39 adjectives to describe elbow

Lefty Joe dug his left elbow into the floor of the car and whirled back upon his shoulders, bunching his knees high over his stomach.

They don't mind swarming up and down stairs in a solid phalanx; they can enjoy half a dozen courses of salad, ice and strawberries, with stout gentlemen crushing their feet, anxious mammas sticking sharp elbows into their sides, and absent-minded tutors walking over them.

" Mr. Goldmark twisted high in his collar, cupping her small bare elbow in his hand.

" (Peter here turns up his sleeves to his dimpled elbows and seizes an imaginary implement.)

At length he got his hand in the bent elbow of the free arm, and slowly, and laboriously forced it out.

Helen, forsoothdare ye name her, O Thing?" Now before Beltane's swift and blazing anger the Pardoner's assurance wilted on the instant, and he cowered behind a lifted elbow.

Having carefully adjusted his necktie, and smoothed the creases of his gloves, Mr. Wilkeson grasped his old friend, a hickory cane, by its sturdy elbow, and marched forth to make his solitary visit.

'We've come to see you,' said Sam valiantly, 'because we ain't going to stand any cheek from you; so you had better look out.' Nancy stopped swinging, and resting her fat little elbows on the topmost bar, asked saucily, 'Did the button-boy tell you to come and help him fight me?

so great a matter, and propping himself instead upon a weak elbow glanced about him expectantly.

She moved from her stiff elbow-chair to the soft cushions in her favourite corner of the window-seat, and held out a timid hand.

The major even muttered an oath or two, under his breath, till Leclair nudged him with a forceful elbow.

" First, not abruptly to confound her, With glance and smile he hovers round her: Next, like a Bond-street or Pall-mall beau, Begins to press her gentle elbow; Then plays at once, familiar walking, His whole artillery of talking: Like a young fawn the blushing maid Trips on, half pleased and half afraid

She leaned idle elbows on the porch railing and gazed down into the yard below with a look in her eyes such as no squalid Chicago back yard, with its dusty débris, could summon, even in spring-time.

" "You don't mean to say as your 'eart's broke, do ye?" enquired the Waggoner in a tone of such vast surprise and disbelief, that Bellew turned, and propped himself on an indignant elbow.

I have already described the Quartier Latin, joyous, fantastic, out-at-elbows; a world in itself and by itself; unlike anything else in Paris or elsewhere.

The maid Mellent had sunk upon her knees and was praying desperate prayers with face upturned to heaven; but none was there to mark her now amid that silent gatheringall eyes were strained to watch those grim and silent horsemen that fronted each other, the length of the lists between; even Duke Ivo, leaning on lazy elbow, looked with glowing eye and slow-flushing cheek, ere he let fall his truncheon.

Only a few were necessary, for he knew that each blow went home, since all the savage youthful strength of shoulder and loose elbow directed them.

Perceiving the which, two youthful esquires that rode near by nudged elbows, and set their heads together.

There is a corner of Rhenish Prussia that shoulders up against Holland and drives a nudging elbow deep into the ribs of Belgium; and right here, at the place where the three countries meet, stands Charlemagne's ancient city of Aix-la-Chapelle, called Aachen by the Germans.

To the eye of the experienced fisherman, it is obvious that the St. Charles, with its sparkling rapids, and the deep, swirling pools formed by its numerous "elbows," must erstwhile have been a chosen, retreat of the noble salmon.

At daylight we were in 18 fathoms, the outer elbow of Breaksea Spit, bearing South-East by South three miles.

"There!" she said, terribly: "and you were going to surrender me to a swineherd, with half the hair chopped from his head, and with the shirt sticking out of both his ragged elbows!"

Won't you just bend your rigid little elbow a trifle at the joint when you shake hands with me the first of May?

"Aha!" quoth Giles, nudging Roger with roguish elbow, "it worketh, Roger, it worketh!" "Aye, Giles, it worketh so well that an my master get his hands on this singing fellowthen woe betide this singing fellow, say I." CHAPTER LXVII TELLETH WHAT BEFELL IN THE REEVE'S GARDEN

Her kerchief was neatly folded, white and slightly starched, her cuffs immaculately and primly turned back just above her round elbow and shapely arm.

39 adjectives to describe  elbow