208 adjectives to describe discourses

Try the experiment, if it may be done without irreverence: read His familiar discourses in the shadow of agnosticism.

On its conclusion HUGH MAXWELL submitted the following resolution, which was adopted unanimously: Resolved, That the thanks of this Society be presented to Mr. BRYANT for his eloquent and instructive discourse, delivered this evening, and that he be requested to furnish a copy for publication.

In this sweet discourse the minutes flew by unmarked, and would have gone on flying, had not Jeanne reappeared of her own accord, to remark that it really was very late now; did mademoiselle think that possibly anything could have happened to Doctor Arkroyd?

(P. Ayres), as Count Gabalis, or the Extravagant Mysteries of the Cabalists, exposed in five pleasant discourses (1680), and thus included in Vol.

I mentioned a worthy friend of ours whom we valued much, but observed that he was too ready to introduce religious discourse upon all occasions.

Thus if, in the most solemn discourse, a phrase happens to occur which has been successfully employed in some ludicrous narrative, the gravest auditor finds it difficult to refrain from laughter, when they who are not prepossessed by the same accidental association, are utterly unable to guess the reason of his merriment.

Again in the little discourse On the Desire of Admiration, he warns the philosopher "not to walk as if he had swallowed a poker" or to care for the applause of those multitudes whom he holds to be immersed in error.

Frequent discourse from the memory and from recollection, and not at the same time from thought and intelligence, induces a kind of faith, 415.

"Carry her to his table, to view his poor fare, and hear his heavenly discourse.

this, I am sure, may be effected to a far greater extent by the oral discourse and by the personal influence of a respected teacher than in any other way.

'Matthew composed the discourses (those brief yet authoritative discourses) in Hebrew.'

Earthly discourse.

Mr. Smollet was a man of considerable learning, with abundance of animal spirits; so that he was a very good companion for Dr. Johnson, who said to me, 'We have had more solid talk here than at any place where we have been.' I remember Dr. Johnson gave us this evening an able and eloquent discourse on the Origin of Evil, and on the consistency of moral evil with the power and goodness of GOD.

The mere rendition of the written discourse is nothing for the orator; his talent consists in taking advantage of a great number of little nameless sounds.

In his admirable discourse, Judge Hanna said that while all these injunctions could, under certain conditions, be interpreted and fulfilled literally, the special lesson was to be taken spirituallyto cleanse the leprosy of sin, to cast out the demons of evil thought.

Her two great errands were, to comfort Mrs. Bargrave in her affliction, and to ask her forgiveness for her breach of friendship, and with a pious discourse to encourage her.

Both these things I didas certain indulgent friends who bore the brunt of my spoken and written discourse can certify.

Which being a discourse of two lovers, perhaps it may seem a thing neither fit to be offered unto your ladyships, nor worthy me to busy myself withal: yet can I tell you, madames, it differeth so far from the ordinary amorous discourses of our days, as the manners of our time do from the modesty and innocency of that age.

Thou can'st go into the inner room as usual, when she comes, and listen to her idle discourse, if thou wilt; orbut we have not timefor Annina comes seldom, and I know not why, but she seems to love a sick room little, as she never stays many minutes with her aunt.

Never a brother spoke; eye-squeezing and thumb-turning, and deep introspection followed; and in the end the minister rose, took his text from three or four parts of the Bible, and gave a lengthy discourse, relieved at intervals with genuine outbursts of eloquence, relative to Christian action and general duty.

It is well known that many critics, without any apologetic object, have found a more or less exact criterion in the eschatological discourses (Matt.

As we sat at a small round table beside the dining room fireplace, he launched into a cheerful discourse, ignoring completely any displeasure I attempted to assume.

To what end are such paraenetical discourses?

A tedious discourse built on no ground.

It was natural that I should meditate on the contrast that might be drawn between great literary performance and great political performance, between the making of history and the writing of it,a contrast containing matter enough not only for one, but for a whole series of edifying and instructive discourses.

208 adjectives to describe  discourses