50 adjectives to describe crosse

Half hidden in the snow, white wooden crosses marked the graves.

Here, as in our war graveyards in France, no religious dogma or supernatural hope intrudes upon the little wooden crosses.

Our forefathers, as [520]a worthy chorographer of ours observes, had wont pauculis cruculis aureis, with a few golden crosses, and lines in verse, make all conveyances, assurances.

Ile And liv'd beloved, whilst my good stars did smile; But clowded once with this world's bitter crosse My joy to grife, my gaine converts to losse. Asca.

They look like double, treble, or quadruple crosses.

A week after the battle the field around Meaux had been cleared of dead and wounded, and only little mounds with tiny crosses, flowers and tricolored flags recalled the terrible struggle.

Why did you think she wouldn't to-day?" This was one of Miss Wollaston's minor crosses.

The Mission and its Romance A view from Twin PeaksThe city with its historic crosses.

They rose, did those rough crosses, like sheathed swords out of the wild, luxurious jungle of grass that had grown up in that blood-drenched soil.

The road was very deep, from the recent rains, and studded, at short intervals, by rude crosses, erected to persons who had been murdered.

A kind of narrow bridge crosses it, over which we walked, looking down on the empty pulpit and deserted shrines.

Flags were everywherered flags, with diagonal crosses marked by stars.

Besides, perhaps, that week, he has met with some dismal crosses and most undoing misfortunes.

Not far away there was a little cemetery, filled with doleful little crosses, set up over mounds that told their grim story all too plainly and too eloquently.

Even superstition, though more prevalent among ignorant nations, is but a poor supply for the defects in knowledge and education: our European ancestors, who employed every moment the expedient of swearing on extraordinary crosses and relics, were less honourable in all engagements than their posterity, who, from experience, have omitted those ineffectual securities.

Then, the huge projecting signs with their fantastical iron-workthe conduitsthe crosses (where crosses remained)the maypolesall were picturesque; and as superior to what can now be seen, as the attire of Charles the Second's age is to the ugly and disfiguring costume of our own day.

A series of felicitous crosses develops an improved strain of blood, and reaches its maximum perfection at last in the large uncombed youth who goes to college and startles the hereditary class-leaders by striding past them all.

"Nancy," he says, speaking with a sort of hesitating impulse, while a dark flush crosses his face, "it has occurred to me once or twiceif the idea had been less unspeakably absurd, it would have occurred to me many timesthat you areare jealous of Zéphine and me!YOU jealous of ME!!" There is such a depth of emphasis in his last wordssuch a wealth of reproachful appeal in the eyes that are bent on methat I can answer nothing.

At last, seven years later, after the Revolution of 1830, when the mob invaded the Archbishop's residence, when Republican agitators spurred them on to destroy the gilt crosses which flashed like streaks of lightning in the immensity of the ocean of houses; when Incredulity flaunted itself in the streets, side by side with Rebellion, Bianchon once more detected Desplein going into Saint-Sulpice.

Hannibal crosses over from the Hirpini into Samnium; lays waste the territory of Beneventum; takes the town of Telesia; and purposely irritates the dictator, if perchance he could draw him down to a battle on the plain, exasperated by so many indignities and disasters inflicted on his allies.

The Annals of the Four Masters have this verse about a soldier named Denadhach, who died in 871: "A pious soldier of the race of Con lies under hazel crosses at Drumcliff."

"She doth stray about By holy crosses, where she kneels and prays For happy wedlock hours.

Then take her, boy; we wilbe hencefourthe frends, And howsoever crosses come & goe Ile leave thee cloathes inowe for winter tyme.

" "Mexico, and all Latin America for that matter, clear to the Straits of Magellan, is a land of innumerable crosses, but no Christ.

But if, on the contrary, white and black dogs are required, the proper course is to make judicious crosses between the black and white, and black varieties, and destroy any black puppies, unless they are required for further crosses with white and black blood.

50 adjectives to describe  crosse