160 adjectives to describe empires

Further, as though the vast empire and the dominion of the Caucasus were not enough for Russia, the Entente with monstrous condescension had given to Russia Constantinople and the Straits and a huge zone in Asia Minor.

While the literatures of ancient Greece and Rome have largely perished in the convulsions that followed the breaking up of the Roman empire in Europe, when the kingdom of China fell into disorder and decrepitude this one great teacher stepped forward to save the precious record of historic fact, philosophical thought, and of legislation as well as poetry, from being swept away by the deluge of revolution.

Luxury, sir, and the love of ease, will ruin this mighty empire.

It forms a decisive epoch in the strife for universal empire, in which all the great states of antiquity successively engaged and failed.

Having arrived too late to create a real colonial empire of her own, such as those of France and England, she nevertheless succeeded in exploiting her colonies most intelligently.

Steinmetz knew the man, and immediately took command of the situation with that unquestioned sense of authority which in Russia places the bárin on much the same footing as that taken by the Anglo-Indian in our eastern empire.

So conditions in the central empires grew from bad to worse.

Thus when Burke near the close of his discussion (Appendix 2) wishes to make it clear that by a law of nature the authority of extensive empires is slighter in its more remote territories, he has recourse to a figure of speech: "In large bodies, the circulation of power must be less vigorous at the extremities.

In the time of the founder of the Tibetan dynasty the southern empire had been utterly defeated by his troops (354), and the south Chinese were no stronger now.

There come many also from the western empire of the Ishmaelites or Arabs, as from Andalusia, Algarve, Africa, and even Arabia, besides what come by the Indian ocean from Havilah or Abyssinia, and the rest of Ethiopia, not omitting the Greeks and Turks.

This threatened a dismemberment of the little empire and its absorption by neighboring colonies.

Perhaps for the first time in history an immense empire of twenty-one millions and a half of square kilometres, eighty-four times the size of Italy, almost three times as large as the United States of America, was ruled by a single man.

A great pope had wrung from the superstition and reverence of mankind a spiritual empire, which, it was hoped, would extend its sway to earth's remotest boundaries.

With respect to the composition of their armies, it is observable that, though thirsting for extended empire, and though some of her leading men became generals of the highest order, the Carthaginians, as a people, were anything but personally warlike.

WILLARD, FLORENCE V. The lost empires of the Itzaes and Mayas.

Six hundred and thirty years before Christ, the Babylonian empire was at the highest point of its magnificence.

As soon as the latter perceived that French genius and persistency were bearing fruit in a magnificent colonial empire, the innate jealousy and greed of the German nation led to a policy of colonial pinpricks on the part of the Kaiser's Government.

Fabulous empire; Colonel Zack Miller's story.

The alien empires in North China, down to the Toba (A.D. 317-385) 1 The Later Chao dynasty in eastern North China (Hun; 329-352)

Has there ever been an empire so despotic as to deny so obvious a right?

Late advices from China convey the intelligence that the American-Chinese General WARD, who died in the service of the Celestial empire, has been postmortuarily brevetted to the rank of a "major god," and is now regularly worshipped as such by JOHN PIGTAIL.

This place, latitude 17 degrees 5 minutes South, may be considered the limit of its growth in that direction, and the Victoria River, of which I shall have occasion to speak hereafter, in latitude 14 degrees 55 minutes, the northern boundary of its indigenous empire.

Without the aid of convents the papal empire might have crumbled.

Each step, from the establishment of an urban nucleus of expansion, through the building of rival empires to the final struggle for supreme power, involves the violent subordination of lesser interests to the interests of one supreme authority.

The average traveler has but a faint idea of the wonderful resources of this grand empire.

160 adjectives to describe  empires