130 adjectives to describe egges

They have a saying, whose purport might be rendered in the proverbial language of the Aryans by saying that the liar "kills the goose that lays the golden eggs."

Mash the yolks of 2 boiled eggs with 1 raw egg, a teaspoonful of prepared mustard and a tablespoonful of butter.

"Who ever heard of fried egg in the shell?" "I did," cried Ferd, unabashed by the laughter and the scornful glances turned his way.

Serve on a platter with poached eggs.

Startin' first of the year, I'm going to begin to look to a little nest-egg.

It is particularly necessary that they should be quite fresh, as nothing is worse than stale eggs.

Make it taste of rotten eggs, for all the world, sir! '

Mash the yolks of 2 boiled eggs with 1 raw egg, a teaspoonful of prepared mustard and a tablespoonful of butter.

He said he was as good as any nigger, and that made them mad and they threw boiled potatoes and scrambled eggs at pa, and we had to retire, but when pa complained to the boss canvasman, he told pa to go and eat with the freaks and try and keep in his place.

Beat the whites of two eggs stiff and mix with the pineapple.

As for the precious buff eggs, against which, one time of day, guineas were weighed,send for sixpenn'orth at the cheesemonger's, and you will get at least five; which is just as it should be.

Those were the days, perhaps, when Nox reigned, and the great mundane egg was hatching in the oven-like heat, from which the winged boy Eros leaped forth, "his back glittering with golden plumes, and swift as eddying air."

Verty had often climbed into the old trees, and filled his cap with the speckled eggs of black-birds, or found upon the fence here, embowered in the foliage, the slight nests of doves, each with its two eggs, white and transparent almost; and the recollection made him smile.

If during incubation an egg should be broken, remove it, and take out the remainder, and cleanse them in luke-warm water, or it is probable the sticky nature of the contents of the broken egg will make the others cling to the hen's feathers; and they, too, may be fractured.

But the Serpent of the East has no way of discovering the fact unless he breaks the egg: and that is the one thing the serpent will never do, because he thinks it is the magic egg which contains his death.

Beat the yolks of two eggs light; add the cornstarch to this, and as soon as the milk is scalded pour in the mixture gradually, stirring constantly until thick.

In the Harz, on Midsummer night, branches of the fir-tree are decorated with flowers and coloured eggs, around which the young people dance, singing rhymes.

"No," and disdainfully handing the plate back to the entirely indifferent cook, he proceeds to produce from somewhere about his person a teapot and two tiny eggs.

Garnish with chopped hard-boiled eggs and olives.

Now on this bough there was a nest, And in this nest there were some eggs, The prettiest eggs you ever did see; Eggs in the nest, and the nest on the bough, The bough on the limb, and the limb on the tree, The limb on the tree, and the tree in the wood, The tree in the wood, and the wood in the ground, And the green grass growing all around, And the green grass growing all around.

Sahib plenty 'ungrychicken grill, peechy ramble-tamble egg!" "Have it your own way.

Poach eggs as soft as possible.

The officiating Druid was cloathed in a white garment that swept the ground; on his head, he wore the tiara; he had the anguinum or serpent's egg, as the ensign of his order; his temples were encircled with a wreath of oak-leaves, and he waved in his hand the magic rod.

The doubtful egg.

Its nest is made of seaweed, heather, and dried grass, in which it lays its three greenish-brown eggs.

130 adjectives to describe  egges
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