49 adjectives to describe enchantment

Oh! divine modesty, perfume of woman, sweet enchantment which gently penetrates the heart of man, ready always to unfold.

It does not appear what good end could be gained, on the part of Providence, by the permission of these magical enchantments, supposing them supernatural; and if we imagine the Devil to have acted spontaneously, with a view to support his power and influence, he most manifestly erred in his design.

By some process of evil enchantment every ounce grew to weigh a pound, every pound a hundredweight.

At last she came to his hermitage, Like the bird from the woodlands to the cage; The gay enchantment was undone; A gentle wife, but fairy none.

In their sound was something very sweet and sinning that fell into her with a spell of horrible enchantment.

Bewitched wert thou, master, in very soothand strove and fought with me, and wept as no man should weep, and all by reason of a vile enchantment which the sweet saints forfend.

Any one who for years has slept in her walls and worn the pave of her streets and mingled with her crowds and her lighted nights, is changed by her subtle enchantment into a child of the city.

When the patient is beloved, the struggle is touched with agony, but where one fights with Death over the body of a stranger, there is a weird enchantment in the contest without personal pain, and as one forces back the hated foe there is a curious triumph in the feeling which marks the death-grip yielding up its prey, as one snatches back to earth the life which had well-nigh perished.

She shall haunt his wife's face and words (should he seek to rid himself of her by marriage), a bitter sweet, a half-welcome enchantment; she shall consume and destroy the strength and spirit of his life, leaving it desolation, a barren landscape, burnt and faintly scented with the sea.

According to the poem, the candle came down, and stood upon the musical instrument, to the horror and disgust of a monk who was looking on, and who saw no miracle in the matter, but wicked enchantment.

The horrible, dim enchantment of the trees was close about them in the roomgnarled, ancient, lonely trees of winter, whispering round the human life they loved.

This ride, in the middle of October, when all the colors of autumn vied with the sunlight to make the forest a region of golden enchantment, was one of particular delight to me.

It was, I suppose, what one would call a healthy physical enchantment, with lots of tenderness and kindness in it, but no possibility of hurt to each other.

he murmured in impulsive enchantment.

They flow with an irresistable enchantment, and as the inserting them will shew the spirit both of the original and translation, we shall make no further apology for doing it.

Oh, the lost enchantment of youth, which makes an idol of a discarded pair of corsets, and locates a dream land about the combings of a woman's hair; and lives a century of bliss in a day of embarrassed silence!

No other city in the two Americas, not excepting Quebec or Rio de Janeiro, so overwhelms the beholder with its vistaswith its luminous enchantments.

Everyone must decide for himself, and I know that I should fall under the luxurious enchantment.

" Now when Queen Morgana le Fay was aware that the knight who was asleep there was Sir Launcelot, it immediately entered her mind for to lay some powerful, malignant enchantment upon him to despite King Arthur.

[Sidenote: Queen Morgana le Fay sets a mild enchantment upon Sir Launcelot]

It was during the four days while Captain Carreras remained in Coral City with Jaffier, that Bedient entered into the mysterious enchantment of the Andante movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

We cannot think of any poems which more show the mystic enchantment of genius.

But looked at across the Piazza, the beautiful outline of St. Mark's Church was perfectly penciled in the air, and the shifting threads of the snow-fall were woven into a spell of novel enchantment around a structure that always seemed to me too exquisite in its fantastic loveliness to be anything but the creation of magic.

Again, his heavenly mistress, Beatrice, besides being far too didactic to sustain the womanly part of her character properly, alternates her smiles and her sarcasms in a way that jars horribly against the occasional enchantment of her aspect.

By peculiar enchantments these charming plants allure the ardent Nature-lover to observe their haunts and habits.

49 adjectives to describe  enchantment