5 adjectives to describe empty

Minnehaha Creek has its rise in Lake Minnetonka, a dozen miles or more distant, where it is quite a diminutive little brook; from thence runs to and through Lakes Calhoun and Harriet, meandering along the surface of the country, till it makes its graceful leap at the falls to the chasm, some forty feet below, then empties into the Mississippi about half-a-mile distant to the eastward.

A little beyond this the creek that runs through the gorge empties into a larger stream, and we follow this second creek or river until we come to the third fall.

" "Even so, Tayoga, you see, too, that we have come to land just where a little river empties into the lake, and we can go on up it.

The testy tailor imagining himself the victim of a hoax, throws his shears at his head, and Timothy, in revenge empties the bag of bull-frogs upon the clean floor of Buckram's shop.

I may be wrong about this, but I've noticed a tendency on your part to slop over a little, and a pail that slops over soon empties itself.

5 adjectives to describe  empty