5 adjectives to describe disposed

The pointed form of the arch disposes of the hypothesis which has been put forward without much reflection, that this legacy of the old wars in Guyenne is part of the defences raised in the country by the unfortunate Waifré, Duke of Aquitaine, when he was being chased from rock to rock by his relentless enemy.

But no one can by any family compact dispose of the constitutional throne without the Hungarian nation.

personal endowmentsThe Duc de Bouillon endeavours to induce M. de Condé to revoltHe failsHe disposes of his office at Court to the Marquis d'AncreMarie de Medicis continues the public edifices commenced and projected by Henri IVZeal of the Duc de MayenneCupidity of the CourtM. de Condé and his advisersThe Prince and the MinisterForebodings of SullyHe determines to resign officeHis unpopularityThe

It is not now, as in former times, when men studied long, and passed through the severities of discipline, and the probation of publick trials, before they presumed to think themselves qualified for instructers of their countrymen; there is found a nearer way to fame and erudition, and the inclosures of literature are thrown open to every man whom idleness disposes to loiter, or whom pride inclines to set himself to view.

Lombardy was given to him by his ally of France, whose prize it was, and who had an undid dispose of it in a most righteous manner.

5 adjectives to describe  disposed