112 adjectives to describe curling

The sun-bonnet had fallen back and the golden curls were tossed in luxurious confusion over the little head.

He came a little nearer till the small feet sank into the rough brown curls of the buffalo.

The proud dark eye, the little wanton curls peeping from the hood, the whole figure alert with youth and lifethey cheered my recollection as I trod that sour moorland.

In its light she was not so obviously blonder than young, the pink spots in her cheeks had a deepening value to the blue of her eyes, and a black velvet tam-o'-shanter revealing just the right fringe of yellow curls is no mean aid.

The hush of a great peace fell upon his soul, while through the listening night an angel stooped and traced upon his brow the kingly motto, 'Ich Dien.' CHAPTER V. "Don, Don, me's tumin'," and the baby of the farm, a little child with sunny curls and laughing eyes, ran past the great barns of Hollywood.

They had pink cheeks, white shoulders, and many glossy curls about their shining foreheads.

With yearning for the pod's aroma, which by the East that lock shall spread From that crisp curl of musky odor, how plenteously our hearts have bled!

I see thee, lying calm and low, Silent and dark within thy earthy bed; Thy mighty hands, in which I trusted, dead, Resting, with thy long arms, from work or blow; And the night-robe, around thy tall form, flow Down from the kingly face, and from the head, Save by its thick dark curls, uncovered My brother, dear from childhood, lying so!

And farther on a group of Grecian girls, The first and tallest her white kerchief waving, Were strung together like a row of pearls, Link'd hand in hand and dancing; each too having Down her white neck long floating auburn curls.

"You want to be careful," the Ramblin' Kid said with the slightest curl of his lips at her obvious shifting of meanings, "she ain't exactly a 'lady's animal' yet.

Here and there very small, thin dark curls strayed from under it, like the tendrils of a delicate vine; and nestling close to each ear was a little dark, downy crescent, which papa called her whisker when he was playfully inclined to excite her juvenile indignation.

The snowflakes covered her long fair hair, which fell in pretty curls over her neck; but she did not think of that now.

The doctor looked at the little stray curl on the nape of the graceful neck and wishedall the foolish things that lovers have wished since the world began.

The girl who sat beside her, pretty Janey Miller, was a great contrast, with her blond curls, her rosy cheeks, and simple well-fitting dress of blue serge.

In general appearance the dog resembles somewhat closely the Springer, except that he may be somewhat higher on the leg, and that his coat should consist of crisp, tight curls, almost like Astrakhan fur, everywhere except on his face, where it should be short.

The wind flattened a loose curl of hair against her cheek, and overhead the wild geese were flying and crying, small and far away.

And a ghost certainly never had such laughing blue eyes or such light curls sprinkled with snow and surmounted by a jaunty navy-blue sailor cap, and a ghost never could give such a spring and catch Marjorie in its arms and rub its cold cheeks against her warm ones.

The soft and silky locks that fell in graceful curls beside his cheeks afforded manifest proof of his youthfulness.

Fletcher's ambrosial curls would have been scorched off his head.

Lifting up his ruddy face, a ray of sunshine, filtering through the tremulous leaves of the cottonwoods, fell full upon his chestnut curls, and each drop of water on his hair became of a sudden a gem of prismatic colour and most brilliant lustre.

" She pushed the short silky curls from her temples, and shook her head.

" As Thornton Lee read the journal, his children climbed his knee and twined his gray curls around their fingers, and his wife came and leaned sportively over his shoulder and looked at the yellow leaves.

and ducked my head, and that made the cloth catch on old Lady Farrington's capshe had to sit on my side of the table, to be out of the draughtand, wasn't it dreadful, it almost pulled it off, and with it the grey curls fixed at the side, and the rest was all bald.

The cause of a flat curl on the masculine forehead, such as might be seen when George the Fourth was king, must have been widely different in quality and intensity from the impression made by that small scroll of hair on the organ of the beholder.

Within forty minutes her head was covered with tiny, close-lying curls that made her look wonderfully like a truant schoolboy.

112 adjectives to describe  curling