98 words to describe  embassies

98 words to describe embassies

The hotel of the British embassy is one of the best in Parisfine reception-rooms opening on a very large garden, and a large courtyard and side exitso there was no confusion of carriages.

Prince and Princess Hohenlohe had succeeded Arnim at the German embassy.

He contacted the emergency hotline for the Canadian embassy over the weekend, he said.

They were Catholics (the Princess born a Russianher brother, Prince Wittgenstein, military attache at the Russian embassy) and very big people in their own country, so absolutely sure of themselves and their position that it was very difficult to slight them in any way.

They, therefore, made a vow to Apollo on that occasion, as it is said, that if they were saved they would every year despatch a solemn embassy to Delos; which, from that time to the present, they send yearly to the god.

Upon the revolution he embraced another interest, and procured himself to be nominated for several foreign embassies.

XII THE VANISHING DIPLOMATIST It was three days after the ambassador's disappearance that Monsieur Rigolot, secretary of the French embassy and temporary chargé-d'affaires, reported the matter to Chief Campbell in the Secret Service Bureau, adding thereto a detailed statement of several singular incidents following close upon it.

It will be advisable to Miles Sampa to deal with the Chinese in collaboration with the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Chinese embassy and to avoid unnecessary heroics and heavy semantics like racism.

General Cialdini was at the Italian embassy.

Breaching his bail, Australia-born Assange then spent seven years living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he was granted political asylum.

Iran has also been linked to terror attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets abroad such as the 1992 bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and the 1994 attack on the AMIA Jewish community center.

A man holds a banner depicting late Major General Qassem Soleimani, head of the elite Quds Force, who was killed in a U.S. airstrike near Baghdad, at the Iranian embassy in Beirut, Lebanon on January 3, 2020.

A marriage between Eleanor and Louis the Young, already sharing his father's throne, was soon concluded; and a brilliant embassy, composed of more than five hundred lords and noble knights, to whom the king had added his intimate adviser, Suger, set out for Aquitaine, where the ceremony was to take place.

He planned to send a secret embassy to buy off the Beni Ghatafan, and so strive to break up the Kureisch alliance.

A series of windmills,a group of inflated balloons,a flock of geese all asleep on one leg,a circle of ballet-dancers, just poised to begin,a band of patriots just kneeling to take an oath upon their country's altar,a senate of tailors,a file of soldiers,a whole parish of Shaker worshippers,a Japanese embassy performing Ko-tow: these all in turn come like shadows,so depart.

Climate activists and members of the environmentalist groups Citizen Movement Against Climate Change and Fridays for Future protest outside the Australian embassy in Lima.

Henry's chancellor, Thomas Becket, was sent from England in 1158 at the head of a splendid embassy to the French court, and when Henry landed in France the success of this mission was declared.

It was too galling to fail in an official embassy Trenta, who always acted upon mature reflection, abhorred failure.

FARIA Y SOUSA, MANUEL DE, a Portuguese poet and historian; entered the diplomatic service, and was for many years secretary to the Spanish embassy at Rome; was a voluminous writer of history and poetry, and did much to develop the literature of his country (1590-1649).

Twice peaceful embassies, which he sent to Henry and Geoffrey, were slain before their eyes without protest.

here comes Our embassy, successful.

The Baron de Staël-Holstein, then secretary to the Swedish embassy, afterwards ambassador from Sweden, was the most available suitor, since he was a nobleman, a Protestant, and a diplomatist; and Mademoiselle Necker became his wife, in 1786, at twenty years of age, with a dowry of two millions of francs.

Egypt had an urgent interest in keeping the Roman fleet out of the eastern waters; even now an Egyptian embassy intimated at Rome very plainly, that the court of Alexandria was ready to relieve the Romans from the trouble of intervention in Attica.

But he said he cannot travel the six hours to the nearest embassy to get the paperwork and feared his daughter is "much too young" to fight the virus if she should contract it.

In fact, an English embassy under Chapman and Gordon in 1873 and 1874 had been sent from Kashmir to Kachgar by way of Kothan and Yarkand.

