36 adjectives to describe digestions

Brown bread has, of late years, become very popular; and many physicians have recommended it to invalids with weak digestions with great success.

To show that pepsin and acid are necessary for gastric digestion.

It seems his sleep was hindered by your railing; no wonder that his head is light; and his meat was sauced with your upbraidings; unquiet meals make ill digestions, and that has thrown him into this fever.

Its nutritive properties are large, and as a food for persons of delicate digestion, or for children, it is in great estimation.

That due mastication of the food is essential to healthy digestion, which will be promoted or retarded in exact proportion as it approaches or falls short of this point, is a fact so generally known as scarcely to need comment.

She chose to consider it merely the sort of coarse food for male mental digestion.

Bad teeth and toothless gums mean imperfect chewing of the food and, hence, impaired digestion.

This food supply for young people should be ample enough to answer the demands of their keen appetite and vigorous digestion.

If a man is really an artist he will remember what is necessary, forget what is useless; but if he takes notes he will interrupt his artistic digestion, and the result will be a lot of little touches, inchoate and wanting in the elegant rhythm of the synthesis.

A great Russian physiologist, Pawlow, called attention to the fact that the introduction of a dilute mineral acid, such as the hydrochloric acid, normally a constituent of the stomach digestive fluid, into the upper part of the intestine, provoked a secretion of the pancreas, which is so important for intestinal digestion.

In brief, there is no more sure foe to good appetite and normal digestion than the habitual use of alcoholic liquors.

Salivary digestion is favored and the mechanical subdivision of the food is carried to an extreme point.

In the morning, when the king was informed of the sad catastrophe of his faithful friend and servant, he exclaimed, "Ah, I told him I had the better digestion of the two.

In comes Mr. Hazlitt, or Martin Burney, or Morgan Demi-gorgon, or my brother, or somebody, to prevent my eating alone,a process absolutely necessary to my poor wretched digestion.

She chose to consider it merely the sort of coarse food for male mental digestion.

"money matters became scarce," and the poor Briton was forced to associate with the delirium tremens and massive digestion of the Saxon, who floated in a vast ocean of lard and wassail during his waking hours and slept with the cunning little piglets at night.

"Thus then, the second thoughts being usually the best, as receiving the maturest digestion from judgement; and the last and most mature product of those thoughts, being artfull and laboured Verse: it may well be inferred, that Verse is a great help to a luxuriant Fancy.

He hoarsely orders a 'pot' of some local brewer's manufacturea man who knows exactly what he likes, and arranges to meet the hardy digestion of the mower and the reaper.

This ceremony was attentively watched by Longears, who, lying with his front paws stretched out straight, his head bent knowingly on one side, and an expression of thoughtful dignity upon his countenance, seemed to be revelling in the calm delights of a good conscience and a mild digestion.

Go toI am a fool to wish them life And greater fool to miscall life, this headache This nightmare of our gross and crude digestion This fog which steams up from our freezing clay While waking heaven's beyond.

The purpose to be attained in the cooking of all foods is the partial digestion of the food elements; and in general, with these foods, the more slowly (if continuous) the cooking is done, the more completely will this be brought about.

And here come fresh difficulties for patriotic digestions.

Our institutions have a potent digestion, and may in time convert and assimilate to good all elements thrown in, however originally alien.

Perhaps there is no other instance in nature where the effect of rapid and perfect digestion is so well shown as in this animal, which thrives on everything, and turns to the benefit of its physical economy, food of the most opposite nature, and of the most unwholesome and offensive character.

With these phenomena are associated catarrh of the stomach and liver with its characteristic symptoms,loss of appetite, feeble digestion, sallowness, mental depression, and headache.

36 adjectives to describe  digestions