175 adjectives to describe drinking

The laws of most of the states now require in our public schools the study of the effects of alcoholic drinks, tobacco, and other narcotics upon the bodily life.

I can sit, and git me a nice cool drink; and that's all I'll need for one while.

Infants need little drink.

The juice of the orange in a glass d'eau sucrée makes a refreshing and wholesome drink.

The liquor was very strong, unless one mixed water with it, and a very pleasant drink to those accustomed to it.

"As a matter of fact they brought it in 'suicide during temporary insanity, brought on by excessive drinking,' and that got me over the difficulty.

Etta looked out slowly and comprehensively, absorbing it all like a long, sweet drink.

With all this coming and going, and with a temperature of over a hundred degrees in the shade, the Albergo della Stazione does a great trade in iced drinks!

This was a delicious drink, and the best of all was, there was plenty of it.

"Ah! those happy evenings that appeal so to every true lover of Nature and well mixed drinks.

Sherbet, the Shagird from Murchakhar informed us in confidence, is the favourite drink of the Zil-i-Sultan.

It is a poor plan to stimulate a flagging appetite with highly spiced food and bitter drinks.

Let go this grief: now must you put on joy, And for the many favours I have found, So much exceeding all conceit of mine, Unto your cheer I'll add a precious drink, Of colour rich and red, sent me from Rome, There's in it moly, Syrian balsamum, Gold's rich elixir; O, 'tis precious! ROB.

What wholesome herb-drinks are to be had in the swamps now!

Steady, moderate drinking will often accomplish the work.

I don't care whether you think me a reprobate or not, Dr. Pemberton, I want a good stiff drink of whiskeythe Musgrave size.

Most she loved the appearance of prosperity, the crowding of casual voyagers on steamer-days, the visit of war-ships, the sound of music in her parlor, the rustling of dancers, and the laughter and excitement when the maids were busied carrying champagne and cheaper drinks to the verandas.

Monkshood great weakness; cold Stimulating drinks.

Whene'er I fragrant coffee drink, I on the generous Frenchman think,

"Actually, there was very little drinking in baseball in those days.

She filled up the cup wherein the heart was brought with her tears and with certain poisonous water, by her distilled for that purpose, and drank out this deadly drink.

In thin drink he aspires not above a ballad, but a cup of sack inflames him, and sets his muse and nose a-fire together.

old M. D'Hemecourt would cry; "another glass; it is an innocent drink; my mother was a Castilian."

Is there ever stabbing where there is not idleness and strong drink?" The Bishop also gives the following as another exciting cause; it is however only the product of the preceding.

The only case before us to-day is one of house-breaking, drunkenness from excessive use of poteen, which is an illegal drink, and resisting arrest by the police.

175 adjectives to describe  drinking
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