Although the Nigerian embassy in Saudi Arabia refused to speak officially on the matter, a senior official at the embassy told PREMIUM TIMES that efforts were being made to evacuate Nigerians willing to return to home.

Madame Récamier was now at the height of fashion, admired by Frenchmen and foreigners alike; not merely by such men as the Montmorencys, Narbonne, Jordan, Barrère, Moreau, Bernadotte, La Harpe, but also by Metternich, then secretary of the Austrian embassy, who carried on a flirtation with her all winter.

Dr Mkhize also revealed that the South African embassy in South Korea had informed them that another South African citizen who works in Daegu, South Korea had also tested positive for COVID-19.

Officials with the Saudi embassy in Ottawa did not respond to a request for comment.

The Senate asks me for the reasons for entering into the stipulations for the "remonstrating embassies" contained in the late treaty.

At length a Grecian embassy, led by Orestês son of Agamemnon, arrived, and demanded that Astyanax should be given up and put to death, lest in manhood he should attempt to avenge his father's death.

A Greek embassy had the best success of them all.

For the purpose of a judicious threat, he even entertained an imperial embassy which promised him armed help and urged him to recognize the anti-Pope, whose first act, as both Henry and Thomas well understood, would have been the deposition of the archbishop.

In a letter to the minister, she also urged her to ask the Indian embassy in Washington and the Indian consulate in Atlanta to inquire into his murder.

Nick, a teacher in Wuhan who asked to be referred to by only his first name, said his wife was Indonesian, and that the family had been offered far more support by the Indonesian embassy.

On this route, the vehicles pass several international embassies and consulates, including the buildings of the Japanese Embassy and the Australian Consulate.

The Secret Service Directorate Four agents infiltrates agents into Iraqi government departments, the Ba’th Party, in unions and organizations, Iraqi embassies and the Iraqi opposition abroad.

A joint embassy was sent from Edom, from Moab, the Ammonites, and the kings of Tyre and Sidon, to Jerusalem, with the hope that Zedekiah would unite with them in shaking off the Babylonian yoke; and these intrigues were encouraged by Egypt.

Over 165,000 actions have been collected and will be delivered to the authorities via the North Korean embassy in Switzerland on 12 April.

It is just a few metres from the former Libyan embassy building where the 1984 Libyan Embassy Siege took place.

The pope, whose interests were more immediately concerned in supporting him, gave a cold reception to a magnificent embassy which Henry sent to accuse him; while Becket himself, who had come to Sens in order to justify his cause before the sovereign pontiff, was received with the greatest marks of distinction.

Compare here the make up of the Marcomanian embassy in Book Seventy-two, chapter two.]

The result of this memorable embassy from politics to literature was 'The Campaign': an eminently successful poem of the formal, "occasional" order, which celebrated the victor of Blenheim with tact and taste, pleased the ministry, delighted the public, and brought reputation and fortune to its unknown writer.

The attackers have not been identified, and the Mexican embassy has not offered a motive for the attack, although the highway is known to be a risky area as it runs through territory disputed by gangs.

Next year, to wit, 1747, I received an invitation from the general to attend him in the same station in his military embassy to the courts of Vienna and Turin.

One was from King Frederick, commanding him to desist from his mock embassy, and instantly leave the Danish seas; the other, from the Earl of Huntly, told him that his enemies in Scotland were banished, and his forfeiture reversed.

There were demonstrations at several Nicaraguan embassies abroad.

XXXVI.At the same time, Domitius arrived in Macedonia: and when numerous embassies had begun to wait on him from many of the states, news was brought that Scipio was approaching with his legions, which occasioned various opinions and reports; for in strange events, rumour generally goes before.

Bolsonaro has told Israel that it can count on Brazil’s vote at the United Nations, and has threatened to close the Palestinian embassy in Brasilia.

When he appeared, therefore, leaning on the arm of a high officer of the papal embassy, and with an eye that spoke assurance in himself, he was greeted, as usual, by all who knew him, as was due to his rank and expectations.