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45 adjectives to describe  entanglement

45 adjectives to describe entanglement

His diplomatic skill had kept the country free from foreign entanglements during the long and bitter struggle.

Her father noticed the rosy confusion, and felt a renewal of pain that unexpected entanglements had prevented his going to Europe months ago.

She understood him perfectlybetter, in fact, than she understood Marcia, whose visits usually led to intricate entanglements for Pertinax.

CHAPTER XXII Another Side of Bruce Ever since his earliest youth, Bruce had always had, at intervals, some vague, vain, half-hearted entanglement with a woman.

Could this be part of what her husband feltthis sense of thick entanglement with stems, boughs, roots, and foliage?

if I had not been so weak as to give him up, all this miserable entanglement might have been prevented.

Yet these appellations are only uncertain rubrics, and have led hitherto to the most discouraging, wearisome entanglements, which become worse since we give to antique poetry the designation of "Plastic," instead of "Classic."

It was the creation of a Parisian boulevard actress, known widely for her costumes, for the extraordinary manner in which she dressed her hair, and for the rapidity of her succeeding emotional entanglements.

The trenches and wire entanglements around the town, already very extensive, were being perfected, and to our eyes they looked impregnable.

"During nearly two years' preparations the enemy had spared no pains to render these defences impregnable," says the Commander-in-Chief; and he goes on to describe the successive lines of deep trenches, the bomb-proof shelters, and the wire entanglements with which the war correspondence of the winter has made us at homeon paperso familiar.

But the fatal entanglement of Buchanan's Administration with the slavery extremists had the double effect of weakening loyalty in army officers and building up rebellion among the Southern people.

Among the swarm of small crustaceans moving around on the sandy bottom, hunting, eating, or fighting with a ferocious entanglement of claws, the onlookers always search for a bizarre and extravagant little creature, the paguro, nicknamed "Bernard, the Hermit."

Tristram was past the age of a foolish entanglement; there must be some strong motive in this action.

With dashes of terror shooting through him like spears of ice, he grabbed the matchbox, and after a frenzied entanglement again with sheets and pillow-case, succeeded in breaking four matches in quick succession.

CHAPTER XXII Another Side of Bruce Ever since his earliest youth, Bruce had always had, at intervals, some vague, vain, half-hearted entanglement with a woman.

Every object seems to be struggling to get outside of this chaotic growth, where it can obtain the genial influence of the sun: for near the surface of the ground are perpetual shade and hideous entanglement.

We shrank from the incalculable entanglements which seemed to lie before us if we allied ourselves with a power which was so committed.

So far as its authority is of the heart only, so far as it has organized the religious life itself without regard to other ends and free from intellectual, historical, and governmental entanglements that are supplementary at most, he needs no formal act to be one with its spirit; and, however much he may deny himself by his self-limitation, he remains a Christian.

Francesco and Giovanna had never ceased trying to detach the old debauchee from his lascivious entanglements.

The politicians get us (for reasons which they do not explain) into a nice little entanglement perhaps with some tribe of savages, perhaps with a great European Power; and before the nation knows where it is it finds itself committed to a campaign which may develop and become a serious war.

A mad entanglement with a singer ruined him in purse, and almost in career.

Wishing to save us as long as possible from all matrimonial entanglements, he was continually unveiling those with whom he associated, and so critically portraying their intellectual and moral condition that it was quite impossible, in our most worshipful moods, to make gods of any of the sons of Adam.

Leo left the peninsula so involved in a mesh of meaningless entanglements, diplomatic and aimless wars, that anarchy and violence proved to be the only exit from the situation.

This was no idle caprice, no mere entanglement of senses between two unemployed and unprincipled hearts.

Honour to the poet who, while so many singers of our time vex us with entanglements metaphysical and exasperating, had thought always for the simplest hearts and attuned his lyre for them!

A momentary entanglement of my bracelet, with one of the tassels of the curtain, delayed me an instant, inevitably, in my impulsive endeavor to extricate myself from its meshes, and what I then heard, determined me to remain where I was, at any cost to my own sense of pride and honor.

Again, a man who is freest from outside entanglements is thought to be also safest.

John Quincy Adams entered upon office in 1825, free from "personal obligations" and "partisan entanglements," but with an unfriendly Congress.

It consisted of a perplexed entanglement of rules got together so that the few might live in comfort at the expense of the many.

And, further, it gives us on these facts, and, in connection with them, on the events of the crisis itself, the judgment and the anticipations of a mind at once deeply imbued with religious philosophy, and also familiar with the consideration of constitutional questions, and accustomed to view them in their practical entanglements as well as in their abstract and ideal forms.

But the true, main Grandissime stock, on which the Fusiliers did early, ever, and yet do, love to marry, has kept itself lily-white ever since France has loved liliesas to marriage, that is; as to less responsible entanglements, why, of course After a little, the disappointed Demosthenes, with due ecclesiastical sanction, also took a most excellent wife, from the first cargo of House of Correction girls.

Such was the singular entanglement of the Northern and Southern forces on Monday morning after the battle of Chancellorsville.

Having got thus far into Orientalism, we can hardly expect to get out again without some slight entanglement in philology.

But the matter was particularly unpleasant just now, and Lawrence wished to occupy his time here in business very different from that of sending explanations to rivals and warding off unfriendly entanglements threatened by a blackmailer.

CHAPTER XXII Another Side of Bruce Ever since his earliest youth, Bruce had always had, at intervals, some vague, vain, half-hearted entanglement with a woman.

Then through a hole I had a glimpse of an abandoned road, where no man might live, and beyond it a vast wire entanglement.

It will preserve him from more vulgar entanglements, and perhaps from the folly of a too early marriage.'

"You don't know of anythingthere is no womanno entanglement?" "No, no!" said Howard.

A hitch in the line at that time, as it flew out of the tub, or any accidental entanglement, would have dragged the boat and crew right down: many such fatal accidents occur to whalers, and many a poor fellow has had a foot or an arm torn off, or been dragged overboard and drowned, in consequence of getting entangled.

" "Ah, Alfred," she replied, "I should never have found my way out of that wretched entanglement if it had not been for you.

That she showed good taste in either the management or the publication of her amorous entanglements one could hardly maintain, and yet the men in the case seem to have been at least as caddish as she was unwomanly.

Your sages tell us of that highest love which, freed from all bodily entanglements, spends itself on institutions, on laws, on ideas.

How long they would have remained thus is uncertain, for neither of them had sagacity enough to undo a complicated entanglement.

There is no lack of curious entanglements, especially in the matter of the men and women who have played upon the human voice, but we have surely collected enough material for forming a judgment, especially when we have turned an additional glance upon the life of one other composer.

The Garden is shadowed with trees of a fine growth, standing alone, or in dusky groves and dense entanglements, pervaded by woodland paths; and emerging from these pleasant glooms, we come upon a breadth of sunshine, where the green swardso vividly green that it has a kind of lustre in itis spotted with beds of gemlike flowers.