95 adjectives to describe dollars

"When our goverment resooms speshie payment agin maybe I'le send you a silver dollar with a hole into it, and maybe I won't; it will depend a good deal on the pertater crop.

The Emperor likewise provides them with commodious houses and stores; gives them at once ten or twenty thousand dollars worth of credit, and is content to receive in return monthly instalments.

if you Northern Pharisees were not money-grubbers and souless to everything but the almighty dollar, you would join hands with us in creating our new Confederacy.

In his trouser-pocket he had four Mexican dollars, and some cosmopolitan change of small value.

We had a man once, and we had to pay him twenty-five dollars a month extra, and goshthe airs of himwanted a bed to himself and a hot dinner sent to the school.

For example, where thirty subscribers and $60 are sent, it | | will require $26 in cash in addition to the subscription | | money to purchase a $56 machine; or, for forty subscribers | | and $80, sixteen dollars additional will be required to | | purchase the same priced machine, and son in proportion.

They had on board two guns, with other arms and ammunition, five horses, an ample supply of medicines, with 50,000 Spanish dollars in coin and bills.

The amount is a little over two hundred dollars.

Saydo you want to earn an honest dollar?"

It was said that their final disagreement hinged upon a matter of thirty odd dollars earned by Clem in a Cincinnati restaurant and confided later to the Colonel's too thorough keeping.

Those of gold are eagles, half eagles, and quarter eagles, value ten, five, and two and a half, dollars: of silver, the half, quarter, tenth, and twentieth of the standard dollar; or fifty, twenty-five, ten, and five cents: of copper, the half cent, or two hundredth part of a dollar.

There's been two or three times in my life where, for want of a few dirty dollars to make a right start, I'd be, a rich man to-day.

He even considered the education of Captain Carey's eldest son an emergency vital enough to make it proper to dip into the precious five thousand dollars which was yielding them a part of their slender annual income.

When the newspaper men have 111-1/2 of gold, and I haven't a round dollar!

I wonder if the man is prowling about in the neighborhood yet?" "I don't think my bogus dollar will carry him very far.

she's slick, like a counterfeit dollar.

New Orleans is a surprising evidence of what men will endure, when cheered by the hopes of an ever-flowing tide of all-mighty dollars and cents.

" "I dunno," remarked Peggy, uncertainly, "whether it's wuth fifty dollars, er about" "About forty-nine less," said Patsy.

A continental dollar.

James C. Fuller succeeded in purchasing the family for three thousand five hundred dollars, exclusive of his travelling expenses, and those of the slave family, which amounted to about two hundred and eighty dollars.

each, and are capable of roasting from 2 to tons of ore in twenty-four hours, the quantity and cost of the fuel consumed being as follows: Bolivian dollars at 3s.

One of my men followed Bucks' messenger to Chicagohe wouldn't trust the banks here or the mailsand we know now, know it in black on white, with the proper affidavits, that the draft was for two hundred thousand dollars, payable to the order of Jasper G. Bucks.

The price in Cebu is on the average six dollars per ton.

The ten thousand dollars was not claimed, successfully, though several tried it, with the result that several local Red Cross organizations were enriched by the hundred dollar forfeit.

One coin still fell, but when it was a few inches from the earth a six-shooter barked again and the fourth dollar glanced sidewise into the dust.

95 adjectives to describe  dollars