21 adjectives to describe drawbacks

That will be a sad drawback from the delights of a two-shilling quartern-loaf.

The pavement of the streets is bad, and their irregularity is a considerable drawback from the internal appearance.

For the ordinary purposes of the domestic life of the country the system has its advantages, but they are coupled with grave drawbacks.

The rest of their stay in Porto Rico was greatly enjoyed by all in spite of certain drawbacks incidental to the tropics, to one of which he alludes in a letter to his sister-in-law, Mrs. Goodrich, who was then in Europe.

"From my point of view, it's an awkward drawback.

There was great good humour and freedom on all these occasions; and if the grass was damp and the young ladies caught cold, and the sandwiches were scarce, and the gentlemen went home hungryI am sure these little drawbacks were not to be imputed to the royal entertainers, who delighted to see their neighbours and dependants happy and joyous.

And the progress has been on the side of liberty everywhere, with occasional drawbacks, such as when Louis Napoleon revived the accursed despotism of his uncle, and by the same means,a standing army and promises of military glory.

Among its obvious drawbacks, there is the one advantage, that patients feel themselves at home and realize that what the doctor does in those familiar surroundings they can carry over to their own home life.

The growth and development of the brain having been once retarded, the youthful user of tobacco (especially the foolish cigarette-smoker) has established a permanent drawback which may hamper him all his life.

Still, it was a lot that involved much of hardship and personal privation, as a drawback to the liberty, both religious and political, that had been obtained by emigration.

It smelt damnably in the pot, but directly it was rubbed in this slight drawback disappeared.

But in spite of this tremendous drawback, there are machines offered for sale made with such shuttles.

'Erroneous motives,' as Condorcet has expressed this matter, 'have an additional drawback attached to them, the habit which they strengthen of reasoning ill.

He considered the vulgar passenger as so much troublesome freight, which, while it brought the advantage of a higher remuneration than the same cubic measurement of inanimate matter, had the unpleasant drawback of volition and motion.

But success that carries with it no apparent drawback whatever is, of course, the most amazing thing of all.

On the arrival of the family at Parham, poor Crabbe discovered that even an accession of fortune had its attendant drawbacks.

The authors, however, made a gallant effort, at the cost of much labour, and largely allowed for all conceivable drawbacks.

The drawback, fatal unless it could be overcome, lay in the fact that the dominant rôle in it was that of the baritone.

As you crouch down within the shelter of your howdah, you can't help pitying the poor wretch, and incline to think that, after all, shooting in grass jungle has fewer drawbacks and is preferable to forest shooting.

This northern half of the great American continent, however, seems to have been kept back by Nature as a tabula rasa, a clean blackboard, on which the great problem of civil government might be worked out, without any of the incongruous drawbacks which have cast perplexity and despair upon those who have undertaken its solution in the elder world.

The combined dignity of a butler and a clergyman were more than ever evident in his person, and he was a painful drawback to the more volatile Mok.

21 adjectives to describe  drawbacks