372 adjectives to describe enthusiasms

A revival is a social state, in which the social religious enthusiasm is stirred up.

and with this burst of patriotic enthusiasm the speaker hurried away to join Maxton, who, with an old sprung racquet in one hand and the inside of an exploded cricket-ball in the other, was calling to him from the adjoining playing field to "Come and play tip and run, and bring something that'll do for a wicket.

Had he lived in those early times, the generous enthusiasm of the antient world would have idolized his name.

But," concluded the speaker, turning towards his wounded comrade, "I never thought old Mug had so much grit in him before; he stuck to it like a Briton!" A demonstration of the most genuine enthusiasm followed this warlike speech.

Beautiful and blessed beyond most things is youthful enthusiasm, looking up to something it feels or deems above itself.

England, curiously enough, is almost the only country in the world where the peasant or ordinary field-worker has no field of his own; and I find that in the villages and among the general agricultural population there is even now but little enthusiasm for the present

No man could have kept on for fourteen and sixteen hours a day, as Sir Andrew did, without unbounded enthusiasm and an absorbing interest.

Rutledge received J.W.'s gospel of tools with almost boyish enthusiasm.

In this frame of mind the French Revolution of July found me: It roused my utmost enthusiasm, and gave me, as it were, a new existence.

The great mass of the people hailed with boundless enthusiasm the new Government and the magnificent reforms.

"You were saying?" "Rome is safed!" cried the outcast, with sudden enthusiasm.

In Germanyin those very seats of learning and power and fashion which once were kindled into lofty enthusiasm by the voice of Lutherwho is it that desert the churches and disregard the sacraments, the Catholics or the Protestants?

It kindled the fires of an intense enthusiasm.

Theodora, he thought, angrily, looked at the war as these women did, had no poetic enthusiasm about it, did not grasp the grand abstract theory on either side.

Mr. Wyatt, no doubt, according to custom, was merely giving the rein to one of his hobbiesindulging in one of his fits of artistic enthusiasm.

Yet the girl performed the labours of a factory weaver with almost passionate enthusiasm and devotion.

" I accepted the offer eagerly (not, I fear, from pure enthusiasm for the subject), and she brought forth from the bag four blue-covered, quarto note-books, each dealing with one of the four dynasties from the fourteenth to the seventeenth.

And the little woman's tired face flushed into sudden beauty, with her honest enthusiasm over "those boys.

An immense enthusiasm for knowledge had been kindled by Abélard, which was further intensified by the Scholastic doctors of the thirteenth century, especially such of them as belonged to the Dominican and Franciscan friars.

Their mode of life and regulations exist nearly in the same state as established by the founder; in reciting them, such horrible perversions of human nature and reason make it almost difficult to believe the existence of so severe an order, and lead us to wonder at the artificial miseries, which the ingenuity of pious but morbid enthusiasm can inflict upon itself.

The men who led this weighty intellectual movement burned with the passionate ardour of discoverers, the fiery enthusiasm of confessors.

Also she forgave him much for the sake of his beautiful eyes and his eager enthusiasm of manner.

The sexual side of men and women aroused Bordeu's most ardent enthusiasms.

But nowhere else in the modern world is to be found such a debauch of "romantic" enthusiasm, such a wilful blindness to all the realities of war, as Germany has manifested both before and since the outbreak of this world-catastrophe.

With characteristic enthusiasm Betty forgot her momentary displeasure at Bob's method of keeping a secret.

372 adjectives to describe  enthusiasms