832 adjectives to describe effecting

INTELLECTUAL SUPREMACY OF ITALY Gutenberg's invention had no immediate effect upon his world.

but with little effect.

This immense labour had no ill effect upon his health.

Although there might be an abundance of meat before him, he would not allow a preponderance of it to rob the rice of its beneficial effect in nutrition.

The doors and windows were left open at night, however, and obviated in some degree the evil effects of the crowding.

The store of man power which Great Britain possesses is beginning to take practical effect.

There is only one part of it I am judge ofthe poetry and dramatic effect, which by many spirits nowadays is considered the Mammon.

[The reader cannot need to be reminded of the fatal effects which were produced by the feuds subsisting between the two great families, or rather races, of the Zegris and the Abencerrages of Granada.

If neatly done, no perceptible mark or circle will remain; nor will the lustre of the richest silk be changed, the union of the two liquids operating with no injurious effects from rubbing.

It seemed to have the opposite effect.

This may have grieved him; but, according to my faithful friend and attorney, it appeared to have the contrary effect, and to bring him positive relief.

He affects to patronize a system of criticism fit only for the production of mediocrity; and, although all his finer poems and passages have been produced in defiance of this system, yet I recognize the pernicious effects of it in the Doge of Venice."

Let us begin with this cordial; we will then vary the stimulus, if necessary, by means of the elixir, and you will see the salutary effects immediately.

I first wished to deliberate on the probable effects of my disclosure upon the condition of society.

'So. Not with-a-grating-sound-to-be-accompanied,' he added, with his curious effect of linked phraseology.

At middle age, certain limbs are specialized and pushed far out for the bearing of cones, after the manner of the Sugar Pine; and in old age these branches droop and cast about in every direction, giving rise to very picturesque effects.

For belief in such marvels exists beyond doubt, and furnishes a very obvious and logical basis for the further belief in the invisible causes of these visible effects; nor should we have recourse to an hypothetical and more indirect explanation of belief in a spirit-world when an actual and direct explanation is at hand.

'The reason I know what an extraordinary effect these few days have had on me is something I have just done which I couldn't have done before.

An interesting personal interlude, which was not without considerable effect on Canadian history, took place in the middle of Carleton's four years' stay in England.

Then the full moon looked down over the edge of the cañon wall, her countenance seemingly filled with intense concern, and apparently so near as to produce a startling effect as if she had entered my bedroom, forgetting all the world, to gaze on me alone.

In this play, as Jeffrey points out, the preservation of the unities had a still more disastrous effect.

" A roar of disapprobation broke out from the spectators, which seemed not to produce the slightest effect on the lanista.

But if we could know the direct effect of preaching, and the conversions which are really due to preaching, I think we should find them comparatively few.

The double-edged mallow, strawberry, and vine leaves have a pleasing effect; and for winter desserts, the bay, cuba, and laurel are sometimes used.

This ease in warding off external attack had its most marked effect upon the internal polity of the nation.

832 adjectives to describe  effecting