11 adjectives to describe curtsy

"Gentlemen," she said, with a little curtsy, "I know you will excuse us.

Don Isaac with an exaggerated air of dignity approached the landlady, who returned his satirical reverence with endless curtsies.

He received three most gracious curtsies in returnonly three; for Daphnè wished to pass on without taking any noticewhich he considered a very favourable omen.

And this great plain was now rearranging itself in a widespread drama of havoc, withdrawing in ravines like mutual backing curtsies, then surging to clap together in passionate mountain-peaks, else jostling like the Symplegades, fluent and inconstant as billows of the sea, grinding itself, piling itself, pouring itself in cataracts of powdered ice, while here

Mingled feelings rise at sight of the soft brocade whose bodice once throbbed with the happy heartbeats of this Virginia maiden, making pretty curtsy in rosy pleasure, the admiration of the English Court.

And with this she dropped a stately curtsy, and, taking her candle, went away through the tapestry door which led to her apartments.

And in this state she gallops night by night, Thro' lovers' brains, and then they dream of love; On courtiers' knees, that dream on curtsies strait; O'er lawyers' fingers, who strait dream on fees; O'er ladies lips, who strait on kisses dream, Which oft the angry Mab with blisters plague, Because their breath with sweetmeats tainted are.

She put out her hand to him, and as he took it, sank to the stone floor in a superb curtsy.

" "Dat's what he a'n't, Doctor,an' dere's where I 'gree wid him," said Candace, as she gathered her baskets vigorously together, and, after a sweeping curtsy, went sailing down to her wagon, full laden with content, shouting a hearty "Good mornin', Missus," with the full power of her cheerful lungs, as she rode off.

She sunk a dutiful curtsy, and stood twirling her thumbs, while the Doctor surveyed her gravely.

"Are you Mr. Tutt?" inquired Katie Lowry, getting up and making a timid curtsy.

11 adjectives to describe  curtsy