118 adjectives to describe disgusting

His auburn locks, his Roman nose, his little grey eyes, his thin lips, his big ears, and each particular hair of his red whiskers, expressed intense disgust.

But he had an almost mystic force of severity, and those enormous squanderings of wealth, that facile assumption of liabilities that characterized this period of the War, must have doubtless produced in him a sense of infinite disgust.

" At this point Lillian fled the room, to my extreme disgust.

He had in fact left them in utter disgust.

Yet he did not know what he ate, or afterward, whether he had eaten anything at allunless it was some bread which, with bitter disgust at his bad manners, he vaguely remembered crumbling on the table.

But anything that stinks excites pure disgust.

Sudden disgust filled her.

One and another of the dogs smelt at it, then tugged at it in evident disgust; and, as each time Puppy made a move to get away, all girt him round with guttural thunder of disapproval, as much as to say: "Do you call that a thing for a manly dog to go around in?

For example, the sense of smell is peculiarly effective in exciting disgust.

A faint disgust took hold on me, to sit there smothering in the fumes of pipe and liquor, while my gross kinsman guzzled and gabbled and guzzled again.

"That!" replied Adam in a tone of profound disgust, "that be Mr. Grimes, o' Cranbrook, sir.

The people were severer avengers of the fraud; and at length two tribunes of the people, Spurius and Lucius Carvilius, being moved to take some active measure, as they saw that this conduct excited universal disgust, and had become notorious, proposed that a fine of two hundred thousand asses should be imposed on Marcus Posthumius.

They quarrelled; and as the favorite child had never, until now, been thwarted or spoken harshly to, they parted in mutual disgust.

But perhaps we have not sufficiently indicated a diseased state of consciousness, from which most intellectual men have suffered, many have died, and all should be warned,the disease, namely, of mental disgust, the sign and the result of mental debility.

Sinclair heard the words and eyed the gesture with unutterable disgust.

"Wholly, without reserve?" An invincible disgust shook her as the full sense of his insistence struck home.

"The depressed Pickwickians turned moodily away, with the tall quadruped, for which they all felt the most unmitigated disgust, following slowly at their heels.

Both were shouting, gesticulating, waving their arms, spreading out their hands, stamping their feet, talking of levels, fish-corrals, the San Mateo River, of cascos, of Indians, and so on, to the great satisfaction of their listeners and the undisguised disgust of an elderly Franciscan, remarkably thin and withered, and a handsome Dominican about whose lips flitted constantly a scornful smile.

Nothing but the conventionalities, I think kept him from shaping his treatment of me on the basis of unconcealed disgust.

" CHAPTER XI "LAMBDA CHI!" Ditson had fawned around Browning a great deal since entering college, with the result that the king of the sophomores came to entertain a feeling of absolute disgust for the fellow.

God grant that it may fill us with some of that charity which bears all things, hopes all things, believes all things, which rejoices not in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; and make us thrust aside henceforth, in dignified disgust, the cynic and the slanderer, the ribald and the rebel.

She seemed to feel only a fierce disgust for his foolishness.

"Not ever again," Beresford said with frank disgust after they had set out next day.

She wrenched herself from him in furious disgust.

" The two older men sat with their bread-and-jam in their hands, and an expression of genuine disgust upon their faces.

118 adjectives to describe  disgusting
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