50 adjectives to describe dressings

As in the case of the metal plate, however, this method has the advantage that antiseptic dressings may be kept in position in the case of a complicated crack.

This consideration of contracted heels may be concluded by drawing attention to the advisability of always maintaining the horn of the wall in as soft and supple a condition as is natural by the application of suitable hoof dressings.

Where it is inconvenient or impossible to have the constant bathing carried out, a dry antiseptic dressing may be tried in its stead.

She became timorous or frivolous, without dignity or public esteem; her happiness was in extravagant attire, in elaborate hair-dressings, in rings and bracelets, in a retinue of servants, in gilded apartments, in luxurious couches, in voluptuous dances, in exciting banquets, in demoralizing spectacles, in frivolous gossip, in inglorious idleness.

Pony had hurt his foot in a machine at the factory and it required daily dressing.

This consideration of contracted heels may be concluded by drawing attention to the advisability of always maintaining the horn of the wall in as soft and supple a condition as is natural by the application of suitable hoof dressings.

SEE Eliason, Eldridge L. Practical bandaging, including adhesive and plaster-of-paris dressings.

"Even the bows on my shoes," she says, "must go," and then continues: "My friends tell me that I render myself ridiculous, and expose the cause of Jesus to reproach, on account of my plain dressing.

" The author flushed and fidgeted and protested that it wasn't muchjust a sketch done from life with a very little dressing up and polishing down.

Where tending to become too vigorous in growth it should be held in check by suitable caustic dressings.

Once mobilized, the women have thus far been able to serve two thousand war hospitals with surgical dressings, and to send abroad thirteen million separate articles packed carefully, boxed, labelled and accounted for on their books.

Where salads are much in request, it is a good plan to bottle off sufficient dressing for a few days' consumption, as, thereby, much time and trouble are saved.

They had been brought out of France, out of wet and cold and filth, with hurried dressings on their hurts; and now they were in this bright, sweet, wholesome place, with soft beds under them and clean linen on their bodies, and flowers and dainties on the tables that stood alongside them, and the gentlefolk of the neighborhood to mind them as volunteer nurses.

This makes a delicious dressing for simple grain molds and blancmanges, but is so rich it should be used rather sparingly.

'On the first occasion of operating upon and dressing the cankered foot, it is usually necessary to cast the horse, and this may have to be done at intervals for a second or even third time; but in most cases once is sufficient, subsequent dressing being usually accomplished without much difficulty, frequently even without the aid of a twitch.

Cut off the stem end of each pepper; carefully remove the interior and fill the peppers with the prepared dressing.

If you found yourself confidential stenographer to the biggest lawyer in town, he'd know you, all rightby your loud dressing.

It is noticed, too, following the excessive use of unsuitable hoof-dressings, more especially in cases where coat after coat of the dressing is applied without occasionally removing the previous applications.

Does not the fault lie with all these needless adjunctsthese elaborate dressings, these set forms, these expensive preparations, these many devices and arrangements that imply trouble and raise expectation?

For an outside dressing, use compresses made of clean cheese-cloth or strips of any clean linen cloth.

They take to district visiting, or rational dressing, or china painting, or an ambulance brigade.

A few of the Mohawks were seen, with glowing eyes, in corners of the court, applying their own rude dressings to their various hurts; succeeding, on the whole, in effecting the great purpose of the healing art, about as well as those who were committed to the lights of science.

With the animal chloroformed, however, much of what can really be urged against it disappears, and on farms and other places where a skilled and competent dressing of an operation wound cannot be looked for, it is sometimes wise to advise this method of treatment in preference to more advanced methods of operating.

I wonder sometimes whether the social enjoyments of life are for ever at an end for me: and in my hopeful moods I plan all sorts of pleasant little teas at Chesham Placeat home from nine to eleven on certain days, in an easy way, without smart dressing and preparation of any sort beyond a few candles and plenty of tea.

They carried the patients to the theatre and to the wards, they cleaned the stretchersa very difficult and unpleasant jobthey tidied up the wards and scrubbed the floors, and they carried away all the soiled dressings and burned them.

50 adjectives to describe  dressings