' trail.

Dimly ahead, when the mist lifted, could be seen bodies of men, while on a distant crest were the long lines of Russian guns, whose fire swept the British regiments.

o'er the sunny sea, It blows the vessel from the harbour's mouth, Out 'mid the broken crests of seaward waves, And hovering of long-pinioned ocean birds, As if the white wave-spots had taken wing.

I stood on a narrow crest, about three feet in width, with an inclination of about 20° N., 51° E. As soon as I had gratified the first feelings of curiosity, I descended, and each man ascended in his turn; for I would only allow one at a time to mount the unstable and precarious slab, which, it seemed, a breath would hurl into the abyss below.

My eyes sought to pierce the gloom of the night, only to gain glimpses of black water heaving and tumbling on every side, the boat flung high on a whitened crest, and then hurled into the hollow beneath, as though it was a mere chip in the grasp of the sea.

All pulled steadily, while the steersman, with a sweep of his oar, kept her head to the seas and with consummate skill and judgment avoided the most dangerous crests, until the first watery rampart was passed.

A heavier blast of the wind caught the jagged crest of a wave and hurled it upon the helpless craft.

The monkey trees on the upper terrace, too, were visible outside against the sky, and the solemn crests of the wellingtonias on the terraces below.

Where rears huge Tenerif his azure crest, Aspiring DRABA builds her eagle nest; Her pendant eyry icy caves surround, Where erst Volcanos min'd the rocky ground.

"E'en all that on the tablet rests, In Erech's tower, the Su-bu-ri, The beautiful, with glorious crests, He wrote for far posterity.

On its outer crest, with his adjutant, stood the gilded commander peering through his glass.

It had evidently been stopped on the far side and now advanced nowhere, showed no longer a malign yellow crest, but only rolling sullenly heavenward a diminishing cloud of smoke.

I know, alas, their towering forms Of unresponsive rocks and snow Are heartless as their wintry storms, And heed not if I come or go; Yet none the less I love to trace Their stainless crests along the sky,

They looked upon her mystic, glistening hill-tops, and down her awful craters; and from these they seemed to drop a little, as a bird might, and alight on the earth-mountains looming close at hand, with their huge, rough crests and sides, and sheer escarpments white with nakedness; and sogot home again.

They were drooling at their mouths, their wiry crests stood up like brushes, and their snarling fangs were bared to their red gums.

Sarrat, Serre, Serrère, a sharp-toothed crest, backbone of mountain.

127 adjectives to describe  crests
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