35 adjectives to describe eclipse

" In August, 1869, Miss Mitchell, with several of her Vassar students, went to Burlington, Ia., to observe the total eclipse of the sun.

The time of our visit coincided with the famous solar eclipse which was the talk of the town but I was disappointed with the eclipse as it darkened only briefly before returning to normal again.

which, in partial eclipses of the (Month.

Feeling herself and parents entitled to enter into all the gaieties and splendors of some of the richer families in their vicinity, Jane, who had grown up during the temporary eclipse of Sir Edward's fortunes, had sought that self- consolation so common to people in her situation, which was to be found in reviewing the former grandeur of her house, and she had thus contracted a degree of family pride.

"He above the rest In shape and gesture proudly eminent Stood like a tower; his form had not yet lost All her original brightness, nor appeared Less than archangel ruined and the excess Of glory obscured: as when the sun new risen Looks through the horizontal misty air Shorn of his beams; or from behind the moon In dim eclipse disastrous twilight sheds On half the nations; and with fear of change Perplexes monarchs.

At the time of the annular eclipse of the sun in 1831 the totality was central at Nantucket.

"This was the year of the great total solar eclipse visible in Spain.

In the last quarter of this year I was engaged in a series of calculations of chronological eclipses.

My melting soul is jealous, sweet, Of thy long silence' drear eclipse, O kiss me back with living lips To life, love, lying at thy feet!

"This," says Dr. Knight, "was probably the first dial on record, and is one hundred and forty years before Thales, and nearly four hundred before Plato and Aristotle, and just a little previous to the lunar eclipses observed at Babylon, as recorded by Ptolemy....

" They do say thet them graduates hadn't never went so far ez total eclipses, an' teacher wouldn't 'a' had the subject mentioned to 'em for nothin'; but I don't say that's so.

Fortunately a peculiarly favourable eclipse occurred last year.

" From this genteel eclipse he reappeared upon the scene, and presently sought me out in the character of a generous editor.

The sweetness of the May air flows through many of its verses,of that season when Trees, that from winter's gray eclipse Of late but pushed their topmost plume, Or felt with green-touched finger-tips For spring, their perfect robes assume.

He was in correspondence with Prof. Adams as to the effect of his reduction of the Coefficient of Lunar Acceleration on the calculation of the ancient historical eclipses.

The southern day was a livid and foggy eclipse, repeating itself for weeks and weeks without the slightest streak of clearing, as though the sun had departed from the earth forever.

If the bank clerk had surprised them all by his handiness on board ship, and by making a crane to swing the pots over the fire, he surprised them all still more in these days by an apparent eclipse of his talents.

Thou subtle Circe, Cast not upon the maiden light eclipses: Curse not the day.

Once or twice Leothric saw a star blink for an instant and reappear again, and this momentary eclipse of a few stars was all that remained in the world of the body of Thok.

No; we do not attribute to the French army what took place during this mournful eclipse of honor.

The morning was come of a mighty daya day of crisis and of final hope for human nature, then suffering some mysterious eclipse, and labouring in some dread extremity.

V. be dark &c adj.. darken, obscure, shade; dim; tone down, lower; overcast, overshadow; eclipse; obfuscate, offuscate^; obumbrate^, adumbrate; cast into the shade becloud, bedim^, bedarken^; cast a shade, throw a shade, spread a shade, cast a shadow, cast a gloom, throw a shadow, spread a shadow, cast gloom, throw gloom, spread gloom.

But it would seem as if it did not occur to us that we must also supplement the person in charge of sick or of children, whether under an occasional eclipse or during a regular absence.

O surely madness hideth not from Him; Nor doth a soul cease to be beautiful In His sight, when its beauty is withdrawn, And hid by pale eclipse from human eyes.

A very distinct eclipse of the sun [had taken place] about that time,

35 adjectives to describe  eclipse