45 adjectives to describe embodiment

"Ridiculous in the lecture room, the babe in the poem, as in the songs, is made the central point upon which the plot turns, for the unconscious child is the concrete embodiment of Nature herself, clearing away all merely intellectual theories by her silent influence."

Except it be Milton's, there is not any prose fuller of grand poetic embodiments than Lord Bacon's.

And the visible embodiment of my adoration was the head master, Mr. Harold Hartshorn, a handsome, clean-shaven, well-set-up man of (I should judge) thirty-five years of age, rather grave, a little stern, and very dignified.

Art aims at presenting sensuous embodiment of thoughts and feelings with a view to intellectual enjoyment.

And there, getting at the meanings of the things or thoughts the words originally expressed, we see revealed, in the reconstruction of a language that no longer exists, the material objects and habits of thought and life of a people who passed away before history began,so imperishable are the unconscious embodiments of mind, even in the airy and unsubstantial forms of unwritten speech!

Redbud, with her simple little costume, full of grace and eleganceher slender figure, golden hair, and perfect grace of movement, was a pure embodiment of beautythat all-powerful beauty, which exists alone in woman when she passes from the fairy land of childhood, or toward the real world, pausing with reluctant feet upon the line which separates them.

Charles Perrault made himself a lasting name by his Fairy Tales, a charming embodiment of French nursery traditions.

II THE LEAGUE MUST BE REPRESENTATIVE A Peace Congress, growing permanent, then, may prove to be the most practical and convenient embodiment of this idea of a League of Nations that has taken possession of the imagination of the world.

The complaint that a character preserves the same attitude throughout means (if it be justified) that it is not a human being at all, but a mere embodiment of two or three characteristics which are fully displayed within the first ten minutes, and then keep on repeating themselves, like a recurrent decimal.

It is a faithful embodiment of the old Greek idea of the Fates.

A more felicitous embodiment of modern feeling was achieved by Donatello in "S. George" and "David."

Overcome by ignorance sinful men under the influence of desire come by either extreme infamy or dreadful calamity.'" Bhuti, Hri, Sri, Kirti and Kanti are respectively the feminine embodiments of Prosperity, Modesty, Beauty, Fame and Loveliness.

And the finished embodiment of all of Ray Willets' desires and ambitions was daily before her eyes in the presence of Miss Jevne, head of the lingerie and negligées.

Awkward at first, but with a dignity That soon found fit embodiment in speech And gesture and address, he made his way, Not seeking it, to the respect of youths, In whom respect is of the rarer gifts.

She rejoiced in his stature; she revelled in the contemplation of his untamable spirit; he seemed to her the gigantic embodiment of her own dark, fierce will, the expanded realization of her lifetime longing for terrible strength.

But his favourite topics are the deeper springs of character, rather than superficial peculiarities; and his vigorous sayings are concentrated essence of strong sense and deep feeling, not dainty epigrams or graceful embodiments of delicate observation.

When we trace, through the sketches and studies in a studio, the gradual embodiment of a vision of loveliness, which at length looks down upon us in its perfect grace from the canvas on the wall, we cannot be persuaded out of our conviction that some artist has lived and labored in this studio, patiently evolving his great dream.

From this comment on the second essential element in the historical embodiment of an aim, we inferglancing at the institution of the State in passingthat a State is well constituted and internally powerful when the private interest of its citizens is one with the common interest of the State, when the one finds its gratification and realization in the othera proposition in itself very important.

" AFFAIRS OF STATE CHAPTER I The Wiles of Womankind Archibald Rushford, tall, lean, the embodiment of energy, stood at the window, hands in pockets, and stared disgustedly out at the dreary vista of sand-dunes and bathing-machines, closed in the distance by a stretch of gray sea mounting toward a horizon scarcely discernible through the drifting mist which hung above the water.

Her teachings have a special interest because they afford a literary embodiment of the ethical theories of the evolution philosophy.

It was not possible he should ever have adopted her views, or in any active manner allied himself with the school whose doctrines she accepted as the logical embodiment of the gospel, but there was in him all the time a vague something that was not far from the kingdom of heaven.

Facing him in the album, and most appropriately contrasted, was the portrait of a young masterthe embodiment of all that Mr. Rhomboid most heartily loathed.

There would have been developed, under the influence of great principles, the power to make statues of great men,colossal, instead of big,reposeful, instead of paralyzed,grand, instead of arrogant,statues worthy of the hand that wrought the busts of Calhoun, Jackson, and Webster, worthy to rank with the few mighty embodiments of power, the Sophocles, the Aristides, and the Demosthenes.

Now, since the delusion of artists has been overthrown, and we know that Grecian Art is but the simple reflex of Naturethat the old masterpieces of sculpture were no miraculous embodiments of a beau ideal, but copies of living formswe must admit that in no other age of the world has the physical Man been so perfectly developed.

2. The mythical or symbolic embodiment of the events in the laments of Urania and the Mountain Shepherds, and in the denunciation of the ruthless destroyer of the peace and life of Adonais.

45 adjectives to describe  embodiment