78 words to describe  delegation

78 words to describe delegation

It is the most populated state to have an entirely Republican congressional delegation.

It was a sort of dedicatory opening of the building and hall, and was attended by large delegations from the different churches.

The sole object of having such a District was in effect totally perverted in the resolution of Mr. Clay, and in the discussions of the entire southern delegation, upon its passage.

Congo church leaders send thanks for ministry support and for visitors, such as this Canadian delegation of election observers, seen here being briefed by in preparation for their work in the summer of 2006.

They were told that the Peace Conference had already heard the official delegation of India on this question.

But from the political point of view the most interesting document is still André Tardieu's book La Paix, to which Clemenceau wrote a preface and which expresses, from the point of view of the French Delegation at the Conference, the programme which France laid before itself and what it obtained.

The sole object of having such a District was in effect totally perverted in the resolution of Mr. Clay, and in the discussions of the entire southern delegation, upon its passage.

When Robert Walpole said, "Every man has his price, and whoever will pay it can buy him," and when John Randolph said, while the Missouri question was pending, "The northern delegation is in the market; give me money enough, and I can buy them," they both meant just what they said.

This is the information contained in a memorandum handed by Ray Stannard Baker under the President's direction to the Chinese delegation last evening, a copy of which reached me through Mr. [of the Chinese d

Both flydubai and Etihad airline have carried official Israeli delegations to the country in the past months but this is the first time, a UAE airline is operating a commercial service.

Along with Nagorno-Karabakh, the Turkish-Russian delegations have also reviewed the latest situation in Idlib province of Syria where they continue to monitor the cessation of hostilities since March.

Horsford, who was elected to his southern Nevada seat in 2018 and previously held the seat for one term ending in 2015, joins one other member of Nevada’s Democratic congressional delegation in making an endorsement.

The delegation’s visit to Washington came after another Korean delegation visited Tehran on Monday and Tuesday for consultations over the resumption of humanitarian trade exempt from anti-Iran sanctions.

Following conversations with Baron Sonnino and some others connected with the Italian delegation, I drew the conclusion that they would go so far as to refuse to make peace with Germany unless the Adriatic Question was first settled to their satisfaction.

The figures furnished by the Hungarian delegation left no doubt behind: they treated of the dismemberment of Hungary and the sacrifice of three millions and a half of Magyars and of the German population of Hungary to people certainly more ignorant and less advanced.

Opportunities for collaboration, she found, were much more extensive than in previous foreign trade delegations, when there was a mix of male and female.

He would lead the Afghan delegation at the talks with the Taliban whenever they take place.

Following the arrival of the delegation, Prof. Tawer held a closed-door meeting with the Security Committee in the presence of the federal delegation.

David Harris from the American Jewish Committee said the trip led by Mr Al-Issa was the most senior Islamic leadership delegation to ever visit Auschwitz or any Nazi German death camp.

Ten days later (December 30) the frequent repetition of the phrase in the press and by members of certain groups and unofficial delegations, who were in Paris seeking to obtain hearings before the Conference, caused me to write the following: "The more I think about the President's declaration as to the right of 'self-determination,' the more convinced I am of the danger of putting such ideas into the minds of certain races.

Under different circumstances, these sentimental delegations might have become powerful in intrigue; but dominated as they were by deeper political forces, they afforded no distinct advantage to either candidate.

Aleppo, SANA- A ministerial delegation on Thursday inspected economic facilities in Aleppo westsouthern countryside, which had been liberated from terrorism.

At four o'clock the Hillsdale delegation drove into town in hayracks decorated with flags and bunting, the troop of Girl Scouts who were going to drill in the first rack, and after them several racks full of Hillsdale girls and boys, coming to watch the contest.

My colleague Sopinka J. argues that, in this case, allowing OFRB approval to constitute an excuse is an impermissible delegation of power from one level of government to another.

Not even the Indian delegation, which had fought the text tooth and nail, could bring itself to cast a "no" vote.

You meet them at announcements, you meet themwe had a delegation come in from Bavaria, a great delegation, very interested in what we're doing here in hydro.

As recognition of outstanding leadership across the Board, classrooms and teaching practices, the TDSB has hosted numerous international delegations.

German agriculture minister Julia Kloeckner said on Friday there were some "cautious positive signals", adding she had met a Japanese delegation on the issue.

The King even went so far as to seat the Jewish delegation next to French officials during the ceremony.

The Libyan delegations reached several agreements during the talks.

The Muslim delegation’s visit to the death camp was considered impossible just a few years ago.

President Calvin Coolidge with a Native delegation, possibly from the Plateau area in the Northwestern United States, near the South Lawn of the White House in 1925, the year after the passage of the Snyder Act.

He was part of the official Norwegian delegation.

As recognition of outstanding leadership across the Board, classrooms and teaching practices, the TDSB has hosted numerous international delegations.

US swim and athletics trials to determine the nation’s two largest Olympic delegations are set for June.

In June 1973, a Palestinian delegation headed by Salah Khalaf reached agreement with its Phalangist counterparts on a joint communique outlining the common views of the two sides.

I wish to draw to members' attention the presence in the gallery of a parliamentary delegation of the Parliament of Bangladesh led by Mr. Suranjit Sen Gupta, member of Parliament and adviser to the Prime Minister on parliamentary affairs.

But in addition to these, there were delegations present from all the charges we had served in the Conference, each bringing the hand of greeting from our old friends to cheer us.

He was one of the leading men of the tribe and came to Washington, D.C., with one of the first delegations relative to affairs concerning the Indian people and the United States government.

It is the most populated state to have an entirely Republican congressional delegation.

The "complimentary" statesmen were lustily cheered by their respective State delegations; but at the names of Seward and Lincoln the whole wigwam seemed to respond together.

The Saudi delegation responded defending "legal traditions" held since the inception of Islam in the region 1400 years ago and rejected "interference" in its legal system.

Faced with criticism from several sectors, Gehlot tweeted: I welcome the specialized delegation of the central government and the state is committed to making Rajasthan Nirogi.

The N.S.T.U. regrets that this procedure was not continued when subsequent delegations were appointed to later UNESCO conferences.

The head of the Sudanese delegation, General Abdel-Fattah al-Burhan, told the site talks were useful and constructive, but did not give estimates as to what could be expected going forward.

At one time I believe he thought of sending me as an ambassador to her, but afterward gave up this notion, as I did not possess the rank or position which would have qualified me to represent him and his court; so he sent a suitable delegation, and, after a great deal of negotiation and diplomatic by-play, the queen actually determined to come to see Solomon.

To the Senate of the United States: I transmit herewith to the Senate, for its constitutional action thereon, an article of agreement made on the 13th day of June, 1854, by William H. Garrett, agent on the part of the United States, and a delegation of Creek Indians, supplementary to the Creek treaty of 1838.

Syrian delegation arrived on Sunday evening to the Iranian Capital.

But an American autocracy takes the shape of a temporary delegation of unusual power in conditions that cannot wait for the slow action of ordinary times; and those who exercise it are put in power by the people themselves, to do the people's will.

Last of all, boldest of all, most foolhardy of all, as you please, came the tiny delegation from the settlement of Sioux Falls.