8 adjectives to describe dun

MASTER I HAVE Master I have, and I am his man, Gallop a dreary dun; Master I have, and I am his man, And I'll get a wife as fast as I can; With a heighty gaily gamberally, Higgledy piggledy, niggledy, niggledy, Gallop a dreary dun.

The body is of a light dun or yellowish colour, and marked over with little brown touches, whilst the larger feathers of the wing are black, with each of them a white spot near the middle; those of the neck are whitish with black streaks, and are long and erected when the bird is attacked.

The may-fly may be a total failure, but week after week in the early spring you may go down to the riverside with but one sort of fly, and if there are fish to be caught at all, the pale-winged olive dun will catch them; and in spite of the fact that there are a few may-flies on the water, it is with the little duns that we intend to start our fishing to-day.

Miles, leagues, away from us, the green of the torrid grass is melting into a misty dun; still further miles, and the misty dun has faded to a shadowy blue; more miles, it rounds at last away into the sky.

As we pass down stream the pale olive duns are hatching out in fair numbers, and a few fish are already on the move.

You'll think better of his qualities, one day, and bid him be gone like an unwelcome dun.

These mules have a black stripe across their shoulders, down their backs, and are what is called "dark-colored duns."

On rainy days in these months good sport may be had with the wet fly; and in September a yellow dun, or a fly that imitates the wasp, will kill, if only you can keep out of sight, and place a well-dried fly right on the fish's nose.

8 adjectives to describe  dun