68 adjectives to describe duel

Our estates adjoined, but owing to the unhappy circumstances of the feud (the affair of the fatal duel), our families, as is generally the case with neighbours, who happen to be near relations, were never on terms of more than common civility, scarcely those.

After having employed the ordeal of red-hot iron, and of scalding water, the Franks adopted the judicial duel (Fig. 300).

Neither will ordinary, formal duels be included, except in such cases as just specified.

It might be called the one-sided duel.

All off with their little duel.

It is like a man engaged in a desperate duel who keeps on trying to make it a game of cricket.

For these intellectual duels with Douglas, he possessed a power of analysis that easily outran and circumvented the "Little Giant's" most extraordinary gymnastics of argument.

The two admirals' vessels engaged in a deadly duel; but the French admiral, finding himself surrounded by superior forces, threw his grappling-irons on to the English vessel, and, rather than surrender, set fire to the two admirals' ships, which blew up at the same time, together with their crews of two thousand men.

The perpetration of this occurred in the course of the last of his numerous literary duels, of which it was the close.

" The New Orleans correspondent of the New York Express, in his letter dated New Orleans, July 30, 1837, says: "THIRTEEN DUELS have been fought in and near the city during the week; five more were to take place this morning.

The conclusion is that more than 6,000 cannon, varying from 3-inch field guns to 42-centimeter (16-inch) siege mortars, are engaged in hurling thousands of high explosive shells hourly in the never-ceasing, thunderous artillery duels of the mighty battle of Verdun.

The perpetration of this occurred in the course of the last of his numerous literary duels, of which it was the close.

The unequal duel continued intermittently until 2 A.M., when a field telephone message informed me that Runovka had been abandoned, that the Czech company was retiring across our front, and that Kalmakoff's Cossacks were retiring over the river lower down and taking up a position at Antonovka on our extreme right rear.

Philosophic duels; Eli Greifer vs. the master poets.

Remember, that in this horrible duel which is going on, victory will not really remain with that party which shall have triumphed over the other, by the force of arms (yours undoubtedly), but to the one who, by his conduct, shall have succeeded in proving to the neutral population, which observes and judges, that right was on his side.

" "You are mistaken," replied Morton, with a smile; "that mute is a hero whose fame stands in the records of a dozen battles, and at least half as many bloody duels.

Let us take the relation between man and woman, in that immortal duel which we call a marriage.

And some thirty years later, during a yachting excursion off the Scilly Isles, I saw an even more remarkable duel between a porbeagleas the Cornish people call the mackerel-sharkand a pipit, in which, strange to relate, the bird came off victorious.

"Challenge him to a duela mortal duel.

Upon a grassy knoll shaded by stately trees occurred the historic duel between Warren Hastings, then governor general of India, and Mr. Francis, president of the council of state.

My patrol got there first and pretty soon the Ravens came along and Doc Carson had his First Aid kityou'd think somebody was going to fight a duel, honest.

It looks like the wound from that infernal duel with Dickinson never would get well.

We find insolent defiances, magnificent duels, enchanted castles, tender love-scenes, mysterious talismans.

When the siege was over, and lifelong friendship had been sworn between Roland and Oliver after their memorable duel on an island in the Rhone, Roland was publicly betrothed to the charming Aude.

There were six animals in the acre, two of them bullsand these bulls were fighting, while three cows and a yearling were huddled in a group watching the mighty duel.

68 adjectives to describe  duel