181 adjectives to describe editions

1931 supplement, continuing permanent supplement edition.

Fourth edition.

In some later editions, 'the 27th of December 1820' was erroneously substituted.

All subsequent editions to 4to 1671, read 'taffety' in this passage.

ABBOTT NEW YORK DIGEST, consolidated edition.

There were not standard editions of these old books, and great diversities of use and text were in existence.

In the fifth edition (1721) of Gherardi's Théâtre Italien there are far fuller excerpts from the farce than in the first edition (1695).

He published, in 1673, the sixth edition, with some improvements; but I think rather with explication of what he had already written, than any new heads of disquisition.

Scott, Foresman and Company (PWH); 30Oct73; R562119. R562120. Paths and pathfinders; cathedral basic edition.

Revised edition of 1917, omitting illustrative quotations from literature, not so good as editions before that date.

SEE Clark, John R. Teacher's manual for book one, third and fourth grades, Modern school arithmetic, new edition.

In the table of contents, prefixed to the first collected edition of 1815, in two volumes,and also to the second collected edition of 1820, in four volumes,there are two parallel columns: one giving the date of composition, and the other that of publication.

Iowa language abilities test: directions for administering intermediate and advanced tests, forms A, B, and C; 1946 experimental edition.

SECOND, the changes of text made by Wordsworth in the successive editions of his Poems, are given in footnotes, with the dates of the changes.

" "Authors' editions" of books we have long had offered us by publishers; "éditions de luxe" too; and "limited editions of fifty copies, each copy numbered."

Co. (PWH); 4Apr55; R148117. Third decennial edition of the American digest, 1926.

Cases on property; temporary edition.

All the Notes written by Wordsworth himself in his numerous editions will be found in this one, with the date of their first appearance added.

This was a considerable sacrifice of my pecuniary interest, especially as I resigned all idea of deriving profit from the cheap editions, and after ascertaining from my publishers the lowest price which they thought would remunerate them on the usual terms of an equal division of profits, I gave up my half share to enable the price to be fixed still lower.

I have so fully expressed my admiration for Signor Guasti's edition in the text that I may allow myself to point out in a note what seems to me its chief defect, and why I think there is still, perhaps, room for another and more critical edition.

This was followed shortly by Practical Piety, which soon ran to the tenth edition, and which brought the author to the end of her life numerous gratifying testimonies of its results.

"' This book was published in 1781, and, according to Lowndes, reached its seventh edition by 1787.

Although certain additional minor differences were made in the eighth and ninth editions, 1821 and 1825, I think it very unlikely that they were made by Mary or Charles Lamb.

Examiner manual for the SRA verbal and non-verbal forms; preliminary industrial edition.

Scott, Foresman and Company (PWH); 30Oct73; R562119. R562120. Paths and pathfinders; cathedral basic edition.

181 adjectives to describe  editions
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