51 adjectives to describe engravings

The annexed engraving represents a cutter for shaping vegetables for soups, ragouts, stews, &c.; carrots and turnips being the usual vegetables for which this utensil is used.

With numerous Engravings.

A boiled aitch-bone of beef is not a difficult joint to carve, as will be seen on reference to the accompanying engraving.

Over the mantel hung an exquisite engraving of the thorn-crowned head of Christ.

The only other noteworthy objects in the study were two splendid engravings of Raphael's "Transfiguration" and "Spasimo" (the former bearing the signature of Raphael Morghen), which had been a gift to him from Mrs. Balmer.

Passing down Chatham street the other day, PUNCHINELLO stopped in front of a window where hung a highly-colored engraving of an Austrian sovereign engaged in the Easter ceremony of washing the feet of twelve old men and women.

SEE Caldwell, Otis W. LUTZ, E. G. Practical engraving and etching.

Everything in the room had been among her father's wedding presents to herselfthe rosewood furniture, the lace curtains, the rare engravings, the carpet that was at once perfect to the tread and to the eye, the ornaments everywhere: everything excepting the narrow gilt frame over the dressing bureau, enclosing on a gray ground, painted in black, crimson, and gold the words: "I HAVE SEEN THY TEARS."

We followed him across the small cathedral square to the old house in which he lived, and were shown into a bare dining-room, with a table, some chairs, and a few old religious engravings on the walls.

Of this princely pile, the above is an accurate engraving.

He has a little engraving of the Queen of Italy, and he says it is his petite mère.

Finding that the countess had no intimate acquaintance with the contents of the Bible, he gave her the splendid Bible of Royaumont, ornamented with one hundred and fifty magnificent engravings, after paintings of Raphael.

Men were at that time in the habit of forming large private libraries, and furnishing them with the sumptuous editions of travels and books of costly engraving issued from Murray's press.

But a tiny bracket or two, three or four handsome engravings, two fresh wreaths of evergreens, two vases of garden flowers, a number of Swiss and French knickknacks, and a few prettily-bound books, give the little nest an air of refinement which is almost elegance.

It is well known that in this composition the attitude of Christ was suggested by the contemporary engraving of Martin Schoen; but the prominence given to the group of women, the dramatic propriety and pathetic grace in the action of each, and the consummate skill shown in the arrangement of the whole, belong only to Raphael.

Professor Josef Durm, in his essay upon the Domes of Florence and S. Peter's, gives a minute description of the model for the latter, and prints a carefully executed copperplate engraving of its section.

Illustrated in Fifteen elegant Engravings: Agreeably to the famous Historical Ballad on the Subject.

The work is illustrated with several specimens of the early style of writing music, the first being an illuminated engraving and fac-simile of the song, "Sumer is icumen in,"the earliest secular composition, in parts, known to exist in any country, its origin being traced back to 1250.

After thirty-five hundred impressions, the plate was destroyed, that there might be no inferior engravings of the picture.

Without remembering that a large sheet of paper ought to be held in two hands, they will lay hold, with one, of an invaluable proof-engraving of some drawing which cannot be replaced, like a conceited politician laying hold of a newspaper, and passing judgment by anticipation, as he is cutting the pages, on the occurrences of the world.

There has been a beautiful lithographic engraving, published in Bristol, of Cooke's Folly, which includes a view of King's Road. VYVYAN.

These prints in their frames were sold in lots of 4, 8, and even 10 together, though certainly some of themand perhaps manywere engravings from Reynolds.

He also began a long course of art study, which resulted in his publishing his own books, adorned with marginal engravings colored by hand,an unusual setting, worthy of the strong artistic sense that shows itself in many of his early verses.

Just now they caressed the pictures of "Night" and "Morning," hanging there in their round gilt frames; the window boxes where hyacinths blossomed; the English ivy festooned to frame the window beside her sister-in-law's writing-desk; the melancholy engraving over the fireplace"The Motherless Bairn"a commonplace picture which harrowed her, but which nobody thought of discarding in a day when even the commonplace was uncommon.

Half-calf, neat, with Genealogical Tables, and Engravings of Armorial Bearings, 1l.

51 adjectives to describe  engravings
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