590 adjectives to describe dog

The hylas make a delightfully pure and tranquil music after sunset; and coyotes, the little, despised dogs of the wilderness, brave, hardy fellows, looking like withered wisps of hay, bark in chorus for hours.

If I happen to hang out my tongue and droop my tail, my ears are saluted with "Mad dog!

The rooms where I was bom, the furniture which has been before my eyes all my life, a bookcase which has followed me about like a faithful dog (only exceeding him in knowledge), wherever I have moved; old chairs, old tables; streets, squares, where I have sunned myself; my old school,these are my mistresses.

Team after team of little yellow and gray Eskimo dogs, as quick with their fangs as were their black and swift-running masters with their hands and feet, met the much larger and dark-colored Malemutes from the Athabasca.

"That was allus the way when I was a young 'un," she continued after a while; "I never had a pet dog or cat or even a tame chicken that it didn't up an' run erway sooner or later.

Every day I hear men reading in the papers about some lucky dogs having strayed, or having been stolen, a large reward being offered for their recovery: and I envy each lost dog!

I was reading the other day about the policemen in a big city in England that have to catch stray dogs, and dogs supposed to be mad, and all kinds of dogs, and they get bitten over and over again, and never think anything about it.

The hunt being over, the column moved forward on its march passing through a prairie-dog town, several miles in extent.

Bull had ideas of his own, but after one sharp brush with Cuffy, from which he had emerged ruffled and bleeding, the native dog relinquished claim to dominance.

The next afternoon it stopped snowing and cleared, intensely cold, and that was the evening the Boy nearly cried for joy when, lifting up his eyes, he saw, a good way off, perched on the river bank, the huts and high caches of an Indian village etched black against a wintry sunseta fine picture in any eye, but meaning more than beauty to the driver of hungry dogs.

It followed the day all's one like a puppy dog, while yon on the big wather there was no more dhriving it than a hog.

"Is it well guarded?" "Faulkner and one of the men sleep above it, and there are a couple of fierce dogs chained at the door.

One day she came across her father's old shepherd, looking as miserable as could be; and, on inquiring the cause, found that a mischievous boy had thrown a stone at his favourite dog, which had broken its leg, and he was afraid it would have to be killed.

She was not there, but sitting upright on the rug was a great black-and-white long-haired dog.

The smokers lie all over the room in groups of four or five, each of whom is provided with a little wooden head-rest and lies curled up like a tired dog with his face towards the lamp in the centre of the group.

There was the usual long-handled axe of the primitive woods by the door, three and a half feet long,for my new black-ash rule was in constant use,and a large, shaggy dog, whose nose, report said, was full of porcupine quills.

" "Yes," said Mrs. Morris, quietly; "he is not a handsome dog.

He said that he had got it from a little, mangy dog, that he had played with a few weeks before.

" Perhaps the sight was a sufficient re-moon-eration to him for his past troubles; and the exhilaration of his spirits caused him to dance, to cut pigeon-wings, and otherwise gaily disport himself; consequently, "The little dog laughed to see the sport," which every intelligent dog would have done, under the circumstances.

They are plain dealing, honest, trusty folk in the aggregate, albeit, there are what Tom Benton calls, 'dirty dogs.'

And thenOh, yes, I mustn't forget Roly-Poly, the funny, fat, poodle dog who was always hiding things in holes in the ground, thinking they were bones, I guess.

she cried, and the spotted poodle dog tried to climb up in her arms and kiss her, he was so glad to see her.

* GENERAL APPEARANCEThat of a smart, active, clean-cut and alert dog, full of go and firea sportsman from stem to stern.

A single drop of the essential oil of bitter almonds is sufficient to destroy a bird, and four drops have caused the death of a middle-sized dog.

I myself like dogssleepy dogs blinking in the firelight, friendly dogs with wagging tails, young dogs in their first puppyhood with their teeth scarce sprouted, whose jaws have not yet burgeoned into danger, and old dogs, too, who sun themselves and give forth hollow, toothless, reassuring sounds.

590 adjectives to describe  dog