48 adjectives to describe drooped

You will find, that, in passing from the extreme downward droop of the branches of the weeping-willow to the extreme upward inclination of those of the poplar, they sweep nearly half a circle.

When he stood by the rail watching the tawny French cliffs draw nearer, one noticed a certain weary droop to his shoulders, in contrast to his well-tanned, rather athletic-looking, faceborn a little tired, perhaps, like the young nobleman in Bernstein's "Whirlwind."

She had dropped down on a box in the sun; he thought that there was a little droop to her shoulders.

His broad shoulders had a pathetic droop, a listlessness.

Mr. Moffat, leading counsel for the defendant, was a spare man of unusual height, modified a little, and only a little, by the forward droop of his shoulders.

It was in the odd droop of his shoulders.

His head was bent, his shoulders had a tired droop, and his eyes searched for nothing in the mystery about him.

And, as he watched, he thought she had never looked more beautiful than now, with the soft glow of the candles upon her; for her face reflected the tender sadness of the music, it was in the mournful droop of her scarlet lips, and the sombre depths of her eyes.

she exclaimed, as the thing inclosed appeared: a round brown straw turban,not a staring turban, but one of those that slope with a little graceful downward droop upon the brow,bound with a pheasant's breast, the wing shooting out jauntily, in the tangent I mentioned, over the right ear; all in bright browns, in lovely harmony with the rest of the hamadryad costume.

Whose flaccid sails in forms fantastic droop, Bright'ning the gloom where thick the forests stoop; Only in the editions 1815 to 1832.]

It is not easy to give a stronger representation of the weariness of despondency, than in the words of Samson to his father: I feel my genial spirits droop, My hopes all flat, Nature within me seems In all her functions weary of herself, My race of glory run, and race of shame,

In the curious network of lines all over the worn face of the princess there were suggestions of the sensual lure that had made her the mistress of the court; a gentle but pitiful droop to the mouth that I had noticed persisting in the roués and sirens of Asia after senility had struck away all charm.

Meanwhile her gaze, that seemed so constant to his eyes, reviewed other people in the lounge in one swift, searching glance, and returned to Lanyard with a droop of the lashes, imperceptible to all but him, that signified there was no one present likely in her esteem to prove dangerous to their peace of mind.

The lily droops and dies, that lustrous thing; The solid-seeming snowdrift melts full fast; And maiden's bloom is rare, but may not last.

The weight of his loss was in the tired packer's eyes and face and the listless droop of his shoulders.

speaking a little absently, while her eyes stray through the window to the serene coldness of the sky, and the pallid droop of the snow-drops in the garden-border.

Twice or three times it swung directly above our heads, and at the height at which it now evoluted we could plainly distinguish the downward curve of its wing-planes and the peculiar droop of the rudder both things that marked it for an army model.

Every petal drooped.

There was true grief and pity in her eyes as she looked down at the snow-pale face which lay against her bosom, all the bitterness and pride gone out of it, and nothing left save the tear which sparkled under the dark lashes, and the petulant droop of the lip, like that of a child which had wept itself to sleep.

His eyes watched under half-closed lids the movements of her hands and the pretty droop of her head.

They could be seen but dimly, but even at that distance something in the prevalent droop suggested that they, too, had found the day "distressingly warm.

We all know the profound droop of the eminent person's eyelids as he produces that discovery, the edifying deductions or the solemn warnings he unfolds from this proposition, and all the dignified, inconclusive rigmarole of that cylinder.

VII The Crown of Wisdom So did it come about that as King Helmas rode a-hunting in Nevet under the Hunter's Moon he came upon a gigantic and florid young fellow, who was very decently clad in black, and had a queer droop to his left eye, and who appeared to be wandering at adventure in the autumn woods: and the King remembered what had been foretold.

Her lips took a quivering, downward droop.

It was on the face, however, and finally on the eyes that one's glances inevitably lingeredthe face rose-tinted, with dimples in either of the full cheeks, entering laughing protest against the sad droop that brought slightly down the corners of a mouth too large perhaps for beauty, if the coral curve of the lips had been less exquisitely perfect.

48 adjectives to describe  drooped