418 adjectives to describe deaths

Thiers, M; superseded as President of Republic by MacMahon; receptions at house of; comment of Prince Gortschakoff upon; condition in 1877 and sudden death of.

In the year 1878 Hannington heard of the violent deaths which had befallen Lieut.

On this principle we may explain his enthusiastic regard for the chorister Eddlestone, from whom he received the cornelian that is the theme of some of his verses, and whose untimely death in 1811 he sincerely mourned.

He then held a general parade at which he ordered the troops to march between two flag-poles on pain of instant death, promising to kill with his own hands the first man who refused.

Yes, dear child, self must die: and it is a cruel death,the death of the cross.

It is the emblem of a successful life concluded by a death not premature, which is an ornament to Nature.

He was the first French traitor of the war, and being caught in the act, met an ignominious death by the roadside.

The beauties of their life, and their tragic death, were given by the poet-laureate of the day in the words I have just transcribed; and such an impression did these make on the minds of the inhabitants, that the whole population took them to heart, and, with tears in their eyes, taught them to their children, even unto the third and fourth generations.

It was a song I had heard, one made by the great Montrose, who had suffered shameful death in Edinburgh thirty years before.

On the sea hereabouts there are many pirates, to meet with whom is speedy death.

" On Sunday, the eighth of January of the next year, he rose, weak as he was, to mass, and went to take his repast with the rest; but, on Monday, was seized with a weakness that threatened immediate death; and, on Thursday, prepared for his change, by receiving the viaticum with such marks of devotion, as equally melted and edified the beholders.

It has been reported of several persons famous for their astrological skill, that they have suffered a voluntary death merely to verify their own predictions.

The frost holds on to the deep gulch gravel like grim death.

Suddenly I envisaged the dreadful death which was coming.

This famous powder, however, instead of adding to the means of securing a long and healthy life, is well known to produce constant indisposition, and at length to cause a most miserable death; being composed of certain drugs of a poisonous nature, though slow in their operation.

In revenge, the Spaniard accused him of heresy, so that the unlucky artist was condemned to the flames by the Inquisition, and only escaped that horrible death by starving himself in prison before the execution.

He died that you may live; He suffered that you may be saved; He paid the debt, because you could never pay it; He bore your sins upon the cross, that you might not have to bear them for ever and for ever in eternal death.

Could he have desired a more glorious death?

There was nothing in the appearance of the corpse to suggest that a crime had been committed, but it had been impossible for the undertaker's men to erase entirely the distortion of the features so that they might suggest the cold, calm dignity of a peaceful death.

When my life had been threatened by the Indians I had not felt half so miserable as when I lay in the dug-out thinking I was destined to die a slow death by starvation and cold.

It seemed to die a double death at these words.

The government slowly succumbed from its own weakness to its inevitable death.

He wrote half a column on the "sad death of Col. W's.

I suppose you have read of the mysterious deaths of Mr. Vantine and of an unknown Frenchman, both in the same room at the Vantine house, and both apparently from the same cause?" He nodded.

[Illustration] The lamented death of the Right Hon.

418 adjectives to describe  deaths