167 adjectives to describe disturbances

But the child's left arm was broken, the small body was dreadfully bruised, and the terror had left a profound mental disturbance.

If writing, fighting, and sailing don't fit me adequately to report any little disturbances your antiquated washboiler may blunder into, I'll go to raising cabbages.'

The Chambers met in Paris at the end of November and took possession of their respective houses without the slightest disturbance of any kind.

It was suffering from internal disturbances.

That this subject may he better understood by the nurse and mother, and the reason of the constitutional disturbance that, to a greater or less degree, is experienced by all infants, may be made intelligible to those who have the care of children, we shall commence by giving a brief account of the formation of the teeth, the age at which they appear in the mouth, and the order in which they pierce the gums.

In 1865, two years before Faraday's death, Maxwell proposed the electro-magnetic theory of light, showing that light is an electro-magnetic disturbance.

Called by the unusual disturbance, Mandy left the supper she was putting on the table for Johnnie and ran into the front hall.

During our time only one considerable disturbance has taken place in Jamaica, and in former years such tumult was of frequent recurrence.

As I had anticipated, the absence of atmospheric disturbance and diffusion of light was of extreme advantage.

After intoxication, there occurs an obvious reaction of the stomach, and digestive organs, against the violent and unnatural disturbance.

Sudden and great mental disturbance, however, will occasionally drive away the milk altogether, and in a few hours.

I don't suppose there's a part on the earth's surface more liable to seismic disturbances than this region.

If the bill, sir, now before us be so far approved as to be conceived of any real benefit to the nation, if it can at all contribute to the distress or disappointment of our enemies, or the prevention of those domestic disturbances which are naturally produced by scarcity and misery, there is no need of arguments to evince the necessity of despatch in passing it.

The petition had increased his popularity, and he won the seat with the greatest ease, and without any subsequent disturbance by the former petitioner.

This might only be caused by functional disturbance of the brain, but it was quite serious enough to call for immediate attention.

The tremendous mountain of ebony rock appeared to have been driven up out of the earth during some volcanic disturbance, and as we stumbled blindly along we thought it would be easier to scale the outside wall of a New York skyscraper than the slippery sides of the obstruction in our path.

Only one new fact was elicited by its means, and that of interest solely as making clear how there came to be evidences of poison in Adelaide's stomach, without the quantity being great enough for more than a temporary disturbance.

The measures, my lords, which are now pursued, are the same which for twenty months have kept the whole nation in continual disturbance, and have raised the indignation of every man, whose private interest was not promoted by them.

[Sidenote:23] After this there occurred most violent wars and factional disturbances.

But, if exercise can be taken and a little patience shown, while the system accommodates itself to a new regimen, this bland and soothing article of diet is excellent for the majority of thin, nervous people; especially for those who have suffered much from emotional disturbances, or have relaxed their stomachs by too much tea or coffee, taken too hot.

1.] So long as the contest was maintained with the natives, the several Saxon princes preserved a union of counsels and interests; but after the Britons were shut up in the barren counties of Cornwall and Wales, and gave no farther disturbance to the conquerors, the band of alliance was in a great measure dissolved among the princes of the Heptarchy.

This greater immediate facility of the emotions set up by artistic presentment, as compared with those resulting from concrete observation has, however, to be studied in its relation to another factthat impulses vary, in their driving force and in the depth of the nervous disturbance which they cause, in proportion, not to their importance in our present life, but to the point at which they appeared in our evolutionary past.

When she was looking on her book, or on any indifferent object, her countenance betrayed some inward disturbance, which knitted her dark brows, and seemed to throw a deeper shadow over her features.

in the possession of Mrs. A.S. Erwin, Athens, Ga.] The rest of the 'forties and the first half of the 'fifties were a period of comparative quiet; but in 1855 there were rumors in Dorchester and Talbot Counties, Maryland, and the autumn of 1856 brought widespread disturbances which the Southern whites did not fail to associate with the rise of the Republican Party.

But concerning this whole black page of my life, I might tell you a deep secret of a heavy psychic disturbance that had befallen me earlier.

167 adjectives to describe  disturbances