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37 adjectives to describe « dailies »

37 adjectives to describe « dailies »

  • "Have you any notion of the cost of an outfit such as is required to print a modern daily?" asked Arthur.
  • That kind of money in Goa only mineowners had like all of Goa's major dailies!
  • Also Tuesday, the Israeli daily Yediot Acharonot that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a secret visit to the UAE two years ago to meet with its leader, laying the groundwork for the recently announced normalization agreement.
  • To supply any defects in the entertainment provided by the ocean itself they had brought paper-covered novels, the two most popular illustrated dailies and chocolate.
  • As an instance of this, I will just state that it has not been a very long time since, in looking over the columns of one of our principal dailies, I saw something among the personals which seemed to touch my interests in, a very decided way.
  • A journalist known for being a regional daily’s racing correspondent and tipster has died aged 88.
  • He could turn as sudden and perfect a somersault as did Mr. DANA, when he transformed the Sun in a single night from a decent daily to what it now is.
  • Several Indian actresses have often been confused by the English and American dailies for someone else.
  • And this evil daily increased.
  • He purchased Goa's only extant Portuguese-language daily, O Heraldo, not so much for love of the language or its dwindling local readership, but evidently for the intrinsic value of its press and its centrally-located premises.
  • It was the custom of that place to consign a female daily to the jaws of a sea-monster, for the purpose of averting the wrath of one of their gods; and as it was thought that the god would be appeased if they brought him one of singular beauty, the mariners of the ship seized with avidity on the sleeping Angelica, and carried her off, together with the old man.
  • A German daily reported last week that federal prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant against an alleged officer with Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency identified who already is being sought by U.S. authorities.
  • Now, we are grown-up, respectable people, we often inhabit new dwellings; the housemaid daily cleans them and changes at her will the position of the furniture, which interests us but little, as it is either new or may belong today to Jack, tomorrow to Isaac.
  • MORE OBJECTIONS ANSWERED Swadeshmitran is one of the most influential Tamil dailies of Madras.
  • Calls for accountability flood front pages of Iranian dailies after Tehran admits it mistakenly shot down plane.
  • Glance over the columns of any of our large dailies and see how much space such advertising occupies.
  • The only commercial flight out of Fort St. John is now a lone daily WestJet flight to Calgary.
  • The word "Scourer," nevertheless, might be an allowable corruption of "Esquire," when applied to any of the proprietors of that mephitic daily, The Sun.
  • Great metropolitan dailies gravely present as an argument in favor of unrestricted immigration, the proposition that "if" the cheaper immigrants would but go upon our "waste" land (which they refuse to do), and raise food by European methods the problem of the rising cost of food in the cities would be solved.
  • On his return from Fitero he continued in El Contemporáneo, and shortly after entered a ministerial daily, the irksome duties of which charge he bore with resignation.
  • There are numerous other dailies of more or less influence and circulation, and all the trades and occupations have organs, as in the United States.
  • None of them is as large as the ordinary dailies in the United States.
  • With the Republic of Colombia a treaty of commerce has been formed, of which a copy is received and the original daily expected.
  • Here it watched over her with jealous care, allowing none to approach except the servant who brought the princess her meals and who provided an ox daily for the monster's sustenance.
  • "It is a fact well known to all our most widely circulated photographic dailies that the German gunners waste a power of ammunition.
  • Svenska Morgonbladet, another religious daily, opposes Vart Land, and represents the dissenters from the established church.
  • This ended the rivalry between the two Republican dailies.
  • It is curious that the allegation was only planted in Vanguard, a reputable national daily.
  • In comparison, the sole Konkani daily sells less than 500 copies per day.
  • I spoke about WCT and why it failed, my ideas for a successful daily and my business plan for such a venture.
  • What though she may have been justly styled, "The Mother of Presidents?" What avails the honor of being the birth-place of the brave and excellent Washington, while the prayers and groans of the down-trodden African daily ascend to heaven for redress?
  • NON-CO-OPERATION A writer in the "Times of India," the Editor of that wonderful daily and Mrs. Besant have all in their own manner condemned non-co-operation conceived in connection with the Khilafat movement.
  • How interested he would be if the man who was one of his bitterest journalistic foes, who fought so venomously everything that he and his press stood for, and who was the editor-designate of the possible new anti-Pinkerton daily, should be proved to be the murderer of his son-in-law.
  • The doves could be fed whilst Reuben was by his sideindeed Reuben could be very useful in this matter, for he had been accustomed to visit the aviary daily with his mamma, and the pretty birds knew him and were not as afraid of him as they were of his big brother Marten.
  • The judge, who subscribed to a press-cutting agency, was glad to find, the next morning, that none of his jokes had been omitted by any of the nineteen chief London dailies.
  • The venerable gentleman, who wears gold spectacles and reads a conservative daily, prefers confiscation to emancipation.
  • "And aye with that luxurious fire you fed Your dangerous longing daily, crumb by crumb; Nor ever cared that still above your head The shadow grew; for that your lips were dumb.

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