23 adjectives to describe duchess

"Was it just a 'little bit' when at Homburg you danced with me nearly every time at the grand duchess' ball? Sapristi!

The ugly duchess.

The turbulent duchess.

The reluctant duchess.

Subsequently he expected to marry the arch-duchess Anne, daughter of the emperor Maximilian, but her father opposed the match.

Marry, when somebody persuaded Cervantes that he meant only fun, and put him upon writing that unfortunate Second Part, with the confederacies of that unworthy duke and most contemptible duchess, Cervantes sacrificed his instinct to his understanding.

Shortly after, the duchess, anxious to retain their former chaplain in the neighbourhood, gave Crabbe a letter to Thurlow, asking him to exchange the two livings in Dorsetshire for two other, of more value, in the Vale of Belvoir.

Never!" cried the duchess, horrified and alarmed.

80 Th' illustrious Duchess, and her glorious train (Like Thetis with her nymphs), adorn the main.

Peterkin, or Perkin Warbeck was the next whom the indefatigable Duchess of Burgundy started on the same stage and upon the same errand.

Wouldn't one think her a little duchess who has always had a carriage of her own?" Then Morange reverted to his dream of fortune.

The lovely young duchess had withdrawn for a short time from her guests.

As Eleonara, that exiled mournful duchess (in our English Ovid), laments to her noble husband Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, "Sawest thou those eyes in whose sweet cheerful look Duke Humphrey once such joy and pleasure took, Sorrow hath so despoil'd me of all grace, Thou couldst not say this was my Elnor's face.

" Gerald bowed without answer, and moved past him like an offended duchess.

The somewhat less terrified duchess now named Count Mansfield governor of the town, reinforced the garrison, ordered arms to be distributed to all her adherents, and then called a council to deliberate on the measures to be adopted.

But, on the other hand, it must be remembered that the voluminous Duchess of Newcastle, in her "Ode on Melancholy," describes among the symbols of hopeless gloom "the still moonshine night" and "a mill where rushing waters run about,"the sweetest natural images.

Here she procured materials that if properly handled and successively served would bring the youthful Duchess to her death.

Ah, messire, I give thee joy that, whatsoever ills may be thine, thou can ne'er bea duchess!"

On one occasion, when her party were crossing the Spey in a pony-chaise in a boat, the bridge having been carried down by the floods, her companion asked, "Isn't this dangerous, duchess?"

While Mme de La Fayette was gaining the plaudits of the urbane world for the délicatesse of "La Princesse de Clèves" and the eccentric Duchess of Newcastle was employing her genius upon the fantastic, philosophical "Description of a New World, called the Blazing World" (1668), women of another stamp were beginning to write fiction.

The favourite duchess stamps about Whitehall, cursing and swearing.

the Brighton people, too, not content with the sea, have even found it necessary to superadd to their fashionable follies, artificial mineral waters, with whose fount the grossest duchess may in a few days recover from the repletion of a whole season; and the minister, after the jading of a session, soon resume his wonted complacency and good humour.

All were on a footing as to the arrangements, and I saw the haughty duchess of the Noa-Noa follow Lovaina's American negro chauffeur, while a former ambassador waited on the chest.

23 adjectives to describe  duchess